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This is what I was thinking. I can see them putting up points early (possibly 40 by halftime) and trying to get the starters out and kept healthy for the championship.
idk I kinda chuckled. I think it was just a joke guys. We should be able to laugh at ourselves at this point.
I agree completely but thats why they play the games. Anything can happen. Except for Georgia actually holding on to the lead the past two meetings, that couldn't happen.
Much better team Georgia, yes. Much more deserving, nah. Whether we want to admit it or not, 1 loss is better than two regardless of opponent. Wanna be the best, gotta beat the best. And I think the "troll" in question may have just been asking a serious question. Bama has our number right now so the "trolling" and trash talk is warranted. I'd expect to see the same were the tables turned. Just my opinion.
I hate that I always read these two going back and forth. It's oddly entertaining.
True, true, and true. I'm a huge fan of Murray and Tua but my opinion and possibly my conf bias thinks Tua is the clear cut Heisman. Though he did have a bad game in the SECCG, he was injured early AND if not for a couple of drops we may not even be talking about jalen hurts. I just think that one bad game shouldn't erase his entire season of greatness. I agree with everything you said, I just feel like Tua's been so dominant he hasn't had to do much late in games.
whoa whoa whoa, AT LEAST 30 starts and then maybe we got something here.
@bayou tiger i do hope they don't underestimate Texas but I'd argue the 9-3 team that pasted Georgia could easily be an 11-1 playoff team. Apples and oranges, i know. Just figured it's SEC boosting season and I'd throw that out there.
The ONLY thing hurting Tua is his team's dominance. Let's say Tua plays every 4th quarter then look at the numbers. Also, to do what Tua has done in his first year as a starter just spells Heisman to me. Maybe I'm missing something here, idk.
I wouldn't even say just the last 5 weeks. Mizzou is honestly a "better than their record" team and if the momentum to close out this year carries over to next I'm excited to see the SEC East battle of 2019.
Wow, I missed that take by McShay. No way he makes it out of the first round. I wouldn't be surprised to see his name called as the first QB off the board. My "SEC bias" will actually be hoping for it lol
TLDR: OU will score but Bama will score AND play defense. Bama by 2 TDs. Okay, okay. I admit this is more of a personal prediction, but was it close?
"the rest of the world has moved on from that." eh, still works for bama i guess. running the ball is what beat us mostly. plus, this is just year 3. 2/3 SECCG appearances and just on the cusp of 2/3 CFP appearances seems pretty good to me. Rome (or should i say Athens) wasn't build in a day *kanye shrug emoji*
Although I dont think he was using it as an excuse that's kind of how I see it as well. it's unfortunate but if you're gonna dethrone the king you gotta be prepared. I can almost guarantee Bama would've been prepared for Fields if he had come in to play, especially with the way the defense looked in the second half. BUT, this shows why we still aren't up to Alabama football standards ... YET. UGA right now is that annoying little puppy that keeps trying to hop the fence, continue growing and jump over it eventually.
haha I laughed when I read the article headline because this was my first thought too.
Can we not? It still hurts! IT all still hurts! The 28-3 wounds continue to be reopened lol. (See 2018 NC and SECCG) Also, not having a pro team isn't a terrible thing btw, at least your whole state doesnt become a victim when/if these things happen, whether they're fans or not. OH! and as far as the subject matter, yes, i agree with everything.
The way I see it is this: although UGA might be one of the BEST 4 teams, if we're being consistent OU deserves the last spot. Last year UGA lost once to Auburn and pretty handily then avenged the one loss in the conf championship. This year, OU avenged their only loss. The Alabama loss didnt hurt UGA and that's just saying how great Bama is. The LSU loss did. Not because LSU isn't a good loss (it most definitely is, well as far as "good" losses go), but because that means 2 losses. I have to say I think the committee got it right last year and again this year.
What a story. I hate it keeps having to come at our expense lol but congrats! Hopefully Tua gets healthy but how can you not be happy for hurts? Great game, go get another natty!
Can we kill this argument? We cannot blame the refs every time Alabama beats us. It’s embarrassing. Congrats to Bama, great comeback. Represent the SEC well and go get another natty.
Lol I'll take the advantage but wasn't CKS the DC when Alabama played Ohio St in the CFP?
While i get what he's saying here, it is a little tiring to hear "I hope yall beat Bama cause I'm tired of seeing them win" I'm sorry, I just can't root against a team just because my team couldn't get it done. Of course I hope the Dawgs win and the tide turns (no pun intended) and we start a run of our own, i also have to appreciate greatness while it's happening. We may never see dominance like this again! (Tom Brady and the Patriots, Lebron James, Saban and Alabama football) I hate it ... but i love it!
In all fairness, if we were the perennial powerhouse of CFB that the entire country was trying to mimic, wouldn't we have the right to feel this way too?
I agree to an extent but my only argument would be that although not really adverse, Bama went to Death Valley AT NIGHT and handled business as usual. Not saying I disagree, but I do think this Bama team can turn it on when they need to. That being said I'm hopeful for .... well I'd be lying if I said a good game but I'd settle for a Dawgs win lol
I'm thinking the same. Offense has been on fire since the post-LSU but I think Tua will be able to pick on our secondary early and often. However that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as they can try to make adjustments at the half if that's the case but if Bama unleashes the 3rd quarter haymaker it may be a long second half.
Agreed. I'm not sure what Saban says at halftime but I need that kind of motivation in my life lol. They possess that post halftime haymaker that GSW. Fact is as much as I love the Dawgs and obviously looking for a W on Saturday, this Bama team is just really fun to watch. UGA 28 ALA 27 but really like ALA 34 UGA 24
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