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NO, and we don't want to hear your corny Ass joke. Go to your own rooster ass site and tell it. Maybe musk rat will read it.
Shoop is terrible. TN's offense had nothing to do with Shoop's terrible defenses. The offense had nothing to do with opposing team offenses running up , on average, almost 500 yds. a game. Terrible DC. After KY ran up 600 yds of offense on TN, he said after the game "their stunts really kept us off balance". 600 yds, give me a break. He's terrible. Good luck with him MSU.....LOL
Not with Shoop's defenses they won't. His defenses gave up, on average, almost 500 yds a game. Terrible DC. Totally lost he was. Ran his Ass out of Knoxville quickly. Good luck with him, LOL.
Shoop is terrible. Not sure what Miss. St. was thinking when they hired him. TN was Not a dumpster fire when he came, he Helped it become a dumpster fire. His defenses , on average, gave up almost 500 yds. a game to opposing offenses. Hell they gave up like 600 yds to KY. Glad TN got rid of his sorry Ass. His defenses are as porous as a sift. Then when interviewed after games, the man had more excuses than you could make up. Good luck with him.....
It won't take 4-5 years. You will see a lot of improvement as early as 2018. TN already has the athletes, not counting what they will recruit. There are 4 star players that have not waivered and still going to TN. They need to be coached is all, something Jones was Not doing. As far as Fulmer pushing Majors out, didn't happen. Majors had health problems, Fulmer took over, when Majors came back, he started losing games and was released like any coach would have been that wasn't winning games. Fulmer is not a micro-manager, he will let Pruitt coach the team. If he had wanted to be the coach, he could have been. He's already let Pruitt choose his assistants, completely backing off. If Pruitt worked under Saban with no problems, he can work under Fulmer as a coach, period. I'm glad everyone on this site are know it alls, takes the guess work out for everyone that is not. Looks to me like people outside of TN are getting a little jealous and worried seeing TN has probably got a decent coach that is going to bring this program back. GET OVER IT...........
Great point Law Dawg. Hope the Dawgs smoke the Sooners.
It would be a good thing to get him. Would never have to worry about him walking out mid-season like gutless Spurrier did at South Carlolina.
He's not the coach DumbAss. Just stay with Mullins who is satisfied with mediocracy and you will be fine.
Enjoy your probation and the ugly thoughts of your FIRED coach calling and messaging Whor*es.....
Enjoy your probation and the thoughts of YOUR FIRED coach calling and messaging Whor*es....
Desmond Howard looks like a wooly headed idiot with glasses.
Vandy should know, they've had more worst seasons than anyone.
I totally agree. He should have said at the beginning he was not interested. His resume is not that impressive anyway and he has not coached in a long time.
You're probably like most Bammers, e.g. A Troll that lives in a beat up house trailer, your mom and dad are first cousins, have maybe 3 teeth in your mouth, can't do 3rd grade Math and when Saban is gone (and he will be) and Bammer starts losing AGAIN, you carry your Ass over and start cheering for another team, Loser.
He can do away with the excuses. All teams have players hurt this time of year. Alabama for instance is playing with a make shift defensive line and several out on offense and still winning. He needs to go.
Currie needs to be worried about the next coach instead of stadium renovation. If they don't start winning, the stadium won't matter, no one will attend.
Why don't he just go away, his bad attitude son is gone. All it is, is sour grapes. He's pissed off because Jalen is no longer in the lime light and just disappeared. He has no connections with UT any more so why does he keep putting his worthless 2 cents in.
You have to remember, He's the Champion of Life, With the 5 Star Heart, Hell he can go anywhere he wants.
Taken that spot, are you smoking Crack??? SC will never take that spot, just keep smoking. Count how many 10 win plus seasons TN had and how they dominated the East and the SEC Titles, not to mention a NC in that era. If you think lowly SC can do all that, keep lighting that pipe idiot.....
Needs to quit worrying about what uniforms they are going to wear and just play ball.
Another Ga player arrested, wow, and his second. Before long, they are going to have their own cell block.
Not an Auburn fan, but it looks like things are going well there. Gus seems to be getting a foothold there and doing well.
Looking like the $220,000 car will go back, and it is back in to the Ford F150 for Butchie. He will need something to drive his Ass back to Michigan.
As an Alabama alum and fan, I am hoping Ga wins the East so we can shut their fat mouths and kick their butts like they deserve. Very unprofessional the way they act and mouth on social media and throughout. You can tell teams and fans that have never won much by the way they / Ga. act. As the saying goes " Act like you've been there before, which Ga has not.