Lifelong LSU fan. My first game was in 1972. Win or lose, they'll always be my team.

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Always ends with "GEAUX TIGERS". That never gets old.
That was a quote from Brian Billick, the former Ravens head coach. Don't worry, I get those names mixed up quite a bit. Just your eyes playing tricks on you.
No, anything but that! I'm not a Vol fan by any means, but that "champions of life" tirade was painful to watch. That was the beginning of the end for the Butch Jones experiment. When your head coach gets super defensive and spouts off quotes like that, it's all over but the crying.
I'm not particularly worried about missing out on Hubbard. We already have two 5-star running backs on the roster, plus a 3rd who filled in quite nicely for an injured Clyde Edwards Helaire. I think that's what Hubbard saw, too. He would be hard pressed to have any real playing time. At least this year and probably next. Even though Georgia has an unbelievable class, I am more impressed with what Jeremy Pruitt is doing in Knoxville. The way he turned the season around at the end, and then he finished up with a top 10 class? That's quite an impressive feat. I don't necessarily think Tennessee has completely turned the corner yet, but they can see the corner from here. It seems the Vols are definitely on their way back! (Unlike Texas)
This is a prime example of why Nick Saban is the king of recruiting. Even though these players are done playing for Alabama, they are another great example of why Alabama isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Saban has the incredible ability to not only recruit at the highest level, but to develop all those 5-star recruits into a championship caliber team. Less Miles was/is a great recruiter, but it didn't always translate to wins on the field. Recruiting is one thing, but building a team with said recruits is another. The demise of Alabama football has been greatly exaggerated.
He was one of the most electric players I have ever seen. Defensive or otherwise. Unfortunately, he let it go to his head. Derailing his college career. He left Miles no choice. He was kicked off the team for bad behavior, and really bad decisions. Looking back, he credits Coach Miles for giving him a wake up call. He felt after his sophomore season he was above the rules, and that his value was so great, he could do whatever he wanted without consequence. Getting kicked off the team really humbled him and made him realize he wasn't above the team or the rules. Definitely a life changing event. Patrick Peterson is the unsung hero in all of this. He brought him to Arizona, hired trainers and coaches to help him get ready for the upcoming NFL draft, and really mentored him as a person. Without Peterson, I think Mathieu's story would be very different. He has come full circle, and I for one I was absolutely thrilled to see him hoist that Lombardi Trophy. It's a great story of redemption. One that we all should appreciate.
Not a bad way to spend your first check. Its definitely a luxury that most of us will never have. Even though it's a luxury for most people, it's also an investment in himself. It seems he is doing whatever it takes to be successful. That is a trait that that will serve him well not only in his NFL career, but in life as well. It's the kind of trait I look for when I hire someone, someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
What he did in that 2011 season was just incredible! It seemed every week he was making some sort of big play. Whether it be on defense with a strip sack, an interception or a punt return. Somehow, someway, he would find a way to make a play when they needed him to. He credits Patrick Peterson for helping him mature and turn his life around. Peterson brought him out to Arizona, got him a trainer, and put him in touch with the right people. Really mentored him and guided him like a big brother. It's a great story if you've never heard it. It was in an ESPN or a Sports Illustrated article. Either way, so glad to see him so successful and on the cusp of a World Championship. Another great example of LSU producing all pro defensive backs.
I've always enjoyed reading SDS, no matter what team headlines the article. However, as much as I enjoy reading the different articles, they just can't compare to the comments section. This is where the real entertainment is! Surely, I can't be the only one!
I hope you're wrong! I think J. Jefferson would make a great #2 receiver down in NOLA. Plus, the Saints desperately need help at the WR position. So desperate that they gave Antonio Brown a try out. (Which he apparently failed miserably).
As a lifelong Dolphins fan, this is great news! I think he's just the kind of player that Flores wants. Burrow has good size and decent arm strength, but where he really shines is his ability to process information. All that to go with his strong work ethic, too
Amen. They may take pride in Burrow being an Ohio St. grad and a former player, but I personally think they will always wonder 'what if?'...
Definitely worthy of number retirement. They should have already started on his statue. Not only is he one of the all time LSU greats, but I think he's the greatest Tiger of all time. And I don't think it's even close. So yes, retire his #9, and build that statue.
Nothing left to prove. I personally don't see how an appearance in the Senior Bowl would really raise his draft stock. It may help it a little bit, but the risk of getting injured for a relatively small reward doesn't make sense to me.
I would love to see this happen! Cincinnati has a well earned reputation as a career killer for young players.
Absolute perfection. How sweet it is! To my fellow LSU fans, how many times have we heard over the last decade, "They just need a quarterback and they'll be playing for National Titles."??? We finally got our quarterback. Thanks, Joe! Its been a dream season!!!
Best single season in college football that I've ever seen.
Absolutely speechless. This is the greatest team I have ever seen, and like it was said earlier, its not even close. Beat the top 4 preseason teams, beat multiple (7?) Top 5, top 10 teams. Unbelievable. Magical doesn't even begin to describe it.
Greatest season I have ever seen. What a year. So many tough teams on the schedule. One of the best single seasons in college football history.
Unbelievable! I am at a loss for words. What an absolutely incredible season. It is just a surreal feeling. It won't sink in for a little while.
I like Jimbo and really appreciate what he did while he was at LSU. However, is that really what LSU needs, offensive advice from Jimbo Fisher? It seems like Ensminger/Brady have done pretty well. Maybe they should be the ones doling out the advice when it comes offensive schemes.
OUTSTANDING! Well done, State.
Wow. That's high praise. I like Divinity, but I see Chaisson as being on another level. I'm glad both of them are Tigers!
Oooohhh....(forehead slap) Thanks for the info.