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Tom Brew, award winning writer????? Tom must have put that inscription under the picture himself, nothing award winning about this article. He forgets to mention how TN kept their foot on Ga's throat for How many years?? terrible ONE-SIDED ARTICLE.
Well Bcreek, being an SC fan you should know, or still know. How many NC's does SC have, oh yea, NONE. How many will they win, oh yea NONE. SC has and will always be the poster child of Mediocracy. SC fans always start screaming at other teams like they are the best of the best. What you don't realize is, no one listens to your screaming and in fact laughs at you. Also you have a coach that has been fired how many times? You also have a coach that makes a Fool out of himself with his mad and wild antics. Everyone knows he is taking anger management classes on the side. By the way, Go to your own Damn site ......
Evidently Big Mouth, you haven't kept up with the players TN has gotten out of jawja that have helped TN destroy jawja in the past. Remember Dobbs, the one that threw the hail mary , in Athens, that beat jawja. You know the one that you all are still crying and losing sleep over ? Guess where he was from, yes jawja. And there have been many more, so STFU.
You're really not medicore, even worse. TN gave you the game on 6 turnovers. Take those points off and see where you stand. If you think Fla is a good team, you are in for a rude awakening.
Thanks SicEm, Good game against Missouri today, good win.
Maybe "Fat Mcelwain" will come back , oh wait, maybe not, he's too worried about fake death threats or catching sharks and having his fat ass picture taken laying naked on top of one, lol.
The Gayturds had better worry about keeping those thugs you all recruit out of jail long enough to even have a team. They are thinking of naming a cell block after you.
Hey KY Dumbass, you want to talk about the idiot coaching changes the small blue has made???
I got one better. 2016 Hail Mary in front of 90000 jawja fans that thought the game was over and they had won. Now that's Priceless. I recorded it, especially the looks on the jawja fans when they realized they were going home losers. EPIC.....
Good points TR. Seems you were ahead of them on this. I don't think you will hear any blind squirrel comments either. Trash talk like that will usually come back and bite you.
Hey Mountain Dog, Good write up. You answered a lot of what I was wondering with this kid getting overlooked. I guess he was just never exposed. I also agree with you on Guarantano. He does have a lot of heart, just needs a better supporting cast, eg offensive line. He also needs to realize he's playing SEC ball now, not high school.
It's a known fact, Kanell hates the SEC. He is going to hate on the SEC every chance he gets. The 2 teams playing in the NC were both from there, and it eats him up.
Looks like Saban and his wife use the same person to dye both of their hair.
This is a TN site, why are you even on it????? Don't Alabummer have a site???
I wouldn't call him a bust, but close. Stayed injured for the most part, and when he played seemed he never reached his potential. Don't see him going very high in the draft, although his dad being in the position he's in will probably help.
Sounds like they may be getting a little worried. Make NO mistake, TN is coming back, and we are taking recruits from GA's back yard. Get used to it, we are coming back with a vengeance.
LOL TFK_Fanboy. Yea put UF down low. And hope the Dawgs do wll in the NC.
ga has only been in the spotlight for one season, not like they are Bama. Mays is no more than a traitor.
I hope Auburn tears him a new one. They are walking into a whole new environment, not the dime ass conference they play in. This is worth running up the score for.
Dumb Bo, I mean Debo 1218, have you ever got anything positive to say? If not, stay the Hell off.