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I agree 100%!!!! I know it goes on because I live in Tuscaloosa and have seen it with my on eyes !!! And know owners of businesses that take care of their guys!!! Also the police are scared to arrest them or they will lose their job!!!! 2 years ago the starting right tackle wreck his Yukon out in front of my daughters house and was totally drunk but Blake Sims was called to come get him the police was ask why he was not arrested ??? He answered that he would lose his job!!!
Such a loser!!! U need to stay U A site and worry about ur qb!! Oh who is it???
I'm sorry Sean I misspelled your name!!! But I think your the best man for the job!!! And the Auburn Family needs to get behind you and lets have a Great year and at the end lets Beat Bama!!!!
Gus is going nowhere but up you sit and watch Sean white lead Auburn to a 10 win season
Franklin couldn't even win the starting qb job at a jr college!!!but he's fast and Gus will find away to use him.
Why do you think he's not a duel threat??? He run a 4.6 40 !!!
Shawn is the best qb for the job those of you that think different are blind and don't have a clue about football!!! As far as having a great receiving core last year that's a joke if he would have had Hoover High Schools receivers we would have beat Arksnsas and Ole Miss!!!