Lifelong LSU fan. My first game was in 1972. Win or lose, they'll always be my team.

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Amen. They may take pride in Burrow being an Ohio St. grad and a former player, but I personally think they will always wonder 'what if?'...
Definitely worthy of number retirement. They should have already started on his statue. Not only is he one of the all time LSU greats, but I think he's the greatest Tiger of all time. And I don't think it's even close. So yes, retire his #9, and build that statue.
Nothing left to prove. I personally don't see how an appearance in the Senior Bowl would really raise his draft stock. It may help it a little bit, but the risk of getting injured for a relatively small reward doesn't make sense to me.
I would love to see this happen! Cincinnati has a well earned reputation as a career killer for young players.
Absolute perfection. How sweet it is! To my fellow LSU fans, how many times have we heard over the last decade, "They just need a quarterback and they'll be playing for National Titles."??? We finally got our quarterback. Thanks, Joe! Its been a dream season!!!
Best single season in college football that I've ever seen.
Absolutely speechless. This is the greatest team I have ever seen, and like it was said earlier, its not even close. Beat the top 4 preseason teams, beat multiple (7?) Top 5, top 10 teams. Unbelievable. Magical doesn't even begin to describe it.
Greatest season I have ever seen. What a year. So many tough teams on the schedule. One of the best single seasons in college football history.
Unbelievable! I am at a loss for words. What an absolutely incredible season. It is just a surreal feeling. It won't sink in for a little while.
I like Jimbo and really appreciate what he did while he was at LSU. However, is that really what LSU needs, offensive advice from Jimbo Fisher? It seems like Ensminger/Brady have done pretty well. Maybe they should be the ones doling out the advice when it comes offensive schemes.
OUTSTANDING! Well done, State.
Wow. That's high praise. I like Divinity, but I see Chaisson as being on another level. I'm glad both of them are Tigers!
Oooohhh....(forehead slap) Thanks for the info.
When the defense was giving up so many points earlier in the year, I just figured it was just having a hard time adjusting to the new fast break offense. They didn't seem to ever adjust to it. Then, I realize just how many high draft picks we have on this defense, all being led by a great DC in Aranda. It seemed like it was just a matter of time before they started playing up to their potential and the LSU standard of defense. Injuries had a ton to do with it. More than I want to admit, but it looks like they've turned the corner. Looking at the last few games, it seems the LSU defense is peaking at the right time.
Will someone please enlighten me to what DGD stands for? I thought I knew almost every chant, motto and expression in college football... Apparently not
I was like a lot of people, surprised. I thought he would probably come back and use the opportunity to improve his draft stock and possibly make a run at the Natty, or at least an SEC Championship. Even so, I can't blame anyone for chasing their dream of playing in the NFL. I hope he succeeds beyond his wildest dreams at the next level. Lots of NFL teams are looking for someone with his talent, humility, leadership, and work ethic. Plus, he is a young man with integrity and a good head on his shoulders. There wasn't a single off the field incident while he was in Athens. (At least not that I know of.) Big loss for the Dawgs, but it's hard to blame Fromm for leaving.
It's the longest time period ever between the semifinals and the Championship game since the CFP started. Lots of people have brought up the same question: Why so long? No idea, but I kind of like having the extra week to heal up. Like you said.
I was thinking the same thing. Baylor wants to keep things on the straight and narrow, especially after the fiasco under Briles. They have to seriously consider what the national perception would be if they brought in Freeze. I personally think Freeze is a good coach who learned a hard lesson. Just my opinion, but, I think it would be a great match. Perception maybe the deciding factor for Baylor.
Very interesting... First time I've heard that.
Of course he will play. To me, this is a no brainer. He's likely not a 1st round pick, and I think this can only help his draft stock. I hope he knocks it out of the park, to use another sports analogy.
That's such a great point. Do you use a top 5 pick on a player with a major injury? Definitely risk involved, but the reward could alter the course of an entire franchise. There is just no way to know. Who knows? Maybe he comes back from the injury to play in the NFL and he turns out to be just average? I personally don't see that happening, but nobody this side of Heaven knows. I personally hope he goes to the Dolphins (my team since the 70's) and creates a Patriots like dynasty. We just need the next Don Shula.
Absolutely agree! Can you imagine how hard the Chicago Bears are kicking themselves for drafting Trubisky and passing on Deshaun Watson??
Great young man. I hope he achieves all of his dreams and goals not only in the NFL, but in life in general. So young, so much talent and so many possibilities.
Make that a Dolphin. Burrow to the Bengals in every single mock draft I've seen. I haven't seen all of them, but everyone I have read has Burrow to the Bengals, and Tua probably to the Dolphins.