Lifelong LSU fan. My first game was in 1972. Win or lose, they'll always be my team.

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I hope the Hogs hit it outta the park with this hire! I want to see the Hogs relevant again. What's good for Arkansas is great for the SEC. Hoping Tennessee stays on its upward trend as well. I want to see the SEC as dominant as it was back in 2011.
It's hard to wrap my mind around it, but, would you believe there is a growing contingent of fans calling for SABAN'S JOB??? Reading some of the comments, they believe "his good run has come to an end", "It's time to move on", and the proverbial "The game has passed him by." Even though it's not a huge group, it's a lot bigger than I could ever have imagined, and they seem to be getting louder. This shows just how much Bama fans have been spoiled by such unparalleled success. Listening to this group will make you think the Tide has just finished another 7-5 season. I do realize that it's a very,very small minority, but still... Who woulda thunk it????
Burrow had an absolutely amazing day. No doubt about it! But Clyde Edwards Helaire played his heart out. He left it all out on the field. He willed his team to win and just would not be denied when it came to picking up those crucial first downs/ Touchdowns. He has the heart of a champion.
Unbelievable game. The epitome of the will to win. He left it all out on the field. That's how you do it.
Wow. What an absolutely incredible game! It had everything. Defensive stops, blocked and missed FG's and punts. Fumbles, interceptions and plenty of outstanding plays. Tua did everything he possibly could, and those receivers! Wow! Joe Burrow may have had his Heisman moment, but Clyde Edwards-Helaire played his heart out and left it all out on the field. Game of the year by far! Bama may have only played one top 25 team before today, but they are the real deal. Don't let their schedule fool you.
Definitely above almost everyone's expectations for the year. Certainly a program on the rise. I can see Mullen vs. Smart being the defacto SEC East championship over the next several years. I'm sure some absolute classics are sure to follow today's game.
Not really surprising considering the amount of playing time he's been getting. I couldn't understand why Gus wouldn't put him in the LSU game last weekend. Especially considering how much Nix was struggling. Maybe he feels like if he didn't play last weekend, he probably won't play at all. Either way, I hope it all works out for him.
I completely agree! I wouldn't think they would take a one loss Oklahoma over a one loss LSU team even if Oklahoma wins the Big 12. Not when you consider who the losses are to. I think an LSU loss to a top 2 team is miles better than a loss to K-state. Conference championship or not.
Great point! I am not the most stringent grammar Nazi, but it bothers me 2.
Wow! First time seeing this. Maybe he should spend some of that scholarship money on acting lessons! That was kinda funny, yet awful at the same time. Either way, the Auburn defense played a helluva game. Kudos to them and that front 7!
Hard to disagree, but being ranked #1 at the end of October doesn't matter much. Especially before the CFP polls come out. Being highly ranked or even #1 right now is a luxury, not a necessity. Come November, it's more of a necessity if you wanna go to the postseason. I'm really ready for it, too!!!
Whew!!! Wow! What a game! The Auburn defense is the real deal! So much respect for how there defense played. They held up their end of the bargain. The offense, not so much. Of course, LSU's defense really stepped it up today and they're the reason we won the game. Maybe we'll be #1 in the upcoming polls. Either way, what a great game. Don't worry Auburn fans, your quarterback is going to better and better. And with that defense... YIKES! My hats off to Auburn for a helluva game. They played their hearts out.
Hope you're right. I'm tired of seeing that matchup. I know Gator fans are. Show some imagination already.
No no no no NO NO! Florida and Michigan AGAIN??? So tired of that same ol' song and dance. It's like they're conference rivals or something.
LSU and Baylor in the Sugar? That's interesting. First time I've seen that projection. As someone who lives in Shreveport, I would love to see Florida State and Kentucky in the Independence Bowl. Glad to see any SEC team in Shreveport come late December.
That's exactly what you want from your team. Steady improvement throughout the season. The defense may peak at just the right time for a championship run.
If we beat Bama, but its after a loss to Auburn, the Alabama win won't mean as much. As a former LSU coach would say, "it doesn't matter if you beat Florida and Alabama if you turn around and lose to Vanderbilt."
My sentiments exactly. Wake Forest going to the Orange Bowl as the conference's #2 team, shows just how weak the ACC is this year. As weak as it is, ClemPson has still struggled at times in conference play.
Georgia and Wake Forest??? YUCK! Talk about a snooze-fest. I'd like to see Georgia play Wisconsin or even Michigan. Florida and Texas would be must see TV! At least it'll give the Florida/Michigan series a rest! I'm quite sure Gator fans have grown tired of playing the Wolverines what seems like every year. I know I am. Besides being thrilled to see LSU in the CFP forecast, I'm also glad they're not predicting (at least this week)the Bayou Bengals in the Sugar Bowl playing the 'Horns for the 2nd time. I doubt they'll put UGa in the Sugar Bowl, strictly because the Longhorns are almost guaranteed to be there. I'd much rather see a Sugar Bowl rematch than a Wake Forest and Georgia game.
When winning a (high school!)game is the most important thing in life, your priorities are seriously out of whack. What a terrible example these coaches are for these kids.
Totally agree. #2 is fine. It will all come to a head very soon...
Better chance to make the CFP because OU & Ohio St. play seriously watered down schedules. I realize The Buckeyes play Wisconsin and have the proverbial Michigan game. Oklahoma has what? Maybe Texas. Again???
Kirby Smart is really Mark Richt. Hahahaha! That was my favorite besides the Joe Burrow wanted for arson, but I'm REALLY biased.
Amen! I absolutely agree when it comes to jersey colors that are not in their official colors. Everybody wanted black somehow or someway. Now it's that smokey gray crap everyone is enthralled with. You shouldn't be able to decide what your school colors are gonna be every Friday.
I'm definitely more of a traditionalist when it comes to unis. Love our classic white jerseys at home. Definitely tradition behind that. We had to petition the NATIONAL COMMUNIST ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION just to wear white for our own home games. SHEESH! Besides the traditional, I am a big fan of LSU's white helmets, white pants and purple jerseys. I didn't think I would like an alternate jersey,but those look really sharp! Other than that, I really like Florida's all blue jerseys. Or at least blue jerseys and white pants. Definitely not the orange ones. Oregon's uniforms just make me roll my eyes everytime. The traditionalist in me still likes the home jerseys of Southern Cal, and UCLA, both. As far as orange goes, I've actually liked some of the unis that Okie St has trotted out over the last few years. And Tennessee's are just classic. I also like some of the all white unis, such as Auburn, Texas, and OU, and a few others. Of course, I still remember when Alabama would wear the white helmets with their all white road jerseys. Would like to see those again