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Where's that turd Hooker now? Vols win big and he's been unsurprisingly silent. Imagine that! Well, I reckon we'll hear from his sorry butt when something he perceives as bad happens with the Vols. He will never get over being banned by the Vols for stalking Inky.
Bama = poser. Clemson will clean their clock, if they make it that far.
Fla. fans is Franks really better than Trask? For the life of me I can't understand why Franks got the starting "nod" over Trask. Heck, Trask is phenomenal.
Hooker - "Dear, everyone on SDS hates me. Even the posts of fans from the other SEC schools say I'm a greasy turd. What should I do (pitiful sobbing)? Wife - "Well (sucking in a long deep draw off a Kool), you are a greasy turd. I should know. Perhaps you should take that little laptop of yours and try to write a legitimately objective article for once. I know it will be very hard for a fiction writer like you, but you should at least try it. Stop crying you little "puff of a man" and take the trash out."
Notre Dame is a perennial poser thanks to the yankee sports writers(they're always hoping) and ND's annual TV contract (they're hoping too). But they always choke, year after year. Georgia will have no problem with them, simply because Georgia is a much better team. If ND was in the SEC, they would be annual bottom feeders.
Gary Danielson was pretty pathetic. He couldn't even properly pronounce "Alabama, he always said "Ailabama."
My thinking is that this should be a fantastic game. The "talking heads" suggest that it will be a "blow out" for FL. I'm not so sure about that. Yes, Miami is down (way down), but emotions play a big part in College football. And those kids at Miami have something to prove. Should be interesting however it may go.
This new format for SDS really sucks. Couldn't they find anything better than this?
I sure hope you don't work as a journalist dot guy. You misspelled "judgment."
Dude, you are right on. I've been a Vol fan for 45 years, but I truly hate to hear that one of our conference schools is getting shafted like this. Seems to me that the folks in charge of the athletics at Mizzou were totally unaware of the activities of this lone rogue tutor, and when they found out about it, they did what was supposedly the "right" thing and cooperated with the NCAA. I anticipate a better outcome for our friends at Mizzou when the true facts come out in the appeal.
No, they were disappointed when the toilet was flushed first. GA fans preferred the "earthy" taste of the unflushed toilet best.
Just remember billy, South Carolina is (9-25-2) against Tennessee. Pretty "incompetent" on the FB field against TN.
South Carolina is (9-25-2) against Tennessee. Seems that SC is pretty good at "basement warming."
There's a real good reason that you don't want to "remember Tennessee football still exists." And I don't blame you. Your chickens are 9-25-2 against Tennessee. Pretty pathetic.
Well, little DoggieManStan, I'd feel that way too if my pitiful team in Athens didn't have as many National Championship wins as does Tennessee.
Wring out your panties Cool_Story_Hansel, and get a fresh pair. Times they are a changin'.
Well boxster355, I'm not so sure about that. I think that recruits do care about their chances of getting into the NFL. Sure, they want to be on a winning college team (who wouldn't), but they also are looking to the future - where they will be making the big, big bucks if they can make it to the NFL.
seatonda, put your crack pipe down and go to bed. You apparently only have a few functioning brain cells left. Turn the computer off and get yourself some help.
seatonda, you are a real "piece of work." Calling people names just illuminates your elementary inability to engage others in rational debate. All others on this site should just ignore you as an uninformed and perhaps ignorant sad little man.
4-7 will be considered a good season after Sanders gets done with them.
Ha! Pretty good coming from a perennial SEC bottom dweller. Just remember that your chickens are 9 and 25 against the Vols.