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Paul is a bald Cowherd. Just says things to get clicks. I he so often wrong it blows my mind.
Najee's ability to catch the ball out of the backfield is a huge win as well if he comes back.
Having watched all of the LSU games this year, Joe has been fun to watch (Except when he but us). He is special and it will be very tough to expect LSU to compete at the same level. Without Joe you could have dropped three games this year. LSU has talent and a great coaching team. They will be in the hunt but I doubt they will be in the playoff next year. I am hoping they win this year..
Unless it is a playoff game, I don't fault any player (especially 1st rounders) from sitting out. It is their choice for sure. As we have seen, one wrong tackle and it could be all over. Millions on the line for these young men and their families.
His response wouldn't bother me. Lets not pretend this is nothing short of jockeying either for a NFL job or a contract extension (with more money). My boy Nick (and his "Show me the Money" agent Jimmy) sent Mrs. Terry to Austin to look for "investment" property. That was a warning shot for the checkbook to open up more at Bama. Playing the game... nothing wrong with that.
Really good for Auburn. Gus offense is so dependent on a good running back.
Yea our schedule was weak. FYI Auburns "Charmin" schedule next year is just as bad as Bama's was this year.
Bama suffers (like the NY Yankees) from being a popular fan base and with any there are a nigher percentage of T-Shirt Fans whom showing their ass is a way of life. That being said Bama without Tua and this years young and porous defense will be hard pressed to win a championship. Just a few too many key pieces missing. Part of me doesn't want them to get in so we don't get beat.. :)
SEC Champ (LSU in my opinion) Big 10 (Ohio State) Clemson (We know they are in .. weak ass schedule makes Bamas look tough) Oregon if the win out.. Only loss being to Auburn. Or a One loss Baylor or Oklahoma. If Baylor beats Oklahoma twice they are in... if Oklahoma beats Baylor twice they will be in. Now here is a tricky one. Auburn beats UGA but beats LSU in SEC Champ game. Do both UGA and LSU get in..? Or will a one lose PAC12 Champ Oregon get in. Bama is out unless (2011) style chaos is abound.
It will take a lot of chaos similar to 2011. Bama weak schedule will keep them out this year. We will need a lot of help.
Completely agree with Ohio State should not be number 1. (Cant wait until they play Michigan and get crushed.) 1) TCU 2) Baylor 3) Migh State 4) Utah I am fine with being at number #10 the rest are undefeated ahead of us and remember we have plenty football left.
Colin is a blow hard but I completely agree with him on this issue. My team (Bama) is in a world of hurt if we don't get some better QB play down the road continues to have problems with up tempo offenses. Its the way it will go... no more 9-6 LSU battles anymore. Really stinks as I like that play of football but Colin is right... the rules are geared to make money... IE SCORING..
Agreed. I hate almost all female sideline reporters. They are mostly there to look good and get young men, whom would most likely confess to assassinating JFK if the chick is cute enough, to say something stupid. Lame.
Yea how can Ole Miss be a favorite in that game. Even at home they have been playing horrible.
I am a rare breed for sure. I graduated from UA but root for Auburn every game they play... expect when they play us. Even then a part of me hopes for a last play win, for me it would have been making that field goal (ala Van Tiffin). I had Auburn friends at last years game and what a wonderful memory to have for them. Bama has given me many memories as well... its ok to spread it around. Except for LSU or Florida :)
As a Bama fan I agree. A part of me died that day but a part of me can imagine the joy the Auburn's fans got to enjoy at that moment. First and foremost as a fan you gotta take the good with the bad. Rushing the field in that case was very much appropriate IMO .
As a Bama fan, I don't see us winning out the rest of the year. I am hopeful but our play quality is all over the map.
If you watch the 60 mintues piece done on Saban you can see he really cares about these young men. He understands how few of them will get a NFL paycheck. Most of these young men come from less than ideal backgrounds and he takes it upon the University to give these guys a chance. Good on him and the other coaches that make the effort. 60 Minutes video
With our weak ass schedule there is no reason we shouldn't get close. Auburn game always being a wildcard.
Spurrier is a great coach and love to watch him go at it and enjoy his comments even more. I take nothing away from his accomplishments. Deciding who is best or great is subjective depending on how you personally filter the data. I can see both sides of the coins but in the end Spurrier mentioning another coaches "process" and how he doesnt need to work that hard... i just say ok prove it. I would love to see something more fro the SEC East in the last 10 years (3-7) than getting beat in the championship game to the West.... PS none of which was a Spurrier coached team..
I could argue that other coaches may be better, but in the end that is just subjective speculation. In the end Championships are all that matter. You know how Saban recruits? He shows them his rings and the Fat checks that all the first round drafts he help create receive. Recruiting is easy when you win rings.
As we say down south. "Proof is in the pudding":. 4 championships in a decade speaks for itself and how the "Process" is effective. Until Spurrier brings one to USC he is just trolling.
As a Bama fan I am against the 10 second rule. I understand and agree that players who are not conditioned against that style of play are possible at ore risk of injury. I am sure objections were made when passing became so pervasive back in the day. Any change rocks the boat and people hate change. I think we need more data before we make a significant change like the 10 second rule.
Not my cup of tea but I can see them being confusing to the defense. Zebra stripes are used to distract and confuse predators.