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I don't really understand the need to schedule another G5 or better P5 team. UL won't be this awful for that long and that's all we need and it's not like we're competing for a playoff spot where we need to beef up our schedule. Our recruiting still has room to grow and it's obvious when we get thin at a position (like DB and DL last year vs UT and MSU). I'd rather us get to the 'SEC Depth' before we even contemplate changing scheduling. This is all a moot point anyway if we go to another SEC game or playoff expands.
The skeptic thing that worries me is the 7 SEC games in a row late in the season. Stoops biggest problem as of late has creating SEC depth. I don't blame him, that is the next biggest/final step to upping what he's created here. It's why we have the puzzling losses later in the season the last few years and if we have any major injury issues we could really be looking at limping across the finish line. Now the counter to this is maybe the 3 easy games in the first 4 games help develop some depth that will be needed later in the season. Either way, looking forward to football season!
Listen, I love Mitch and he has done wonders for UK. I don't want him to leave, but I also don't know if NCAA president would be a fit for him. If the NCAA is going to stay together (and that's a big IF) at this point, it's going to need someone really forward thinking. Mitch has shown a lot of pushback to some of the newer things going on in college athletics. Now to his credit, he's come around. But I really think the NCAA needs someone who can appease the big schools, keep the association together, AND look to get in front of the forward obstacles that transfer portal, NIL, etc. will bring. Again, don't think he can't do it. Just not sure if he'd be the best fit. And I also hope he retires at UK at this point.
I agree. I hate that they got rid of the "Last 10 games" metric. I get it can skew if you've had an easy or tough schedule as of late but maybe don't penalize teams with overly tough late season schedules and don't over reward teams with cake walks to end the season?
Vols got screwed over. 100%. But this doesn't have anything to do with the name on the front of your jersey. UK has gotten that same hose a lot in Cals tenure with his young teams dropping early games and then winning a decent amount late/winning SEC tourney and seemingly not getting rewarded for it. It's a definite problem that needs to be fixed, but I do feel it's a money grab for the conferences to be pitted in that slot on Sunday ESPN. It's a shame. Either way, I like UT's draw and they're certainly the hottest team in the SEC if not the country now. I'll root for the SEC as long as we don't have to play them! Good luck.
Kinda hard to say who is playing better than whom when none of them have beaten the other away from home. It seems more like dominance with home court advantage and the schedule has been the deciding factor for a lot of them. Tampa gonna be fun!
I would agree with your list but I would say there isn't a team in the country without a glaring weakness. Wouldn't shock me if one of about 10-12 teams in the top 25 come home with the title because there are a lot of really really good teams and no great teams (imo).
Can't find a whole lot to complain about here. Top 4 teams all have their strengths and weaknesses. All 4 are really good and have the potential to make a F4 or further. It also wouldn't shock me if all 4 were in the S16 or even E8 when it's all said and done. It's been a really fun year for SECBB.
I think the embarrassment was more just losing to a 3-4 team that had lost 3 straight. Which it is... no matter how close or much of a blow out it is. Upsets tend to happen in todays age though when you shoot 10% from 3. Maybe you can get away with that at home, but not away. Still early and plenty of bball to play though! Good luck to the Rebs the rest of the way.
I can see not in the Top 3 given those teams each have some signature wins despite a loss too. Not sure I see Auburn. There loss is significantly worse and their best win is Loyola? I'm not sure what to make of LSU. At best they're in the "let's wait and see what they do" which is what you have UK in. Alabama is only one that I just absolutely disagree with. Not sure I'd consider anyone they have a good win and not having a good coach (Iona) doesn't excuse you losing to midmajor that also lost to Belmont. In the end it's all subjective. If you're ranking purely on Ws and Ls it's hard to argue, but then it's no better than a standings list. At some point you have to have an eye-test too. Not sure I'd put UK below many teams in the SEC right now given that. But time will tell. Thanks for the content to read on a predominantly FB site.
Yah he can't do what happened last year again. We can write that one off to *radio edit* with a young team but that's not what he was brought here to do. I've also been alive for 3, although almost 4 and I just hate the basketball set up in general. It's exciting but it absolutely does not crown the best team most years. The hottest, sure. Luckiest also comes into play with how the bracket unfolds and who is even in your path to start. I just think it's luck by-and-large so I'm happy with constant E8s and the occasional F4. Do those enough and you'll break through. I also feel if Cal could have gotten another title in 14 or 15 no one would even have batted an eye at last year. I do feel 2 years ago was our year... we had all the pieces and were really clicking and no one else at the top really scared me. I think we worked out the inconsistencies you were speaking of right at the right time.
I mean we have a lot of those so not surprising. Honestly had 2020 not happened I think our fanbase would be a lot different. That team was probably the hottest team in the country when the world shut down for *radio edit* and we were projecting to be the best 2 seed against a collapsing 1 seed. We have definitely been spoiled by Cal when E8s are pretty much expected (if not F4s) in a single elimination tournament and everything else is a full systems failure. I don’t agree with that sentiment, but I think that’s commonplace.
Alright I've taken this situation from a whole different perspective. UK still has a (very small) chance at the CFP. They have 5 favorable games and they can be 11-1. Good chance Bama loses to UGA for 2 losses. If UK has the ability to say they went into Athens, scored 2 TDs on that defense, and possibly get back their starting NT and WR2, why shouldn't they be in contention for a top 4 spot? I doubt he takes that TO if it was an incomplete pass, but they needed time to set up a play and in the long game, it very well may pay off. Also I've never heard any fanbase complain about a team they're beating by 20+ points call a TO to score at the end. Why do you even care?
Not to mention they needed PSU losing their QB1 to claw back and win that game at home.
So you only win by 21? lol I still think the one thing keeping Kentucky from being elite is depth and we're hurting this week. Several big guys up front and WR2. I'm hoping it's a good game but know this is a very tall order.
Shhh we need all the bulletin board material we can get. None of this truth stuff you speak of, Brick. Haha.
Hope not. Just got tix for my son and I Saturday. It'll be his first UK football game. First row behind the UK bench. We'll be loud no matter what!
Let me ask you a question then. You assume we would get the first down. That is far from a given on a play the entire stadium knows you're going to run it. If you don't get that first down. Still gonna defend his play calling? I agree that getting the first down SHOULD end the game. But getting a FG does end the game. They literally have 2 score twice in 2 minutes. It's not remotely a bad choice. It's literally the normal and expected call. You're the one advocating a play call far from the norm.
I'm sorry but there is not any world where you don't take points in that situation. It is a short FG and blocked FGs are rare. It literally ends the game with 2 min left. If you go for it and get the first down you still have to run plays and risk a TO or having to kick a FG again. There is nothing that would suggest you shouldn't make it a 2 possession game with 2 minutes left. Ever. You sound ridiculous even suggesting it.
Always a few, zous. Good game though and good luck on the rest of the year!
I don't think he was saying he has been an issue. I think he's just saying that for you to win he has to run well. If not, it won't open the passing lanes. Honestly it's a pretty common key to victory for like every team out there.
I mean way to hit the UK game on the head.
Everything in me wants to laugh at this, but I've been a Kentucky fan way too long to even remotely jinx that laugh. *sigh*
TigerTD, I think his responses were to the commenter before you, not you since you didn't bring up the titles, as was my comment. Agreed on the UK/Mizzou/USC comment. I do feel the next few years with Mizzou vs us will be home team being the favorite and likely winner.
Mizzou fans hanging on to those 2 SEC East titles from a decade ago is like IU basketball fans hanging onto their national prominence from the 1980s. We get it. You won 2 East titles. Congrats. Seriously, everyone laughed when you joined the SEC and you promptly shut them up. But ignoring the fact that you've done not much of anything since then AND lost 5 of the last 6 to us does not equal "a little perspective". Again I'm not touting us as some juggernaut that you should bow down to. I just don't understand the over confidence of Mizzou fans with this game...especially with it being at UK.
zousmc, I think you're forgetting that in 2019 you were beat by 22, not the last second call in 2018. Either way, don't give the refs a reason to throw the flag and it wouldn't have been an issue.
I don't know, but I've experienced it A LOT both online and in person (I have a friend in MO I visit for a lot of our games there). They literally have 1 win in the last 6 and they suddenly think we're an easy W. Not to mention last year they were coming off a bye/postponement and we were on our 5th SEC game in a row. I'm not guaranteeing we'll win... far from it.. but man outright confidence they exude with so little to back it up the last half decade is astounding to me.