Lifelong LSU fan. My first game was in 1972. Win or lose, they'll always be my team.

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Danny Wuerffel has always been a class act. Good guy and a great representative of UF. He could really run Spurrier's 'Fun 'n' Gun' offense to perfection.
From the mid 90's to the 2010's, It didn't matter who the players were or where the game was played, the Gators just had the Vols number. (The way Florida won some of those games was absolutely incredible, or in Tennessee's case, heartbreaking) It begs the question, who is Florida's most bitter rival? Tennessee or Georgia? I'm guessing its: 1) Georgia (the cocktail party and all) 2) Tennessee (see above article) 3) LSU
LSU and Virginia??? Wow... Certainly didn't see that coming... Virginia??? A rematch with Texas in the 'dome would be great. Especially with all of the recent bad blood between these two teams. If that happens, let's hope both teams locker rooms are climate controlled! I don't see USC and Ole Miss both missing bowl games. The Ags going against the Horned Frogs? Seems like old times, SWC style. That game would be great for the State of Texas.
Who is Florida's most bitter rival, Georgia or Tennessee? I've always thought it was Georgia, but it seemed it was more Tennessee in the late 90's and early 2000's.
I agree completely! The top 3 quarterbacks on this list, (as good as they are) wouldn't be starters on their old teams. That speaks volumes as to the QB talent in the SEC this year. The only outlier in this group would be Shea Patterson, who I think would be etched in stone as the Rebels starting QB.
I'm not convinced that Florida is a playoff team by any stretch, but to say a win against LSU or UGA "doesn't even look a little bit likely" seems absurd to me. I'm sure lsu and Georgia will be favored and I think they should, but Florida is never an easy game for anybody. Don't underestimate the Gators. They've got plenty of talent in Gainesville.
Chris Berman's Rumblin', bumblin', stumblin' instantly comes to mind. Along with the proverbial "He-will-not-be-DEE-nied!"... Great run, kid!
No app for SDS??? Anybody have any suggestions on a sports app for SEC football? Please don't say "SEC Country". Downloaded it twice, it was a disaster both times.
The Surrender Cobras were out in force this past weekend. Just realized the Miss. St. game was in Stark-Vegas. Ouch. Great win for Kansas and Les Miles. Hopefully there is more to come.
Some very interesting games if they come to fruition. LSU and Oklahoma sounds like an instant classic! State vs. Okie St? Definitely! And the UK/Wake Forest game would be big in that area of the country. Hopefully with the 'Cats coming out on top.
Michigan? Seems like a pretty tall task to get that Ohio St. monkey off their back. Even if they do, will they still be undefeated come late November? History says no, but beating an Ohio St. team that has owned them in recent history would be the cherry on top to a perfect season. Can Harbaugh finally do it?
Ohio St over Bama??? Was this poll given after a few drinks??? Maybe they are "in no particular order"...
Mistakes happen, but when is enough, enough??? The refs are told when in doubt, to let the play finish. Then you can go back and call it an incomplete pass if need be. Terrible call. Saints were also on the wrong end of a call last week right before the half. The officials completely butchered the game clock. I don't think it's any kind of conspiracy, I think it's just bad officiating. Period. We need full time refs. Why wouldn't there be???
Even if they are a legitimate playoff contender, people will still have serious doubts because of their recent history. They were not a legitimate playoff team the last few years despite their own proclamations. I read this article and it reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. Maybe they're legitimate, but no ones listening... We've heard all this before.
The last play... What was that??? Direct snap to the tailback? Yeesh! 4 yes out, I would guess some sort of pass (with the option to run.) Maybe?
I yoosta could. But not anymore. Too old, too tired, and too everything else.
The defense just stuns me. Great athletes all over the field, ESPECIALLY in the secondary. Delpit, Fulton, Stevens, and Harris were all highly recruited players. Then you add Divinity, and the rest, all led by a phenomenal DC,and your defense should be lights out. Truthfully, they only gave up 14 points, but it seems somethings amiss! (Not to be confused with Ole Miss)
Wow! Great game! Big comeback for the Gators and a really tough loss for the 'Cats. Losing a game is hard enough, but losing on a (semi-close) late game FG miss is awful! This is one of those games that Kentucky will kick itself over this because of the missed opportunities. The could've should've, and would'ves makes this hard to swallow. Certainly hate it for Franks. That kids been through a lot just to get where he's at. Definitely praying for his physical and mental wellbeing. That's gotta be unbelievably tough. Poor kid...
Glad to see Tennessee get the W. It doesn't matter who it's against, either. A win is a win is a win. Getting off the skid...
While at LSU, it was Saban's idea to play in state schools. A tradition which continues today. LSU played Louisiana Tech last year and plays Northwestern State tonight. It's great for the in state schools for the exposure they receive and the paycheck. If you're going to pay a smaller school, pay one in your home state. Sounds like common sense to me.
Jumping a 10 foot fence? Still quite the athlete I see. So much potential seemingly wasted.
Yep, he was in the center of the NFL's "Bountygate" in 2009. Accused of running a system that paid players to "knock out" opposing players, especially QBs. Higher "bounties" were paid when an opposing player was "carted off". During the investigation, it came to light that Williams had run similar systems while as a DC and as a head coach for other NFL teams. A few players defended him, but, quite a few more accused him. Some even confessed to being paid by Williams for "knockout" hits. He was suspended indefinitely until finally being reinstated about 12-18 months later. Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year, along with some of the Saints defensive players. Other Saints coaches and players were suspended for lesser amounts.
Love me some Gary Danielson! Its just not the same on Saturday afternoon without Vern Lundquist though.
Almost made me choke on my coffee! That was a pretty good one...
I'm sure Reveille would enjoy the Turnover Belly Rub a few times. Maybe throw in an ear scratch every once in a while.