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only reason Tua was ahead in passing yards was on their last TD where coaches were talking to Stingley while the receiver blew by. Put that one on whoever the coach was taking Stingley's attention.
sacks are only one stat on defense . . . rather get an interception.
I agree. I do think which ever defense makes the most plays will win this game. LSU's D won them for both the Florida and Auburn games. Hope Tua is as close to 100% as possible. Better team wins.
No way Bama holds LSU to 12 points; they'll have that by Q1. Both Florida and Auburn have better defenses than Bama does.
Vegas' goal is dollars on LSU = dollars bet on Bama. Vegas doesn't care about stats or even who wins and loses: They set the initial point spread based on what they believe will result in equal amounts of money bet on both sides. Once one team gets more and more money bet to their side, they change the spread to bring more dollars to the other side.
Yes, bamatard. It may very well be a blowout; but if it is, it'll be LSU on top.
I tend to agree with you, although I believe AU and LSU are real close. LSU dropped like a rock in the committee's eyes after losing to Alabama 0-10. I wonder how the committee evaluates the AU loss. Unfortunately, we both have to pull for Alabama next week.
agreed . . . I doubt Florida scores 15.
LSU with three top-10 losses I believe are better than 19. Only given up 6 TD's all season. The offense should be better against most other teams except Alabama. Hopefully the don't lay 3 eggs this year like they did after the Alabama loss last year. Geaux Tigers!
First I'd like to congratulate you 'Bama fans for their win Saturday against my Tigers. What a game! I agree with you also, Michigan has played NoOne. I see LSU is up to 8. I was wondering if LSU would get some credit for the close game they played against the Tide. LSU's three losses are all to top 10's: one by 2 points, one by 1 second, and one to #1. However, I can't take much credence in your win over USC, a team that lost 3 of their first four and didn't get it together until a month after the opener. One final comment: Florida should be around 25. Geaux Tigers!
I expect this to be a well-played and entertaining game from both teams. Going out on a limb, I predict that the team with the most points at the end wins. Geaux Tigers.
I agree; but you think Guice wouldn't have accelerated through those three holes too?
Mike was not in a cage; but obviously you are.
I think LSU will have a pretty good team next year with 18 starters returning. Not sure #1 though . . . and hard to believe Alabama is not up there.
Just wondering, Nobleman. Is that rushing stat per game or cumulative over the season so far. Geaux Tigers!
I agree, the kick was the right call . . . kicker just miss hit. The 6, well, that might have been on Nick.
I don't understand what the big deal is. Great video. I do understand the embarrassment, though . . . they're not Golden Girls.
Really! . . . . Lane Kiffin and Tennessee is not on this list, by far the #1 breakup
I second that, Bamatime! The rivalry in the SEC now is Saban-Miles. Saban has the upper hand now in the W-L column; but for the most part, those games have been nail-biters.
I 100% agree with MikeDaTyger. Those LSU hats look horrible. Helmets are YELLOW, keep them that way. The only variation I might buy would be to put the eye of the tiger on the sides. Otherwise, leave them alone!
I, for one, am excited to see the Tigers play Notre Dame. I hate the Golden Domes ever since they took our Cotton Bowl bid away from the '69 Tigers. Whenever they get an opportunity to beat the crap out of Notre Dame, I'm excited. Geaux Tigers ! Although it's too bad there's no opportunity to play the Pac12 in a bowl match up. There could be much better teams that LSU could play.
true, the SEC-East has brought down the total perception of the SEC; but I'd bet there's 4 or 5 SEC-West teams FSU would not beat. I mean, has FSU beaten a 7-win team this year yet? Maybe they have, I don't follow them.