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Ozarkian, I agree that zoucat needs to tone down his Mizzou rhetoric a bit. We don’t have a good track record against TX and OU. Of course, neither does AR. And for that matter you’ve arguably weakened the conference since joining. In 30 years as an SEC member, AR has finished the season ranked only 5 times and just once in the top 10. So maybe don’t disparage other teams. Been a loooong time since AR was a good FB program.
Hey wolf...FL fan just paid our team (or its social media team) a compliment, and you respond by attempting to offend him? Odd.
“Will become strictly business?” Coaches are making close to $10mil per year and schools have nine figure athletic budgets fueled by CFB. It became a business a long time ago.
Biggest losers in all of all this? AR, MIZ, and TAMU. If I counted correctly, AR currently has 48 players on its roster from TX and OK. Good luck recruiting those states as successfully when their flagship schools with their football tradition are in the SEC (AR is 22-56 against TX and 4-10 against OU). MU has only 15 players from both states on its roster, so not as big of a recruiting impact. However, MU is just 24-67 against OU and 6-18 against TX, so a similar competitive balance impact as with AR. Finally, TAMU impact is obvious. Will suddenly share the state for SEC attention with big brother.
Wolf, please. Winning games matters. For every team. And please stop quoting that Bama score. It was 35-3 less than halfway through the 3rd quarter when Bama pulled their starters.
Perfect comment, Yankeepig. Couldn't agree more.
CWC, I'm assuming that was a snarky comment. If I'm wrong, my apologies. If I'm right, there's no reason to be a jerk. You have no idea what's driving this decision. No one does, except his family and perhaps the coaching staff. Just wish him well and move on.
JTF, how can anyone say that the BCS usually got it right? There’s no way to prove that. In fact, in the very first year of a playoff had, both AL and FL State lost in the semifinals. Those two teams would almost certainly have been played in a BCS title game that year. While we can debate over the appropriate number of teams, expanding the playoffs will almost certainly lead to a surprising champion occasionally. New York Giants over the Patriots ring a bell?
Booches, our team was in the cellar this year. I’d bite my tongue if I were you.
IMHO, these coaches with prior NFL playing or coaching experience have to help with recruiting. Throw in the tie to AR and likely another good hire by Pittman. He seems like such a class act. Good to see both AR and MO recruiting well under the new regimes.
LOL. However, these bat flips and struts are all too common. Gilbert from TN, the Moore kid from AR, etc.
Info was already provided. He gave up 42 receptions on more than 500 pass plays. Tulsa plays in a pass happy league. Pro scouts think highly of him.
How about these stats? In 27 career games, he played on 571 pass snaps. Gave up just 42 receptions. In 5 games against Power 5 competition, he gave up a total of 7 receptions for 45 total yards. I'd say we definitely need him and he'd be a starter immediately.
So Notre Dame and Texas both want him but he’s not good enough to start in a depleted spot on our team?
Indeed. That was a helluva series and Arkansas is such a complete team. Don’t have many weaknesses and Kopps is just filthy. No other SEC coaches offered him? Every one of them would love to have him.
You keep making the same nonsensical statements over and over. The guy has a poor completion %, has just 3 fewer picks than TD’s and 14 more combined fumbles and int’s than TD’s, and has averaged just 1 TD start...while playing for 5 different teams. And you’re blaming coaching? His career rating is 72.3, which is poor. Had he played for Kansas you would ridicule him. But just bc he was a good player for our favorite team you’re saying he deserves another chance to start? That’s “homerism” to a fault.
I find these comments by AR fans hilariously ironic. Look in the mirror. Since joining the SEC 30 years ago, your Razorbacks have finished the a football season ranked 5 times - 5! There are articles that include AR as one of the teams that is in the wrong conference...others that say it traded football competitiveness for financial security. Yes, both comments could be, and I suspect have been, said about Missouri. But please consider your own situation before slamming another team. Oh yeah, head to head record...
So there’s a conspiracy against AR by the very conference in which AR plays?
Sweet news to start the weekend! Welcome to Mizzou young man!
I didn’t say anything about scheme. Let me put it this way: factually. Gabbert has started 48 games for 5 different teams (I doubt they all ran the same system). He has a 56% career completion rate and a 50/47 TD/int ratio. There’s really nothing else to say.
Wolf...please. Gabbert was good enough to get drafted and make a roster, for that we should congratulate him. He’s had multiple chances to be a starter and he’s not proven himself capable to be a QB1 in the league. Just bc he played for our team doesn’t mean we should assume he’s better than his long-term results have shown him to be. Antsy in the pocket, low completion %, and way too many TO’s. Similar to the debate you and I had a few weeks back about Lock. Based on the Broncos actions since then, it looks like the experts agree with me. Take your blinders off every now and then.
And “they” would do that for what reason?
Razorbackdave, AR is ranked #1 in the country (and quite justifiably so) and this schedule will have the team very well prepared for postseason. Why are you complaining?
Perhaps the only time Blaine Gabbert and Tom Brady are mentioned in the same sentence...
Replying to AR525. I’m not trying to make this into a rivalry. Just trying to bring some reality to a fan base that continues to believe it’s team is more than it is, or at least more than it has been since the glory days of the 60s-80s. And I’m not suggesting that Mizzou is anything more than it is. But I’m able to see reality. Has AR had a handful of good years in the past three decades? Sure (you mentioned one time top 5 final poll). That’s hardly national relevance. Just like Mizzou finishing #4 and #6 two seasons in the past 15 doesn’t mean we are a national power. Just be realistic about your own program before calling out another.
Please review AR’s record over the past 30 years and then maybe slow down on the relevancy comment. Oh yeah, just so happens that AR joined the SEC 30 years ago.
As much as I hate to admit it, Drew Lock isn't who we thought he was. Look at his stats in college, when he should have dominated (and please, don't give me the "four different OC's" argument). Elite QBs simply perform at an elite level, especially in college. Drew, though, had a 56.9% career completion rate. Also, Mizzou's record during Drew's tenure? 24-26. Yes, football is a team sport, but the QB is simply a difference maker, and Drew didn't really make a difference in college and certainly hasn't in the NFL. Is he good enough to play in the league? Yes, but he's not good enough to consistently win there.