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I don't like either team but I do know Jalen Hurts is one of the classiest guys to ever play college football! I hope OU and Hurts beats an overrated UT team.
Michael C - Seriously .... Are you that stupid that you don't know there are two Kansas City's?? Maybe you should figure out how to delete that comment as people are laughing at you!
Ohio State and Michigan shouldn't even be in the top 10 let alone the top five! The only thing they have proven is they can run up the score on VERY....VERY weak teams. That doesn't make you good. And who gave Michigan a number 1 vote??? Seriously!
Looks like a there's good chance it could be Georgia and Alabama in the SEC Championship which would be great as I would love to see the Master coach against his student. If UGA can make it (they usually start the first game or two with great dreams and hopes but it fizzles out in October) it would be fun.
Boise State at #16??? Give me a break! When they play a big boy schedule in a big boy conference instead of playing community colleges and technical schools I will agree they deserve some credibility but until then they are a huge joke!
That's too harsh of a punishment for anyone!
AUFan: What a hilarious response. Leave it to those auburn fans to come up with the incredible postings. Now go milk your cow.
I hope it's Barnett as he has the most potential and can be the QB for two maybe three years. Bateman didn't look good in 2015 and was one of the reason Bama lost to Ole Miss.
Auburn nearly added another losing season this year.
Speaking of retards maybe you should go back to the first grade and learn how to spell.
Dabo Swinney should be #2 just under Saban. Chris Petersen shouldn't be in the list
I don't think they are even the third best conference. I would say 4th or 5th.
Why anyone in their right mind would want to play for Muschamp is unbelievable not to mention South Carolina will never do anything especially as long as Muschamp is there. I wonder how many of the Florida recruits regret going to Florida when he was there.
Truly good teams don't do the gimmicks like changing unis. That's what teams like Boise State do. Also, these elephants look ridiculous. They look a lot like Arkansas' helmets with that pig on the side.
Typical butt hurt comments from the cow college fans. Sorry your team, coaches and players were so pathetic and will likely end up a a low level Christmas day bowl game that you were fortunate to barely get invited to. That's what you get for hiring a high school level head coach and a psychopath as the defensive coach. On the plus side you can now go back to working on your farm and tending to your sheep and cows.
He looks like a psychopath! Great example to his players.
Doctor Larry - And how many coaches has the barn fired over the past 10 years????
Boise State is ALWAYS way overrated but they REALLY were this year....even while playing their typical high school schedule.
And they lost that game! OSU was WAY overrated!
Doesn't look like you guys need to be worried about the SEC Championship game. Just worry about whatever low level Christmas Day bowl you go to as you will probably lose it.
I agree! I guess since they beat an overrated ND and FSU they are suppose to be great. If NC doesn't beat them in the championship game they will lose in the playoffs.
Ohio State doesn't deserve to be in the top 5. Probably should be around #8 or #9.
Florida is overrated and also there's a BIG difference in Alabama and Florida. Bama owns LSU and will easily beat them again this year.
Auburn nearly (and should have) lost to Jacksonville State! You guys will only beat Idaho and no one else. It's time to go coach hunting.....again.