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Yea, and you jawja mobile home dwellers, married to your first cousin idiots are dumber....
AND, there was a span of 7 years where the Vols beat the puppies 576-151, want to go another round????
Well put Geaux Long, was glad to see LSU kick Ass and take names. A Vol fan/ Alum here, but I have always pulled for those guys in the Bayou. Geaux Tigers.......
LOL, That's what I'm asking. Crybaby KY fan...
I completely agree with you TrophyKing, Burrow made him look good this year, and like you said, he's gone after this year. And Coach O's record has never been good anywhere he's been, Burrow carried him. The only thing I disagree with you on is, I don't think they will be a 10 win team at best, maybe 7...
Look at the teams that lost QB's this year and still winning. Stow it.
No, he got a phone call from his wife saying she is cutting him off for acting like a crybaby brat on national TV.
Is there a gator on that team that has beat Georgia??????
From a Georgia alum/fan, come over here and paint a rock, I bet we kick your scrawny ass like we did on the football field a few weeks ago. Go crawl back in that sewer you gay-turds call the swamp. It's a wonder, with all the outlaws, jail dwellers in florida, you have enough for a team.
Why don't you get your ass back to your mother's basement, or did she kick you out for stealing her welfare checks, LOSER.
Thanks LSUSMC. Also pulling for LSU to go the rest of the way undefeated….
The thing about this Georgia and Florida trash coming on a Tennessee site (Haven't figured out why yet, I guess their dumb asses don't know how to set their's up) Tennessee is getting better and better, and they are worried. For some reason it bothers them. I guess it breaks their concentration from dating their first cousins, and moving their mobile homes to a vacant lot.
Thanks Bill, and you are correct, You can't take Vandy for granted. Great Win for USC.
Wow, have the doggies have gone down, getting beat by SC, with a losing record, at home. Pitiful....
Mark Richt and Kirby Smart = Can't win the big games, so all you jawja trolls on a TN site flapping your uneducated, married to your first cousin big mouths, you all are stuck in the 1980 era. And oh yea, we all are getting used to the " We're going 14-0 this year",YAWN, we don't even listen anymore. You just let a medicore Notre Dame team come into Athens and almost beat you, example quoted. You all are just a decent team until you meet up with the Auburns (jawja got torched by them last year), the Alabama's , then you look like high schoolers. LMAO.