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Wring out your panties Cool_Story_Hansel, and get a fresh pair. Times they are a changin'.
Well boxster355, I'm not so sure about that. I think that recruits do care about their chances of getting into the NFL. Sure, they want to be on a winning college team (who wouldn't), but they also are looking to the future - where they will be making the big, big bucks if they can make it to the NFL.
seatonda, put your crack pipe down and go to bed. You apparently only have a few functioning brain cells left. Turn the computer off and get yourself some help.
seatonda, you are a real "piece of work." Calling people names just illuminates your elementary inability to engage others in rational debate. All others on this site should just ignore you as an uninformed and perhaps ignorant sad little man.
4-7 will be considered a good season after Sanders gets done with them.
Ha! Pretty good coming from a perennial SEC bottom dweller. Just remember that your chickens are 9 and 25 against the Vols.