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JJ Weaver probably out for most of the season. Would've definitely been the guy at that spot.
Love how UK is going to fly under the radar into next season with the deepest and most talented team they've ever had on paper.
Bowden has amazing talent and sub-par consistency/focus. He could've flipped that Miss St game early and short-armed it.
Florida is taking 72% of the Vegas bets on the spread. But the spread has been bet down 1.56 points. Tells me the sharp, big money is on the Cats. And soon my square, small money will be as well.
This is, by far, my favorite take from the uneducated rival fanbase and lazy writers this offseason. We're more dynamic this year on offense this year BECAUSE we don't have Benny Snell. Which also times up perfectly with a rebuilding defense that won't enable us to slow games down to a crawl like last year's team afforded us.
Paris, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that your old season tickets were in the section that is now that recruiting deck. Because if they weren't, you've referenced an unhealthy number of times.
Dont overlook that last year was the first time SEC depth truly existed on and across our roster. Sure, there were definite stars who are now gone and the secondary is the biggest question mark. But if Vegas sets an O/U win total at 6 or less, theres free money to be had on the over.
I wish you were an anomaly within our fanbase, but, sadly, you're not. A few idiots, although you may be the biggest idiot of them all, that get to firmly cement us a basketball school with their pea-brain takes. Maybe you are just a troll, but I don't have a mechanism to understand what solace you would get out of these ridiculous statements in that case. Freedom of speech, I get it. But I really hope no one reads your crap and thinks you represent anything greater than a handful of idiots.
And you spelled confident wrong. Which in the context of that comment, DOES matter a lot.
You think arrogance is a sign of lack of intelligence after spending the entire season letting your talent do ALL the talk? Is that what you're insinuating? Come on, man.
Amazing how important player development and coaching actually can be. Our offensive gameplan may usually suck, but we grow players into true contributors.
As a uk fan, I'm starting to worry about the level of talent on penn state based on these lists.
I just really want five minutes to pick the brain of anyone who finds Paris10's brand of sarcasm/cynicism intelligent or entertaining. You're an idiot and it's exhausting.
This game would be for the east even if we had lost to mizzou. So people can calm down.
Maybe the sixth win vs Vandy allows us to gamble with house money? Nothing will be more devastating than watch us 3 and out our way through uncharted territory. This is fun. It needs to stay fun. And we'll have plenty of chances to be too conservative once it becomes expected (see Gus at Auburn).
37-23 is sick ATS when you're forced to guess on every game.
And completely incapable of leading us back from two scores down. We have to aggressively score to win the next two games.
3 for 9, 18 yards and two fumbles. That's not a controversy - it's a cure.
I agree that a win is a win. But any fan could look at the QB play and the schedule ahead and know that 14 points won't get it done. And I'm pretty sure we had zero points when most of that screaming was happening. Winning doesn't have to trump rational observations and the want to be the best team possible.
I don't know if that's true. Don't get me wrong - NO part of me likes the fact that Terry Wilson is our long-term answer at QB. But I'm actually really excited to see our secondary versus Missouri. Really excited. It may burn me, but I love this challenge and until we show we're serious enough to try something different at QB, we have to simply take this season as the fun experience it is and not allow ourselves to get down in the dumps about the POTENTIAL opportunity that is being blown by keeping Wilson under center.
Agreed. Not to leave out Kroger Field, either. No? Not a thing yet? Ugh. I get it. At least I tried.
Yeah, look at the stands to determine how long most people had already been gone. Are there even any Bulldog players left in the stadium?
I was at the game and that field was NOT rushed. If more than 100 people total sprinkled in from different angles, I'm shocked.
I went into that game thinking rain was the worst thing possible for us. Mississippi State should have had all the advantages Kentucky actually realized and even more in the rain. Let's please stop acting like conditions hurt an MSU team with a run-first quarterback and a pair of talented running backs anymore than they made it harder on UK's defense as well. I've read ten articles now that have alluded to the "conditions". Conditions were perfect for what their gameplan SHOULD HAVE been.