Touchdown Alabama

Love the game. Love the Tide. Hoping for a W. Let's chat.

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Perhaps toughening up a little? No need to be offended or overly sensitive.
Thanks for the memories coach! Cheers boys. Hopefully we get to see a matchup in Atlanta this December. Roll Tide. BAMA/UGA 16'
Roll Tide. What a game. What a team. Scrappy and most of all DESERVING
Actually Yee makes no mention of race in his statement. SDS slipped that one in there.
Weren't both Collins and Williams 1,000+ yard guys the past couple years? I agree not surprising at all.
What's funny terd is that despite how you feel about the issue, Hugh Freeze probably sides with Saban on this one. In fact most coaches do. So cut the holier then thou, f@&kboy routine. Turn the blinders off. Let your pride go. And get onboard with what I guarantee your coach agrees with.
As if that's a knock on his accomplishments. At least we have the extra games to play. If anything the point you attempted to make is a positive.
The most shocking stat concerning Bama imo, came after the LSU game. It wasn't the yardage we held Fournette to, but the fact that he was tacked by 14 different Bama players. What a show of depth. To me that statistic really stood out.
Take your pick. A lot of teams in the SEC ( especially the west) could potentially do it. That's why this conference is the best.
Yes click bait. Hook line and sinker. Lovindaarticle
Alabama deals with a report like this coming out every other week crybaby
Alabama isn't even the wealthiest football or athletics program in the country. If this is such an unfair advantage then why aren't the vastly wealthy Texas A&M, University of Texas, Michigan, Southern Cal etc. teams competitive for the title? I promise the answer isn't because Jimbo the equipment guy is getting an extra 15k annually. Or because we pay Sally over here to polish helmets. It's because Nick Saban is the best coach in college football, he brings in the best recruits, and his coaching staff is always incredible.
They were discussing the Roswell incident and 9/11 conspiracies, over Little Debbie oatmeal cakes. maybe a little football too? Que X-files theme song.
Dobbs is a beast and has a big future. That goes for Hurd and Kamara too.
Cmon Sluva it's Crimson. Makin us sound like some bulldogs out here! lol. I agree btw.
But why? Record aside, Kevin Sumlin is a great coach. But his brand of football doesn't really translate to the NFL imo. He should stay at Texas A&M or at least in college football.
Tony Conner should absolutely be on here. Dude is a thumper.
I understand a "matchup" to mean two players or position groups that will be on the field at the same time. Physically coming into contact with one another during downs or a situation where the actions of one directly affect the other. So maybe Derrick Henry vs. Clemson's LB corp?
I'm surprised HaHa Clinton-Dix didn't make this list.
We shall see Monday. The way we contained Dak is a decent indicator that we have adjusted well. Either way I owe Cam a big thank you. He exposed a weakness in us. And he's been crushing it on my fantasy team all year lol.
I'm not sure Clemson has played a secondary like Bama's. We average over a pick a game. Many of them find their way back to the house too.
I can somewhat agree with you. However we have recruited an entirely different type of athlete on defense since then. So yes the scheme vs. Alabama started with Cam. But this isn't the same Alabama. Our nickel package as it stands now really wasn't implemented until 2014.
Do we know if Eddie is coming back yet? I hope he does. Moving him to safety was one of the best coaching moves Saban made all season.
Why go back to 2010 with Cam? None of those players are on the roster anymore. And most of our coaches have rotated since then. New program entirely. Now going back to 2013 when Marshall torched us is rational. Many of those guys are still on the roster. Let's keep it relevant shall we.
Our last two centers have won the Rimington. It's called reloading. Not rebuilding. Center is the glue. Everything else can fall somewhat into place with a smart and talented Center
Truth. Minkah broke out from day one. Bo's up next. Or Robert Foster.
All that matters is one. Monday's.