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They didn't back into the playoffs last year dude. Who deserved to be there over uga? You sound like a jealous acc fan
"Also Tennessee outscored you in the final 2 quarters.." Tell me you know nothing about football without telling me you know nothing about football.. Dude, uga ran the ball every play in the second half to chew clock and keep Tennessee offense off the field. Tennessee got a garbage time td. The game was a complete beat down. The reason is Tennessee is soft af, no physicality at all, just finesse gimmicky scheme. And an o line that should be in hs. Osu and lsu are physical teams who play defense, unlike Tennessee. If you'd ever had the balls to pad up, you'd understand football.
You lost all credit when you said LSU beat Bama and ole miss by a 14 point average..weak ass spin. You beat Bama by 1
It was an absolute blow have no clue what football is. You've obviously never had the courage to pad up and actually play. UGA deliberately killed the clock and ran the ball.they wanted it keep uts offense off the field. Tennessee scored a garbage time td to make the game appear close but it wasn't. Tennessee is soft and uga dominated them physically