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Paul Finebaum is a dolt. You have to take anything he says with a grain of salt. He has the most boring sports show on TV - better to watch paint drying. And he has absolutely no sports experience. Has he ever played the game? No. Has he ever coached the game? No. He hasn't ever even played or coached in a PeeWee game. No. He's just an little big eared ignorant talking head that has a TV show. And for the life of me, I can't understand why any sports network would give this moron a TV show.
Not a huge LSU fan, but watching Joe Burrow and LSU storm through everyone they played last year was a thing of beauty. I can't understand why any SEC fan would ever say that they "are not the real deal." Well LSU is down this year for sure, but my thinking is that it will not be for long.
Here's an interesting fact. Fl went 0-10-1 in 1979. Not a single win and only a 7-7 tie with Ga. Tech. All thanks to 'ole Charley Pell.
I cannot see FL winning against both LSU or GA this year, but perhaps maybe one. I disagree with the prediction against Tex A&M. I think they can win that game. I also think that TN could defeat them as well. We'll see, if we actually get all the games in.
Hogwash. TN fans remain in the stadium throughout the game no matter what. FL fans leave their stadium at half time to go out and get drunk and then don't return for the second half because they are too blitzed and unable to walk. They only know the outcome of the game when they wake up with their hangover the next morning and someone tells them.
Yes, these other conferences will play ball in the spring, but it will probably be flag football.
Why in the hell are you all concerned about anything that Finebaum has to say? He's a boob. He doesn't have a crystal ball. He knows no more about SEC football than your average SEC fan. How this guy got his gig is a mystery to me.
I tried watching his show once on SEC Network. I lasted about 20 minutes. It's about as interesting as watching paint dry.
Have always thought that the penalty for holding should be 5 yards, not 10.
This is the absolute dumbest comment ever. Did anyone call for Florida to be removed from the SEC in 1979 when they went 0-10-1? Didn't win a single game.
I can assure you that Fulmer had nothing to do with these silly lawsuits. He has much better things to do. Seems to me that this sort of thing is "family" instigated for $. Along with some parasite lawyers. And that's my opinion as a lawyer myself.
As a Vol fan, and a lawyer, I think the lawsuit was, and is, BS.
One must wonder, at least a little bit, about what is going through this kid's mind. I'm a Vol fan so I guess I'm ok with this. But it sure seems to be an incredible change of mind after he took every opportunity to slam UT. Perhaps that was teenage hubris and revolt against Dad, but who knows. Something huge certainly has changed with his thinking.
All of these predictions suggest a win for the SEC teams. But Appalachian state is another thing altogether. If an SEC team gets paired with the Mountaineers, if will be ugly. App. State is phenomenal. Would love to see an SEC team paired with App. State in a bowl game.
This crap is silly. I'm no fan of Saban and certainly not Alabama. But the kid wanted to play and the medicals said he was ok to play. Heck, he was their starting QB - why not play him under these circumstances at least for a little while? Every other team in the SEC, or any other conference team would have done the same. Saban was going to pull him on the next series. Did you expect Saban to have a crystal ball and see what was about to come up? This was just a very unfortunate thing. Looking for someplace to lay "blame" helps nothing.
Where's that turd Hooker now? Vols win big and he's been unsurprisingly silent. Imagine that! Well, I reckon we'll hear from his sorry butt when something he perceives as bad happens with the Vols. He will never get over being banned by the Vols for stalking Inky.
Bama = poser. Clemson will clean their clock, if they make it that far.
Fla. fans is Franks really better than Trask? For the life of me I can't understand why Franks got the starting "nod" over Trask. Heck, Trask is phenomenal.
Hooker - "Dear, everyone on SDS hates me. Even the posts of fans from the other SEC schools say I'm a greasy turd. What should I do (pitiful sobbing)? Wife - "Well (sucking in a long deep draw off a Kool), you are a greasy turd. I should know. Perhaps you should take that little laptop of yours and try to write a legitimately objective article for once. I know it will be very hard for a fiction writer like you, but you should at least try it. Stop crying you little "puff of a man" and take the trash out."
Notre Dame is a perennial poser thanks to the yankee sports writers(they're always hoping) and ND's annual TV contract (they're hoping too). But they always choke, year after year. Georgia will have no problem with them, simply because Georgia is a much better team. If ND was in the SEC, they would be annual bottom feeders.
Gary Danielson was pretty pathetic. He couldn't even properly pronounce "Alabama, he always said "Ailabama."
My thinking is that this should be a fantastic game. The "talking heads" suggest that it will be a "blow out" for FL. I'm not so sure about that. Yes, Miami is down (way down), but emotions play a big part in College football. And those kids at Miami have something to prove. Should be interesting however it may go.
This new format for SDS really sucks. Couldn't they find anything better than this?
I sure hope you don't work as a journalist dot guy. You misspelled "judgment."
Dude, you are right on. I've been a Vol fan for 45 years, but I truly hate to hear that one of our conference schools is getting shafted like this. Seems to me that the folks in charge of the athletics at Mizzou were totally unaware of the activities of this lone rogue tutor, and when they found out about it, they did what was supposedly the "right" thing and cooperated with the NCAA. I anticipate a better outcome for our friends at Mizzou when the true facts come out in the appeal.
No, they were disappointed when the toilet was flushed first. GA fans preferred the "earthy" taste of the unflushed toilet best.