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From a fan of one lower-tier SEC football school to another, the answer to your question is “yes”. Arkansas has had just 7 seasons with a winning SEC record since joining the conference in 1992. Clearly AR has a proud tradition, but that was built decades ago, before joining this conference. As a Mizzou fan, I’d gladly sign up for an 8-4 record every year. Oddly enough, many Arkansas fans seem to think that would be unacceptable for their school. Reality is that would be a major improvement over the program’s life in the SEC.
KU fan, errr, I mean Mike: give it a rest. With hindsight, your comments look silly (“K-state will roll”, “cook can’t throw anything other than a bubble screen”, etc). His teammates and coaches trust him, and he just played a helluva game. Go back to your World of Warcraft and your mom’s meatloaf.
Well, as long as you’re quoting scores from different teams at different times of the season from a year ago (as if they matter now), you might want to include K-State’s 40-12 beat down of our Tigers. Based on how both teams have played this year, the 4 point spread in K-State’s favor isn’t nearly enough. Obviously, I hope the Tigers prove me wrong. Look, homerism is understandable, but sometimes it looks silly.
Lefty, that’s simply a bad take. Kelly is one of the best coaches in CFB. He’s won and won big everywhere he’s been. His chances at LSU are higher than almost any coach at any other program. I imagine most pundits would be surprised if he doesn’t win a title there.
Weagle, that’s one of the better comments I’ve read in a while. Thanks for the laugh.
Gator, I’m sure UCLA agrees with you… There’s a reason why Power 5 teams consistently underperform in the tourney while Mid-Majors consistently exceed expectations. This isn’t football. Parity is real in college bb. Bama just lost as I type this to a mid-major. Get over your big school bias.
Wolf, exactly what momentum did Heupel inherit? I’d say given hs head coaching success at two school post-Mizzou, one probably shouldn’t try to draw any analogy out of hos o coordinator time at Mizzou. Got to give credit where it’s due. He’s earned it. As has our baseball team so far this season.
Bill…please don’t let the loud minority like wolf and others convince you that most Mizzou fans think our team is more than it is. We joined the SEC for financial security. Same as AR did 30+ years ago, as has been written about. We’ll have the occasional great year but most would readily accept 8-4 every year and consider that a great success.
Bacon…please tell us you’re kidding. Tell us how many times AR has finished the season ranked since joining the SEC more than three decades ago. Why is your team suddenly the 3rd best team in supposedly the top division in college FB?
Nope. Lost to TN and LSU. Both of those teams suffered multiple blowout losses. Nearly lost to A&M, should have lost to TX, best win was against an 8-4 team. And to say they lost to teams who were ranked at the time is meaningless. For example, AR was ranked in the top 10 at one point but finished 6-6. Clearly, AR was never one of the best 10 teams in the country. Early rankings are meaningless. Any team other than Bama would have no argument here. But bc of Bama’s history there’s an attempt. Their resume simply is undeserving.
That’s just silly. Bama beat almost nobody good this year. Many SEC fans need to realize that there are good teams outside the conference. AR was lucky to beat Cincy and lost to Liberty. Mizzou, who like AR was a handful of plays away from a 9-3 season and took GA to the wire, got spanked by K State. There are great players and coaches all over the country.
metaphor: noun; a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
UGAplaysD...NFL lite??? Please, there's simply no way any college FB team could compete in the NFL. Look how many college stars (even those from the SEC) fail in the NFL. The speed, strength, and skills are on a completely different level. Every NFL team starts 22 guys who have proven they deserve to play in the league. The best college teams start a mix of 22, some of whom will get drafted, some will actually play, and many of whom won't play a down after their last college game. There's not a single pundit, quantitative model, or otherwise that would support the claim that an elite college team could compete in the NFL. Regarding the SEC...yeah, it's the been the best conference for the past two decades (and at times in history prior to that). But roughly 1 in 5 current NFL players played in the SEC vs 1 in 6 from the Big Ten. Not such a significant difference that one is nearly the NFL while the other is simply a college conference.
Boon, the defender may have turned his head but he still wrapped his arms around the receiver before the ball arrived. As every fan knows, and as high schoolers like to chant, “you can’t do that!” Also, your receiver tackled the TN DB in the end zone on 3rd and forever and got the call that led to a Bama score. So give me a break with the refs BS. Better team on Saturday won.
But the problem with that decision is you leave it up to a play where history has proven over and over a relatively higher chance of things going wrong. Bad snap...poor blocking at the line leads to a blocked kick...bad kick. With 1st and goal at the 3, punch it in and don't leave it up to a field goal try.
Brian Kelly has won and won big at every school he coached. Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati (consecutive Orange and Sugar Bowls), and Notre Dame. You dislike the hire why? Because he's from north of the Mason-Dixon line? Or because he's Catholic? Last night was ugly, but it was game 1. Usually the prior coach isn't fired when everything's hunky- dory. Give the guy some time for crying out loud.
fuzzy, just ignore him. Responding to his inane comments only gives him credence.
Exactly. Also, the lack of pro teams leave no competition for corporate support. Being from Missouri I clearly am more familiar with the environment here than elsewhere, but Mizzou competes against the Cardinals, Royals, Chiefs, Blues, KC Sporting and soon the STL MLS franchise. 6 pro sports teams and Mizzou all vying for corporate and blue collar support. AR is unique in that regard.
And please understand, I’m not taking anything away from Arkansas. I believe they overachieved this year. BTB elite 8’s is impressive. I’d love for my team to simply get in the tourney…maybe Gates can turn things around. If he does for the love of God I hope he keeps his shirt on when he celebrates.
Duke was up 18 with 6 minutes left, 17 with 3 left, and 15 with 1:55 left. His point was the final score made the game appear tighter than it really was. Unlike the game against Baylor last year.
That’s rich. Bill Self (a great coach) but the con man of all con men talking smack about Calipari.
I think you just made an argument for a QB other than Bazelak to play. And that’s just the issue - with Cook, Mason, and Horn, there arguably are three better QB’s on the roster next year. Clearly Conor believes he has a better chance to play elsewhere otherwise he would have stayed. In 2 years as starter, CB had 23 TDs and 17 INTs. Take away last year’s LSU game and this years KY game and those #s are 15 and 16 respectively. Did he have the best receiving corp? Nope. Did he routinely make bad throws? Yep. So I and many fans wish him well and expect better QB play next year. Doesn’t make us disloyal or bad fans.
It’s okay to wish him well and yet be relieved he’s moving on. If I recall, Conor had two great games during his tenure here: LSU and Ark last year. Otherwise, he was either neutral or an outright liability. It was clearly time for a change and no one should blame him for trying to play elsewhere.
Whatever. That’s as silly as the moron who claimed that GA lost to Bama intentionally.
Yes. Yes it is. One of the greatest NfL players at his position tends to have a better opinion about the game than those of us who played HS ball. Many commenters probably didn’t even do that.