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Gotta agree with LSUMC. We all know Bama will finish top 3 and UGA will finish top 5 but LSU has a real chance at this as well. If UF builds on last year, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them there either.
Sarks a good OC, the offense will be fine. The situational playcalling is what frustrated me the most about him but that reflects on more than just Sark. Saban's staff will make sure this is remedied. Plus you guys have Tua and aren't slack on weapons, I wouldn't worry too much.
It doesn't. I'm more interested to see if he along with the rest of the staff can get Cam running it effectively. That would be an NFC south nightmare.
It's crazy how personal these conversations get lol. It's just football people.
Eh, I've seen a ton of our "fans" make some premature and/or unwarranted comments, but you make good points.
He went to school in Florida, yes and spent some time there but he is originally from Savannah, GA. He even claims as much in interviews. Now how the recruiting networks classify him, i'm not sure. 24/7 says he's from Fl but if you scroll down it says he's from Savannah. Who knows anything anymore? And yeah, maybe. But I'm optimistic. UGA is about as close now as they can be. I'm not saying perennial powerhouse but every year under the new "culture" minus the first, they've actually been contenders. That's all you can ask for. Get there, then anything can happen. As long as they keep trending in the right direction I think we'll be okay. Just gotta get over the Bama hump then possibly Clemson as well.
I wouldn't call them "championships" but signing a top 3 class repeatedly is definitely something to get excited about. I mean I saw a TON of UF fans happy just because they cracked the top 10, which isn't a bad victory. Stop trying to use championships as the only sign of success. It is THE ultimate sign of success but it's also a process.
Nolan Smith who is from GA is the top rated recruit in the nation, so yes, UGA did sign the top state and nation recruit. As far as natty's ... hit me up in about 30 more years or so lol, we should have more than 2 by then.
I mean, he had me up until "When Mizzou wins the SEC East next year." Not saying they don't have a chance, it's just a bold prediction. Shoot, I'd say it's a bold prediction for anyone to claim the east this early.
I suppose that's why his insurance policy was "only" 1.5 mil as opposed to the 5-10 mil policy some players take out.
I don't think this is it but I prefer this narrative over the alternate.
We don't know what went on behind the scenes at UGA. While what the baseball player said is easy to use because a. it's been all over the place, and b. its what we know as fact, that DOES NOT mean his waiver was centered around that. Everyone is saying "wElL hIs SiStEr JuSt AcCePtEd A sChOlArShIp To ThE sAmE sChOoL" and trying to make sense of that, now this statement comes out and nobody believes it. Honestly, as a UGA fan I don't want what the waiver was really over to be released. Fields and his attorney have both already said whatever it was doesn't reflect anything negatively on UGA, let's leave it at that. Maybe they're covering up something we really have no clue about and would hurt recruitment if it were to be released. Let's just take good enough for what it is. I believe the NCAA as a whole is just moving towards loosening up the transfer rules as it is and the past two seasons have shown as much. Whatever the reason I'm hoping J Fields balls out next season.
To be fair, I don't have CTE and I sometimes can't remember why I walked to the kitchen
They asked him why he should be no. 1, he explained his strongest assets. Where in any part of this comment did he say anything wrong?
That's cool and all but the past doesn't affect the future that way. Spurrier is no longer the coach, nor is Richt. You're correct, the gap may be CLOSING as in UF is closer to being real contenders but it's definitely not closed. As far as transfers, that happens when you have elite talent in front of you. These kids want to play now and nobody can really blame them. I'm sure you wouldn't have the same argument for all the 5 stars UF signed. Oh, wait ....
This is idiotic. By no means am i saying UGA is on Bama's level but if there's still work to do with Bama there is still work to do with UGA. UGA has the talent across the board to compete with Bama. UF has a solid class, but one *barely* top 10 class closes no gaps.
Yeah, i mean i think closING would've been a better word here. UF pulled off some pretty big signings, this much is true but to catch up to 1 and 2 i think more is required. Bama is consistently the top ranked class and under CKS, UGA has had all top 3 classes, with a number 1 class. One 9th ranked class doesn't CLOSE the gap.
True, I see your point. The difference in those teams though is they all had a pretty good defense last year and that won them a lot of games. Mizzou pretty much had to rely on Lock so of course he was put under a microscope. I'd argue if you placed Lock on any of those teams they may have been CFP participants. Maybe. Never know, the guy is talented though. Definitely earned his first round projection.
For sure, Saban is the king. Hats off to the historical class. Hope to see these recruits go at it soon.
Gotta be an intimidation thing, right? Like this is the guy that goes out for the coin toss, handles kickoff duties and shares time with another punter depending on the situation .... .... Right?
Lol exactly. I see a lot of fake punts in Miami's future.
"1st and 10 guys, what do you wanna do?" Hedley: Punt "No man, it's 1st do.." Hedley: I said PUNT. "PUNT TEAM, GO!"
I think his point was there are numbers guys, winners, and guys that are both. I think we all know Lock was a great college QB but what he was saying (i think) was that why would someone want the same results? Just a guess.
This was more "I had the opportunity" than it was "I ACTUALLY thought about" in my opinion. The Arkansas thing ... eh, explains itself.
I'm hoping the appeal is successful cause everyone (other than the NCAA evidently) that the punishment doesn't fit the "crime." What I'm not looking forward to, should the appeal overturn the decisions, the cries from other conferences about the "SEC bias" but whatevs. Even fans outside the SEC should see that this is overkill.
HOPEFULLY Mizzou will win the appeal. They did what they thought was the right thing in cooperating with the NCAA, they had no idea that was happening and, rightfully so, didnt imagine the NCAA would come down on them as hard as they did for doing so. I'm hopeful for a successful appeal and AT LEAST being able to get those scholarships, recruiting visits and post season bans lifted. A fine, maybe, but sheesh.