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Wow, have the doggies have gone down, getting beat by SC, with a losing record, at home. Pitiful....
Mark Richt and Kirby Smart = Can't win the big games, so all you jawja trolls on a TN site flapping your uneducated, married to your first cousin big mouths, you all are stuck in the 1980 era. And oh yea, we all are getting used to the " We're going 14-0 this year",YAWN, we don't even listen anymore. You just let a medicore Notre Dame team come into Athens and almost beat you, example quoted. You all are just a decent team until you meet up with the Auburns (jawja got torched by them last year), the Alabama's , then you look like high schoolers. LMAO.
I agree. All GA has played thus far are bottom feeding cupcakes.
Do your research before you come on here running your mouth, he was fired from Texas.
Oh Hell, I'm loving this. I heard they ae going to name a cell block at the Georgia State Correctional Center, The Dawgs Block. This is funny as Hell, Love It, LMAO, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Almost as incredible as LSU running backs raping women while they sleep, Touche'.
Yea, THAT, right after the LSU running back that screws women while sleeping, LMAO.
Thanks. Hope KY gets it back. If they play their A game, very well can do it...GO BLUE.
You beat me to it, terrible sentence writing, even for a dumbass like SevenT. He's just mad because his mother kicked him out of her basement for stealing her welfare check and spending it on crack.
How abut they pick a Mascot and he runs your ass back to your own site, Roll Tide. Hey Eagle Ass, want to compare rings?????LOL.
Do you Bayou idiots not have a site of your own? And GO is spelled GO, not geaux. I lived in la for a good while. biggest bunch of dumbass idiots I have ever been around.
And how about Auburn having a crook as a coach? Look up how many times he's been run out of a program.
Come on man, quit trying to steal Georgia's Thunder. You know they are the only ones that can yell, "We're going 15-0 this year", fail, year in and year out, and get away with it, failure.
When you can't win the big one in 30 how many years? You should be more used to being mocked than TN, by a long shot. Let me see if I can get it right, "Oh the dawgs are going to go 14-0 this year, going to win the NC, oh no not again, BOO HOO". LMAO...….
No Dumbass, they ate KY Wildcat. In case you didn't watch , TN beat their Ass and ate their lunch.
Yea, like the one he used to say about GA. He said it was always good to play GA late in the season, because by then, most of Georgia's players were in jail.
Looks like TN basketball team carried the gay turds to the woodshed, not once, but twice
Hey Bfusa, Gatorboy14 is just pissed off because his mother started making him pay rent to live in her basement, and taking it out on everyone because he has no life. She also caught him stealing her welfare check and spending it on crack. Also, the gay turds must not have a site as he comes here constantly . Maybe they are not that advanced yet.
Oh now, don't be mad because he went 4-0 against the Bull Turds, kicked them all the way back to Athens. AND, your former POS coach, Jim Donnan got so pissed off after he blanked out GA in Athens, Donnan met Fulmer at mid field and cussed him out in front of Fulmer's daughter. True story, look it up.
He's not from California Dumbazz. From Alabama Dumbazz. You must be the dumbest person on here. Surely you know he led TN to a NC right through the Florida Gay Turds.
And Georgia fans have been saying, we're going 14-0 this year and winning the NC for 20 years.