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Enjoy Will Moosedump-he should be fun to watch! Kirby is a 2.0 nothing more. #1980!
Kirby's limitations are evident to anyone not in Athens. The only think SMART about him is the last name.
Ouch! He sure did! Has his score in Athens been topped yet? I think it might have by now....
CMR 2.0! It will be another 40 years before your mutts win the title you are so thirsty for!
and you still cant win a national title! But thanks for keeping a journal on UF. enjoy your Dawg Will Moosedump. Your 2 million dollar budget for recruiting would be better spend on education.#1980
Well he can show them the tapes of UGA football relevancy. But most people doing use a VCR anymore! He can talk about an UGA education-oh wait.
The reality you seem to run from. You haven't been relevant since Hershel ran out of Athens!
We don't care about what your grandpaapy did at UGA 50 years ago. Only your fans do!
You would know about getting rolled by Bama! That is for sure!
More of projecting from another GA ahole. How do you know who is playing for UGA or FL in that game? We know you hate what you cannot have!#transferportal national champs-UGA!
And you are? We don't hang banners for SEC East like you do. Nice try at 40 years of nothing. 3 FB 2 basketball 1 Baseball National titles are not important. Move on doogie.#InAthenstheyknow!
When you lose you lose don't make excuses for JT not being ready or Stetson playing. Welcome to UGAs latest claim for #1 The transfer portal! Your only championship coming to Athens! You are so desperate! Go polish your 1980 dusty title! #CMR2.0
You bib overall wearing idiot. Is this what 40 years have done to the dawgs??? Your fans can only talk about how you will win a future game you have no idea who will even be healthy for...We did beat you in 2020 even if you want to deny it. It's how UGA copes. We have what UGA really wants! Three of them, FB plus -2 basketball and 1 Baseball and also in other sports. Clemson will take your silver britches to the cleaners in game one! You are #1 in the transfer portal though! #factsgeorgie!
Until he comes for your dawgs? Then you will change your mind. he has already tried it with UF and AL.
I wonder if he will want 1 home and 2 always when he schedules UT to play UCF. I don't expect his banter will go away. Will they install a bounce house in Knoxville?
Who was the last UGA coach to even sniff a HC job in the NFL? I'll wait....
Please take Moosedump back. He is perfect to run you in the ground.
Where there's smoke there's fire. Time will tell. Don't look for any friends in Knoxville, Tusc, Auburn, Baton Rouge or Gainesville to pour water on you if you catch on fire though!
Since you asked, Yes I do think he can or Mullen will be gone, as fast as you pushed CMR out the door at UGA!! If what they are saying about UGA is true you might be next. BTW most of the sanctions again UF are already over.
We don't agree with your numbers. You are so concerned over the series because you can't deal with reality that UF has multiple Nattys in FB and yours are 40 plus years! #laydowndog