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Love this guys enthusiasm and loyalty to his team. SEC Proud!
I frequent the Birmingham area. Please do share where this legendary BBQ place is located!
Looking more like a beat down...lol! 24-3 late in the second quarter.
I bet your mama thinks them loud monkeys are cute!
So according to your way of thinking is "if coach tells you to do it, then it's ok"? Are you kidding me? So if the coach told them after the game was over to go and kill someone then the two 15 year old thugs couldn't be blamed for that either?
If you going to talk sht to someone at least understand when to use your and you're or you are.
At this point I'm absolutely convinced that LSU will use the two QB system this year. I expect LSU's offense to be very run heavy and pass the ball only in situations where their opponents load the box with nine or more players. Each year we hear about how much "progress" has been made at the position. I don't think it's about "progress" as much as it is with "philosophy" when it comes to Les Miles. His way of winning comes down to two things-1. Control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball 2. Control the tempo of the game. Whether or not fans enjoy this "brand" of football doesn't really bother him one bit, in fact, I think Miles finds some sort of joy in winning close, hard fought ball games. I think he's worn out his welcome in Baton Rouge. If he doesn't win, and win big this year the "Fire Les Miles" bus will be rolled out, and it certainly will be a short one!
Saban should consider signing some of these trailer park warriors! I bet some of these guys wouldn't have been as gassed as Bama was in the 4th qt against Ohio St.