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True, it would've been hard to keep them both happy. Fromm coming off a NC appearance and Fields knowing he has the talent to start would've been tough for anybody to manage, especially with the transfer portal being a thing. I just don't think Fields really got a fair chance at the starting position, which is understandable, it was just a hard thing to manage and I think UGA did probably the worst job they possibly could with it.
I get what you mean, but by "let" I think they're mainly talking about how poorly Fields was used while at UGA. Even if you're gonna run with Fromm as the starter, you gotta find a role for Fields. He's too good not to play.
If any UGA fan says they don't miss having Fields, they probably had to think twice before saying it. We love Fromm, yes, BUT Fields is a generational talent. Whether or not the Dawgs would've adapted the offense around his talents probably wouldn't have mattered. Fromm was only sacked a handful of times this season, Fields may not have been sacked any and could've made plays with his legs when our receivers couldn't get separation which in turn would've opened up the passing game and running game. Again, love Fromm, but Fields could've put this team over the top.
I agree with a lot of this except the LSU part. Coach O and Brady have changed the culture of the LSU offense. Now will they have another Burrow at the helm next season to go with the weapons? Probably not, but I dont see their offense falling off a cliff. LSU/Bama/Auburn will be a fun race to watch, as always.
Great game Tigers and good luck going forward. I'm hopeful you guys get to the natty and have the home dome jumping. About the game: the very first drive for both teams told the story of the game and the seasons. Welp, you guys know our slogan, "Maybe next year."
^^^ this. Defense gave us a shot in the first half but offense has been killing the d all year. When the playcalling was there, the execution wasn't. This game was ugly from the very first play. I'm thinking outside the top 10 for sure.
Yikes. I figured LSU would put the most points on our d than anybody has all season. And as much as people say defense wins championships, you can't win if you can't score. D hung tough for awhile but couldn't win it alone. Also, burrow is a seasoned Super Bowl winning qb that somehow snuck back into college. Change my mind. Lol seriously though, the playoffs will be exciting to watch. Good luck tigers.
I love these and this one is okay, but isnt 9 a slight salute to Bama? (insert laughing face)
A&M will present a challenge and they have a great offense, no doubt but let's not pretend that just because Trask backed Franks that he isn't a starting caliber QB. I think he fits Mullen's scheme perfectly, he's way more mobile than he gets credit for so the option is always ... no pun intended ... an option.
Half of these aren't really 'bold' ... UF is a good team with an elite defense. I would almost put money on 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9 happening. Trask going for 300 isn't too farfetched either. That recipe however, 100 for Perine and 300 for Trask, smells absolute disaster for Vandy, so I guess that would make 10 a bit of a bold prediction.
Mullen is doing more with less, Kirby is bringing in elite talent and putting them in positions to win. Let's just tip our hats to two great, almost elite coaches.
For sure. Definitely a team way better than what their final record will be and that's even if they don't lose again. Surprised we didn't see E Jones a little more to try to get the run game going but why would you when the guys catching are so good? Looking forward to the east battles over the next few years. And looking the the slugfest of 1 and 2 next week as well!
Great game by both teams. I really thought Perine would make a huge impact on the run game, no ways he's 100%. UF had some big injuries that limited them but didn't allow the game to get away when it almost did. Please trolls, (mainly ours) just let us have this gracefully. Great game UF, go run the table.
Not a season tix guy and I can't speak for everyone but I think many people enjoy the annual trip to JAX. For many its not that long of a trip, St. Augustine is right up the road, and of course, the WLOCP. I do understand the recruiting concerns, but I think J-Ville IS the WLOCP as Atl IS the SECCG. Just makes sense at this point. As far as the JAX tickets deal, good question.
100% believe Grantham will force Jake Fromm to win the game. Which he can, but Coley HAS to get creative in his route concepts and scheme some guys open rather than relying on them to simply win one on one. ESPECIALLY against this secondary.
FWIW, I had a discussion with a UF fan in the barbershop before the season started and said that if Franks could play consistently like he played down the stretch of last season that UF was a threat. Well, Trask is playing pretty well and would ya just look at it, UF is a threat. Stepping down off my own pedestal however, I still picked UGA to win comfortably and now ... well now I don't even agree with the spread.
I like it ... BUT ... if UGA is willing to stuff it up the middle on first and second and then try to throw into UF's strength on 3rd and long it will be a long game. Getting those bookends back to set the edge will be huge for UF too. If we can scheme the receivers open and get playmakers open in space then we have a shot. If we do the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and long dance, well ....
Great points. I've also been saying Trask shouldn't be labeled a backup. Technically, sure. But ONLY because of Mullen's loyalty to Franks. I believe at some point this season Trask would've taken over either way. (Still praying for full, quick recovery for Franks) I'd also like to believe there is a reason to believe the offense has stayed conservative, but the USC game firmly made me believe that our offense is what it is. Not to put it all on Coley, some of it is execution and being beaten at the point of attack but this is by FAR the best defense we've seen all season so any conservative plays should be thrown out. However, as we all know all of this gets thrown out for this game. I think we can all agree we could see this game swinging either way.
7 is spot on. Of course I'm rooting for a Dawgs win, but this one is trending away from us *based on the past few weeks* That's not to say they don't turn around this week but even then, this UF team is tested, talented and will be ready. Good luck Gators, Go Dawgs!
Whoa whoa whoa, UGA basketball MIGHT get ranked this year! Anthony Edwards might sneak us into the top 25 before he decides one year of SEC basketball is enough.
It's all funny because its true. Ouch ... it hurts now. P.S. I'm offended ... Waffle House is great!
Grandma had me into it too. I'm so conflicted, I really want her to fly her flag but at the same time I definitely don't want it to fly haha.
You gotta admit though, a few of their songs are pretty catchy.
Great article, love it. I live in GA of course about 4 hours from J'ville and have been seeing UF memorabilia for weeks now. Idk if the universe is a UF fan and is taunting me or what. Like literally, I just saw a bedazzled gator logo on someones rear window outside Popeye's. Anywho, I hope whoever wins Saturday represents the East well in Atlanta. However, if it's UF, try not to rub it in too much guys hahaha. Here's to a great Saturday, wherever you are.
1. Kyle Trask's decisiveness 2. Florida's WRs/Kyle Pitts 3. Florida's Secondary 4. Healthy UF defensive line 5. James Coley That being said, if UGA can get the run game going and keep Florida's offense off the field they'll be in good shape. They cannot cannot cannot run up the gut on first and second and expect to throw the ball on third and long. Holy pass rush batman.
Leghumper, we're still Dawgs in arms, but I'd have to agree that it was good no call. Live, I said it was a holding but after watching replay and listening to the experts it did make sense why no flag should've been thrown. The defender never made any move to try to separate himself and seemed content running right alongside Cleveland, therefore there was no impedance on making a tackle. The false start was missed, sure, but refs miss calls all the time and I don't think it would've made a difference in the grand scheme of things.
Very true. I have no doubt the players will be fired up, I just hope the coaches put them in a position to succeed. This one definitely decides the East. It basically gives the winner a two game lead over the other and I don't see either team losing twice after this one.
I think our defense keeps the game close but you gotta score to win. UF is NOT UK, they'll capitalize off great starting field position if UGA can't move the ball a la the first half of Saturday's game. If they get up 2 scores, especially early, I could see this one being ugly. UF is a more complete team at this point of the season, howeverrrrr, my bias will not let me count out the Dawgs. I think what scares us most is the Dawgs haven't exactly done anything the past few weeks to show they can win this game and UF trends upward each week. Not making any predictions as this one could go either way, hope both teams go in healthy and out the same way.
In other words, they were too comfortable and ... I don't want to say took sc lightly but for lack of another way of putting it, they did and got embarrassed. Hopefully they don't dwell on it and go out Saturday and jump on UK early. We gotta hit our stride before Jacksonville.