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Word on the street is Chris Rodriguez will miss a total of ZERO games.
Dude wasn't going to be 2nd string, maybe not even 3rd. Best of luck to him but anyone acting like this is a big loss is still in love with a star rating from 3 years ago.
This is going to be such a fun season. People overlooking that KY's new offensive coordinator is just as good as Liam Coen and they're going to open it WIDE up. Levis won't be third team by season's end . . . He'll be higher.
Should be a moot point. I actually don't think UK will punt this year.
This one is even more black and white that what you all are assuming: the kid opened it back up because he's not good enough to play and compete at Kentucky and he's essentially admitting that. Supposedly out of shape, slower, and regressing rather than peaking.
Any consideration of his team being undefeated to maybe give Will Levis a little boost in these rankings? SMH. Emory Jones got his team beat in Lexington because he can't throw the ball well.
Uhhhhhh, we've had yall on the ropes 4 of the last 8 times weve played you. No miracles involved this year.
I absolutely love every prediction for this game by every media outlet. It's two paragraphs on how bad LSU is in almost every facet, something lazy about Kentucky being hungover from their perfection, and then a final score prediction that has the bad team winning. UK 35 - LSU 14
5-0 team halfway through the 4 biggest tests on its schedule (Mizzou was supposed to be the first true test) and no one can say they've played a complete football game yet?? I love my team.
They got in a fight at a frat party. Only one of the multiple cops even wanted to charge them with something. There were talks of a gun that, literally, only one person testified that they saw. Some of the players involved didn't even get out of a car. It's college. 20-year-old boys fight. Stuff boils up and then people end up showing back up. It happened 15 times in my four years and none of those involved athletes. It's inescapable when you're all trying to bang the same set of girls.
If nothing had changed for either school in the offseason, I would completely agree. But if Kentucky's offense could have existed in any form in that game last year, you would be more confident at home against Mizzou. That was the low point, hitting at the same time of Schlarman's diagnosis affecting the team.
I want no part of a good game. LOL. I want to win by 28!!
The South Carolina loss is puzzling to me. Not that I wouldn't take 8-4 and a good bowl but that reality would take so much air out of the Florida-LSU-Georgia stretch of the schedule. Admittedly a homer, but I'm picturing a world where insanity could just continue to mount if we can get through that Florida game 4-0. And if we somehow got to Georgia at 5-0. . . . that buildup would be insane and we'd be looking at another shot for 60 minutes between us and Atlanta.
Bulletin board material for Rodriguez. Good with me.
JJ Weaver probably out for most of the season. Would've definitely been the guy at that spot.
Love how UK is going to fly under the radar into next season with the deepest and most talented team they've ever had on paper.
Bowden has amazing talent and sub-par consistency/focus. He could've flipped that Miss St game early and short-armed it.
Florida is taking 72% of the Vegas bets on the spread. But the spread has been bet down 1.56 points. Tells me the sharp, big money is on the Cats. And soon my square, small money will be as well.
This is, by far, my favorite take from the uneducated rival fanbase and lazy writers this offseason. We're more dynamic this year on offense this year BECAUSE we don't have Benny Snell. Which also times up perfectly with a rebuilding defense that won't enable us to slow games down to a crawl like last year's team afforded us.
Paris, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that your old season tickets were in the section that is now that recruiting deck. Because if they weren't, you've referenced an unhealthy number of times.
Dont overlook that last year was the first time SEC depth truly existed on and across our roster. Sure, there were definite stars who are now gone and the secondary is the biggest question mark. But if Vegas sets an O/U win total at 6 or less, theres free money to be had on the over.
I wish you were an anomaly within our fanbase, but, sadly, you're not. A few idiots, although you may be the biggest idiot of them all, that get to firmly cement us a basketball school with their pea-brain takes. Maybe you are just a troll, but I don't have a mechanism to understand what solace you would get out of these ridiculous statements in that case. Freedom of speech, I get it. But I really hope no one reads your crap and thinks you represent anything greater than a handful of idiots.
And you spelled confident wrong. Which in the context of that comment, DOES matter a lot.
You think arrogance is a sign of lack of intelligence after spending the entire season letting your talent do ALL the talk? Is that what you're insinuating? Come on, man.
Amazing how important player development and coaching actually can be. Our offensive gameplan may usually suck, but we grow players into true contributors.
As a uk fan, I'm starting to worry about the level of talent on penn state based on these lists.