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Tua wasn't even supposed to play this year so it was all gravy that he got a chance to get back on the field. Was he average - yeah - but he has mad skills - with an O-Line and some WR's, look out. Plus, it's not like OSU QB's have ever lit up the NFL - look what Fields did under pressure in college against Northwestern (Yikes) and Alabama - wilted. How does that translate in the pro's and how does that make him a better prospect than Tua?
How a team with the second most all-time wins has a "chip" on their shoulder is beyond me, but it obviously fed them big-time against Clemson. Just got to be concerned that they shot their wad already. Bama wins this one and catches OSU in the Win Column - SWade was attacked repeatedly and his weaknesses were out there for all to see. Smith/Metchie are going to destroy that guy.
Agreed - how does the ACC get two teams into the CFP? The "mystique" of ND died in the 80's, but the Committee just can't let it go. A&M or even a Group of 5 team would have been better suited for the Playoff.
Bama lost by 5 points (without Tua) - the better team won, but not really a beat down.