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Article makes some good points, but the one it missed is that kirby isn’t just going to wake up one day in August and figure out this coaching and player development thing. The talent gap left over from sharkboy is pretty much gone and kids are hitting the portal out of Athens now that their checks have cleared. UGA also has to play a decent SECW schedule next year. Offense is really going to look shakey with new Qb and coaches focused on keeping Clay Webb away from jug of gatorade.....add on Pickens being a 2+1=5 away from academic probation....It’s going to be tough for my Dawgs.
Probably hard to suit up for a team when your dad is suing the university. Another one to the portal monster.
Sky isn't falling (yet), but this is another bad look for Kirby notsoSmart. Kids have to leave to achieve their potential and not a lot of development going on.