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Nearing the halfway point of the season and the lifeless SEC East has 57% of its teams in the Top 25.
Is no one watching Oregon? They're the #1 team in the country, IMO.
I think Leary has to pass for 250+ for us to have a real chance to win. Georgia struggled against the read option run game so it's really not a given that our gameplan against Florida carries over or we can expect to go 70/30 run and compete. I think we will compete and I think we have a real chance of winning because I believe Leary has that game in him. If Barion Brown catches the one in the back of the end zone to start the game, Leary probably gets in a better groove.
Yeah, we got a lot of breathing room between us and our ceiling as a team this year. Next week forces you to find it quick but this team could be Top 10 LATE in the season.
I'm very much in my right mind and I very much believe we can beat Georgia. I will be disappointed if we don't beat them. I'm not sure what you're waiting to see in terms of us being a contender this year.
I had a dream UK beat Florida by 4 points. But I woke up kinda sad . . . Because I know UK's gonna beat Florida by waaay more than that.
Kentucky at most likely 6-6 is a hot take. Especially as you move Mississippi State out of bowl eligibility.
You need to get your head out of the box score and watch the games: Leary > Levis as a UK QB and it's not even close.
Yeah there's a lot of football to be played outside of the box scores. I'll take everything I've seen from Leary so far for our 2-0 team.
But how well were they developed and coached?
The Rivals subscription is worth it for Justin Rowland's coverage of recruiting. The House Of Blue forum is the best premium message board.
Barion Brown gets no love as a return specialist?
I CAN NOT WAIT for October 28th.
Right where stoops and company want it to be. Bulletin board material is definitely coming early this year. Probably a product of being hyped preseason last year and Levis/Scangarello combo making people look too wrong to be on us again this year.
Kentucky will not lose to Louisville. As scary as the back half definitely is (and I'm not arguing that at all), there's something to be said for the potential momentum that can be gained on the front end and the confidence they could enter that stretch with. Don't undervalue how much teams only had to prepare for our defense last year with Scang's apparent predictability on offense and Levis being completely immobile with a confused O-Line. Assuming Leary stays healthy the whole season, I'd be absolutely SHOCKED if UK doesn't go AT LEAST 2-3 in that last 5 stretch.
Revisit this tomorrow. Just cause the class wasnt locked in by August doesn't mean it can't exceed your expectations. Your narrative may not match the end result.
Agree on the huge get. But I can't imagine anything I want less than a dual threat QB in today's college game. Dual threat = Can't throw
You KNOW that's not true. He's probably as connected to Vince Marrow as any media personality is to a staff member anywhere else in the nation. He's polarizing, but he's in the know.
I think UK's passing game this year is head and shoulders above last year's UK passing game. The variable is the horrible line play. Scangarello would be universally praised for his offense if he had the line Liam Coen inherited.
You might not want to go ESPN's NCAAF page right now. The exact thing you're denying was said is the main headline.
In Scang's defense, that's not the first time i've heard that comment from him and the first time was mid-summer. Dude believes in his QB and isn't sugar coating it. I love it.
The two MAC teams we played are both the preseason favorites to win their respective divisions. And if Florida = Georgia Tech, then Tennessee needs to be kicked out of the Top 10 as well. There are a lot of mirror images about these two teams, which was the theme you were forcing in all facets. But I don't think you can say their first 4 games are the exact same level of difficulty - Kentucky has the definite edge there.
As a UK fan, I get that pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered - I should be okay with not topping every list right now. But I call BS on that UT OVERTIME win being more impressive against a Pitt team that lost its starter for the last half of the game. Saturday's game for Florida vs UT has the potential to be a true recalibration of a whole lot of assumptions. . .
I expect Richardson to be running early and often. Time to ignore there is no good backup and try to win the game you're currently playing.
That's waaaay too many points to give florida in a matchup with this history.
I can't remember the last time UK had a 4:30 local time kickoff but I'm sure we'll adjust. Can't wait.
I feel like some writers on this site get bashed unnecessarily. Whatever negative things are said about this article will not be unnecessary. Also, Weaver had a huge INT in last year's game and one of our best players. This article makes him sound like Bobby Heenan.
I can't wait until that's not a true stat anymore at about 11 PM EST on Saturday night.
Yall are feeling too good about yourselves. I love it. Not to say I'm not horribly terrified of how bad our O-Line looked, but neither team did enough on Saturday to tell me this is suddenly going to be an easy Florida win.