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It’s known I’m a Vol so this is an honest question. I do not see why Lane would want to leave OlePiss. I think he can be successful there. He’s coaching in the best conference. Never been to that campus, but it looks nice. The expectation there would grow but with Oklahoma and Texas joining this conference is going to get better. I think the rebs can match any offer. Am I wrong thing this? Would the match the offers? Serious ask, cuz Vol Fans should hate Kiffen for blowing us off, so I don’t think he would do that again.
Even as a Vol fan, watching this 3 win team that got paid to play Florida running up the most point in HISTORY against them by halftime, you would think I would enjoy seeing this. I’m not! Because I wish Tennessee played them at this point, and not earlier this season. I can’t even imagine being a Gator fan right now, Jinkies
If Tennessee does miraculously win this game it will lead to the most epic bulldog meltdown ever. For over 40 years Georgia has never factually been this close to a title chance since 1980. Tennessee would rip the heart out of Georgia fans forever! Being a Vols fan it’s easy to hate Bammer & Florida. However I personally have such a hatred for Georgia and thier fans. Seeing dozens of different games played at Neyland Georgia fans were always the worst. Because they feel like Bama and Florida, just without any titles recently. If Tennessee wins Georgia will absolutely lose to Bama cuz they will have no heart left. Tennessee will take it all away and that would be an awesome feeling! Vols 38 UGA 30
The key to this game isn’t so much about Tennessee and it’s firepower it’s about the speed at which it comes at you. Momentum will dictate the winner of this game. Tennessee runs its offense so that you can’t sub when you want to. That is absolutely nothing like Georgia has seen. Georgia has one of the best defenses I’ve watched for the last 30 years. However, I’m still not convinced Georgia can make it a whole season without losing a game it shouldn’t. History says this. If Tennessee can get rolling offensively , there is no way in hell doubt will not start to creep into Georgia’s head. Add that to the fact Georgia can’t sub in its second string defense as much (which the 2nd team is better than most other teams first teams) then the first team defense will be in an uncomfortable position. They won’t be as fresh. It’s unlikely that Georgia’s first team defense has played that fast for that long. That would swing the momentum into Tennessee’s favor. I absolutely think Georgia has the depth and talent to run away with this game. But take away some of that depth with les substitutions and the fact that Georgia still does not get the benefit of the doubt because they annually drop a game they shouldn’t this game should scare the heck outta Georgia. And if it does scare them, doubt creeps in and Tennessee moves the ball at will. Fearless prediction Vols 38 UGA 30
Tennessee will do enough early in this game to make Georgia fans unsettled. Unfortunately, with how thin Tennessee is the won’t be able to sustain. But let it be known, with the dumpster fire Florida is right now Tennessee will be test for full games soon with more talent and more bodies. A sleeping giant is awakening. If Georgia is ever going to win it all again since 1980 it better be soon. Real soon. Go Vols
Florida is looking more and more like UT. Grabbing at coaches they hope will be successful vs finding a coach that will work to get there. I would actually say, with the more fruitful recruiting from thier own state this should be unacceptable to Florida fans. I know Florida beat UT this year yet again, but reality will show you UT and Flarida are going in different directions right now. It’s true. Looks like Georgia is set up for the usual game they shouldn’t lose but will here soon. Cuz screw Georgia
So why doesn’t Georgia schedule a Thursday game mr. done nothing since 1980? 40+ years of done nothing Georgia
Your words will not prevent your place in the bottom of the SEC. The one glimmer of hope you had briefly will show up again In 25 years. Enjoy your 3 wins this year Vandy.
Look everybody. There is a Vandy fan
I agree! As a VOL fan I can say I like LSU fans. Not LSU, but they fans are always great!
Agree, like the orange cage though
Hurd was a beast in the bowl game. How much did Webb get in his?
Mizz took advantage of a weak east. Things will change. I believe Mizz will always be a team of showing up & beating a good team in the east once in awhile, but once the entire east is back to being what it was, I see Mizz battling SC for 4th in the division yearly. Behind Florida, Tennesse & Georgia.
There you go, bringing facts to an argument. How dare you!