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Who was the last UGA coach to even sniff a HC job in the NFL? I'll wait....
Please take Moosedump back. He is perfect to run you in the ground.
Where there's smoke there's fire. Time will tell. Don't look for any friends in Knoxville, Tusc, Auburn, Baton Rouge or Gainesville to pour water on you if you catch on fire though!
Since you asked, Yes I do think he can or Mullen will be gone, as fast as you pushed CMR out the door at UGA!! If what they are saying about UGA is true you might be next. BTW most of the sanctions again UF are already over.
We don't agree with your numbers. You are so concerned over the series because you can't deal with reality that UF has multiple Nattys in FB and yours are 40 plus years! #laydowndog
Kirby needs the kiddie size costume. Low energy individual.
As much fun as we have have had watching you fail for 41 years? I doubt it!#noBITE
All he needs to do is talk to Spurrier. Let the bib overall dawg lovers have something to do on their 41st anniversary! They are so thirsty they even believe tiny Kirby is scares anyone!#noBITEallBark!
Poor UGA. After all they have overshadowed you for awhile. Also, they can win titles. You will see them soon enough. #facts.
We only want people who want to be gators! When was OK last tile?2000? Or Misery's last one?
Struggle Win vs P5. although you are used to getting owned in Atlanta this was a nice change for the dawg lovers.
Wow! Georgie down the entire game and wins at the end vs P5. Struggle Win for sure!
Your personality fits more Athens than Columbia. LOL.
We will see if your transfer portal QB stays more than another year in Athens.
1980 comes into play for you though doesn't it? Have you upgraded the VCR to show the highlights to the recruits that you spend 2 mil(recruiting) on to fool to come to Athens?
The feeling is mutual in case you did not realize it Dawg Lover!
Right! Plus its a meaningless bowl game. you had everything to play for in Jax! Oh wait...if you had JT Daniels at QB....the excuses have been raining out of Athens for decades!#THWG!
Fake news! Most of this has already been served. Kirby is selling some BS in Athens. Once they realize it they enter the UGA I mean transfer portal. Please ask ALA about Kirby's exit from there. #CMR 2.0.
Must have been reported by a DAWG-this article is so poorly written. I'm channeling Jan Kemp here-Can the BIG Dawg read. 90% of these are already in the rear view. You know like your program. 40 year old virgin!
No one is worried about UGA sir! Have you seen their trophy case/shelf?
Can the BIG Dawg read! Remember when the UGA professor turned you in!