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You're right. I need to change it. It was a spur of the moment thing.
Run angry, Leonard. Just remember to keep an eye on your blockers. Hopefully they will do a better job this year.
Not bad, but you don't make it sound like the team some pundits are ranking #1 in the SEC. Some people see an LSU team with 18 starters back and think "Holy Sh!t". I admit I'm on that bandwagon. It's been a long, long time since LSU had a team with this much experience. Thanks to early departures, LSU teams lately have been young and green. Really, when you think about how well LSU develops players, and look at the LSU players in the NFL, you have to expect considerable improvement from this team. I expect LSU to win the SEC. Nothing less.
"... against the SEC’s elite." Gotcha. Adjust game plan against Bama. There are only 2 elite teams in the SEC this year. I agree LSU has to adjust its game plan against Bama or rely on defense. The other elite team is LSU.
Come on, it's not so hard to see LSU winning the West. They've done it 5 times, and this is the most experienced team they've had in recent memory. It's not easy to do, but it would not be a surprise.
"Obviously, if the Tigers fill the need at quarterback and the offense starts eating up yards like we’ve seen in the past under Malzahn, the ceiling is much higher than eight wins." Obviously? I doubt that. I think their ceiling is 9 wins.
And thanks largely to Fournette and Guice being here, Devin White has moved to LB. A top 5 RB, and LSU puts him at LB. I realize we need LBs more than RBs, but I would like to see him get some snaps at RB, too. I think he could make an impact at either position.
Improvement is a foregone conclusion. Every QB improves in the second year as starter. The question is, how much does he need to improve? If Aranda brings this defense up the way he did at Wisconsin and Utah State, the defense will go a long way toward the team's improvement over last year. Everyone knows they'll have a running game. It could shape up to be a lot like 2011, with LSU and Bama plowing through everyone else, then a major defensive struggle when they play each other.
It's also possible that you don't see the irony in FSU players giving away free shoes.
Either that, or you misunderstood. I'd say the latter.
Good article. I'd like to see Dee Anderson get some playing time. Kid looks like he wants to play.
Great idea, challenging rival players to do some kind of community service. This would be funny if someone challenged Florida State. It would kind of add new meaning to the phrase "Free Shoes University".
Miles is handicapped when it comes to developing QBs. First, Louisiana, for all the talent it produces at other positions, generally does not produce good QBs. Not like Georgia. Second, Miles has this old school mentality that tells him he needs defense and RBs, and QBs seem to be an afterthought. And, third, because of the above reasons, good QBs are not attracted to LSU, either because of the Miles offensive mentality or because they are usually from other states. It doesn't make sense for a QB from out of state to come to LSU where he will hand the ball off most of the time. Personally, I think Miles needs to adjust his offensive philosophy a bit and hire a good QB coach. He's a good man and a good coach, but he's a dinosaur.
They do seem to despise LSU. Must come from hearing stories from their grandfathers, who are the only people who remember when LSU-Ole Miss had any meaning.
Under Chavis, the defense was even smaller, but they made up for it with pursuit and scheme. I don't think the sky is falling on the LSU defense. A DC who knows how to use it is bound to be more successful than Steele was.
A&M will have 2 losses before October. Have you seen their schedule? I see 4 sure wins for them, plus 4 toss-up games. They will need their 3 cupcakes just to go bowling.
They need to put one of those billboards in Bradenton.
Well at least we can all agree that Alabama at LSU is #1.
You picked Wisconsin for upset alert? Are you serious? When's the last time LSU lost on opening day? And Wisconsin? I could understand Arkansas or another SEC team. Wisconsin? LSU could beat Wisconsin with my sister playing QB. All they have to do is line up and run at them.
Could have found a few stats for LSU to improve on. Penalties is one of them. Special teams stats were atrocious. Big pass plays yielded by the secondary were way too many. Hopefully with Aranda replacing Steele and with so much experience, the costly mistakes will go way down.
A&M and State may finish #6 and #7 in the West, so they can be forgiven for soft non-con scheduling. They'll need all the wins they can get if they want to go bowling.
Orgeron will make him an All-American.
Hilarious. 210 pounds? Fournette would truck this kid and not even think about it.
I've always thought LSU had the best uniforms in the SEC. Part bias, part objective opinion. I also like Georgia's uniforms. Tennessee has the sickest looking uniforms, not just in the SEC, but some of the worst nationwide. I also don't like Vandy's uniforms. What is it with people in that state?
Classy move. But they should have dropped "Florida" and named it "Steve Spurrier Field".
Congrats to A&M, Florida, Miss State, South Carolina, and LSU for advancing to the Super Regionals in baseball. Five SEC teams out of 16, that's decent representation. Good luck to all of them.