UT 02

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I would put the '07 Kentucky win to clinch the SEC East over ending the Florida streak in '16.
Butch is doing what he needs to do in building a solid staff.
Incredible stats put up by DeBord. It's unfortunate injuries on the defensive side derailed Team 120.
It's good to see Tennessee get Nebraska again.
It could be worse, look at Ole Miss, look at the ups and downs of any other SEC school this decade. The losses to SC and Vandy weren't good, but steady progress has been shown under Butch. Wait until he has a healthy team with JG at QB.
Hood's comments make Travis Haney's story look even worse. The one named positive source comes forth and talks while the unnamed negative sources hide behind Haney.
The team stuck together and never quit on each other. Some may have left the team and the coaches may have not placed the players in the right positions to win games, but credit the players in sticking together as a team. Team continuity kept this team from being a complete train wreck.
Each year is different, each team is different. Is UT 2016 ready for a complete game? A shootout?
This makes you appreciate Coach Fulmer even more. Ranked no less than 23rd in the preseason every season he coached.
Coach Azzanni receives too much flack on the receivers to this point. The offense was run-oriented last year and guys like Preston were not available to throw to.