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Funny how he doesn’t address how the fanbase got to be how they are….which is through him and the very a-hole attitude he displays here. He’s the reason they shoot each other when they lose. He created those expectations. He made his bed and he’s gotta sleep in it with the dead bodies that are created by it.
Most Bama fans are deranged....few exceptions. You have a better chance of getting Osama Bin Laden to accept Jesus as his personal savior when he was alive than you do for having a rational football discussion with a Bama fan. You're all nutjobs.
Mental illness is the legacy of every Bama fan. Brian Downing, Michelle Pritchett and Adrian Briskey along with this moron....leaders of the pack.
So wonderful to see the face of Alabama football is now burning in hell, right where the rest of their fans are going to end up.
No Jim, it doesn't run "through" runs "over" Gainesville and as Gator fans we are tired of the tough talk and no points.
By the same token, Saban should go back to Miami and let Bills fans throw dildos at him.
So Kiffin should go back Knoxville and complete the process of destroying the football program after they fire Butch......
One of the MANY reasons the entire nation of college football hates Alabama. She is not the exception to their fanbase.....she is the rule. The vast majority of them are completely psychotic like she is. So glad they lost.
We wouldnt ever be talking about Tebow doing this Danny because Tebow wouldn't do it in the first place.
I was more sad during the post-game press conference than I was at the end of the SC/UF game. You could just see that Muschamp knew it was over. It was almost like he was eulogizing the death of his own football program.
After the way Alabama paid it's way into the 2009 National Champ Game against LSU with a loss AND not having to play the extra game (the SEC Champ Game),'s about time you a-holes found out what it feels like. As long as Bama is out of the playoff, I dont care who else gets in.
That happened to me when my son had cancer. The Jahovah's Witness Magazine "Awake!" did a story on him that made it sound like I was absent father and his mother to look like Mother Teresa. Little did they know, I was commuting over 1000 miles a week to keep a job so his medical insurance would be covered while she took the child support and drank it like a fish and smoked like a chimney. We live in the most anti-male-media society the world has ever seen.
At least they take their shots on the field instead of Toomer's Corner, Krystals, The Superdome and the Projects.
Yep there isn't a dumber fan base anywhere in America then Alabama.
The feminista saw her whole life about to get spewed out to the world and crapped her pants.
WOW I didn't know the Durham Dirtbag disenrolled from Duke and enrolled at UF! Hey Al Sharpton, where's Tawana Brawley when you need her??!!
AJ McCrybaby is just practicing for when he gets dropped from his clipboard job and ends up in the chair next to Greg McElroy late at night on SEC Network when no one watches.
Or President of the United States
I understand why UK would be excited but you better make sure your ass can cash the checks your mouth is writing.
Best QB that has ever played college football. Its not even debatable.
He's making it up. He had second thoughts about it after figuring out "oh hell, I just let Auburn fans know where Im going to be and when"......Auburn fans dont threaten people...only Bama fans do that.
Mizzou had the most homosexuals during that period also.
Just hoping nothing happens to anyone at Kyle Field after the Alabama douche bag purposely jacked the place up while he was working there.
Yep Saban looked like a penis then and it hasn't changed much, just shriveled.
Again, this is typical behavior of today's Bama fans. Violence is no longer the exception for them, it's the norm.
Funny, the muslims who watched their brothers fly planes into our buildings and incinerate 3000 of our citizens said the same crap. "Those people aren't real muslims" they said. The only difference between them and Alabama fans is they call their God "allah", you call yours "Saban". Seriously, think about it. 1 act of bad behavior could have been written off. But since Updyke killed Auburn's trees, you've had Brian Downing, Michelle Pritchett, Adrian Briskey and now this moron. ITS A PATTERN, DO YOU GET THAT?? Instead of sitting here saying "he's not one of us" why don't you get off your fat lazy ass and do something about it?? I tell you, if someone from my fan base did this kind of crap I would personally stomp him into the ground. LIFE IS WORTH MORE THEN A DAMN FOOTBALL TEAM AND ITS LOGO.