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Hi TigerTD, 'I would argue that football players already know that if they make the post- season, you won’t be home for Christmas.' Very fair point. I might still argue that it is a weird year (like you I decided not to travel back home, though it was a very disheartening decision, miss the States!) and I understand wanting to be home, even if it is just with parents, but I completely get where you are coming from.
You, sir, are a class act Mr. Rountree III! It has been a pleasure watching you these last few years, and I will definitely be cheering for you at the next level!
I can certainly understand the sentiment of the Iowa kicker. It is frustrating to sacrifice holidays spent with family and in the end have nothing to show for it. That is a perfectly valid response. I would suggest, however, that the issue is much more nuanced. Clearly this is a most unusual year, and thus the decisions made by young men and coaching staffs may not necessarily always be to the benefit of the program. I would certainly applaud those who chose to stay in the bubble and avoid the virus, yet in turn I would find it impossible is to condemn the young men (a small percentage of whom have any chance of making it to the pros) who decided that their priority in this most difficult year of recent times is family. In the end, this year will end, this bowl will not be played, and life will go on. While I will be disappointed to not see my Tigers play once more, I will find solace in the fact that next year is a new year, and with it the hope of a better year for all.
I do appreciate the desire to heat up the MU - Arkansas rivalry, so many thanks FrozenHawg, may next year be as entertaining.
That might be a fair statement, however if the system works then I am not too bothered. We shall see.
Excellent news! Keke really came on late, will be a nice, familiar safety blanket for #8 next year.