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I'm looking forward to a season with limited practices, workouts, nutrition monitoring, etc. It will be fun to watch nationally and could provide some Cinderella wins.
I'm very pro Jalen and am glad to see him achieve the next step towards his goals. This next statement is separate from Hurts: High 2nd round pick as a backup NFL QB might be one of the best jobs in the world.
Every rule favors the offense. - I think this has become true in a general sense. From arbitrary targeting rules aimed at neutering shutdown defenses to the 3 yard downfield rule that encourages the RPO craze of the last decade, there's a reason the Saban has taken on the speedball air raid approach. Do it or lose, because the NCAA wants good TV ratings, and shutting down offenses is boring (and probably viewed as unfair) to every other conference. I think it was Gus who summed up the NCAA pro-offense view a few years ago. "It's what people want to see."
It’s no coincidence that the rise of faked injuries coincided with the rise of up-tempo offenses. - Yep. If the poor sportsmanship of speedball is legal and encouraged, then the legal method of countering that strategy will be employed. Go figure.
Pruitt, Pruitt... That name sounds familiar. Is he the Pruitt that was employed by Alabama and left for a position at Tennessee?
Thanks. For some reason I was thinking Howell (who is no slouch) had been there longer.
I suspect there will be ample non-racist watchdogs keeping their eyes open for that woman in hopes of publicly ruining her life in a completely non-racist way.
It's probably a good call. UNC is a good school academically, he could potentially start every game of his college career, and he'll likely be seen as a superstar playing in the ACC. There is no downside that I can see for someone who isn't interested in high level competition.
No, I didn't miss the point at all. That is exactly how we, and the government, should view all Americans. Punish criminals after crimes. Let free people remain free. But again, that ship has sailed. We've been conditioned to accept pre-crime assumptions about our neighbors (and ourselves) and that toothpaste sizes will keep us safe on airplanes. There's no coming back from that.
We'll end up finding out that the locked container it was in was 0.5" too wide in one direction.
Everyone is a “law abiding citizen” until they aren’t. - Yes,exactly. +1 It's a shame we've allowed ourselves to be convinced otherwise over the last few decades.
The ship sailed when the feds decided to make Safety Theater their priority, but in this situation the airlines should make the rules for their flights and customers then choose whether they want to fly with a bunch of law abiding Americans who are possibly carrying or if they'd rather pretend being prevented from packing toothpaste and nail clippers makes the difference. Always, *always* err towards the side of freedom.
I don't have a reply button for the response. Sorry it's out of order. "States rights says NY can say he’s not allowed to carry a gun" - It's useful to know what the 10th amendment actually says. Powers NOT delegated by the Constitution.
You can’t kill someone with your marriage. - Now do cars.
I like how short the clip is, too. Two seconds, and only the lady saying one word/phrase. $5 says there was insensitive language flying from both parties involved. She's stupid for saying dumb things, but it's amazing how easily you and/or someone can destroy your life in our modern social media culture.
It's inexcusable that marriage licenses, drivers licenses, etc. are recognized across state lines but something literally written down in plain language in the Constitution is not.
I trust Saban. If he wouldn't give Cochran a chance in a coaching position, there's no way he keeps Golding on without believing he's capable. On the bright side, that "bad" season should pay off in spades for the next couple of years, and maybe all the way through Bryce going to the NFL.
I'm guessing the problem is college prima donnas. That said, there is probably no faster way to get the transfer portal closed than for Nick Saban to follow the rules and use it per the regulations.
Yep. That's why a victory over NCSU is important.
I find it easiest to just remember that it's full of Floridians.
My mistake. I just noticed that it referenced 2018, not 2019. NCSU was probably middle of the pack ACC that year,but that would likely be the equivalent of Vandy.
"such as a 32-yard touchdown with 30 seconds remaining in 2018 to beat NC State on the road." - I don't think I would draw attention to that last moment win if I could help it. NCSU was an absolute dumpster fire last year. 1-7 in the ACC if I remember right.
I'm very surprised to learn that it wasn't already an option. Regardless, we should allow these types of bureaucrats to have more control over our lives and the health and safety of our families.