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#45..not so much - I'm with you, delandeman. 30%+ actual inflation and drastically worse quality of life for us and our children is worth it to have a president that the media can tell us is nice.
What would George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson say? * I'm going to suggest something along the lines of "laws, not men." Look it up if you need to.
24+ hours and still nothing on SDS about the video of the Texas A&M coach telling recruits the boosters will pay them big money if they choose to play for A&M.
the most famous football program which has a national following in every TV market - And that would struggle to win an FCS or HBCU championship these days.
don’t think they’d join the sec, but if they did, it’d be great to see sec teams come up to northern indiana in late november. some lake effect snows, or possibly some freezing rain. beautiful football weather, as God intended the game to be played. * A break from 100 degree 100 percent humidity Alabama summers and the first sweltering months of the season? Jeez, they'd love it. I'd love to see their stamina in the cooler temperatures, too. I bet our defensive players would be able to stay in 10-20% longer, if not more.
"The NCAA passed legislation in May that banned boosters from directly being involved in recruiting." Whoops! Whoopsie!
Search for Texas A&M video recruits Or the direct quote : "Yall getting a lot of money from the people behind these suites if you decide to come play here"
I don't think there's any way Clemson comes to the SEC. They're guaranteed a playoff spot in the ACC. They're a two or three loss team in the west, and probably in the east, too.
SDS, don't y'all want to post any more about Texas A&M demanding Saban be suspended for his hateful, slanderous lies regarding A&M boosters paying recruits to enroll there? It was an awful lie for Saban to say, wasn't it?
Sort of funny that it's lunch time and the story hasn't been posted yet even though it's been out for at least five or six hours.
BTW Hey SDS, there's now video of Texas A&M talking to recruits and telling them that people up in the suites will give them lots of money if they come and play at A&M. Thought y'all might be interested.
I would love to see ND come to the SEC and become a mid pack nobody. That would be hilarious. Even better would be a loss to Vandy.
Imagine the talent and competition that made Mac Jones into a legitimate Heisman candidate being used on this kid. Oh well. There's NIL money to be made, drama to foment, and a head coach to get fired after another lackluster season and lots of second guessing by your boosters. Sorry, Sark. This could end up being worse than if you'd won a championship before they came for your head for not winning it again the next year. At least then you'd have a trophy.
I was indifferent and mostly saw him as a distraction, and I was personally hoping he'd go play for Lane. I don't think there was sufficient NIL money for him there, though. I'm glad we can forget about him again now. As another poster stated perfectly, he's a Kardashian. And I don't care about them, either.
Dang, imagine winning the SEC and NC under Lane and bringing Ol Miss into serious contention. Not enough NIL money, though.
It's pretty clever when you think about it. He can leverage millions out of this from the Texas oil wealth while not having to compete against difficult in-conference teams and probably starting his freshman year without having to compete against any other high caliber QBs. If he wins he looks fantastic, if he loses he still goes to the NFL and everyone blames Sark before firing him. And all he had to do is whisper "transfer portal" each season to make another few million dollars before he can even legally drink a beer. It's a win-win for the kid.
Yeah, it was shortly after they had benched their starter and put Lawrence in IIRC. I haven't had any luck tracking it down, but I clearly remember it being discussed. The only one I found on SDS was about them essentially ignoring Notre Dame in order to prepare for Alabama: "Report: Clemson spent most of bowl season prepping for game vs. Alabama"
I'll try to track the articles down later this afternoon. I'm hoping it's linked in the SDS comments because I clearly remember it being discussed at the time.
WAPT reported that law enforcement officers statewide are searching for Dante Bender, 31. The suspect is believed to be driving a 2004 black Nissan Armada with a license plate reading “IMANI.” * Be on the lookout for a person.
A few years ago (Lawrence vs Tua, maybe?) Clemson coaches were publicly stating that they were preparing for Alabama somewhere near the middle of their schedule. They acknowledged that they were making and running schemes against their in-conference opponents because they didn't have to worry about the games and could go ahead and focus on Alabama.
It will be interesting to see how they do this year with their long time defensive coordinator gone. It's just the ACC so he'll have time to figure things out. I'm also guessing they fill it with someone who has been there for years and is familiar with the signal stealing. You don't want to have to teach that to a newcomer.
Say what you want about Tim Tebow. You thought he preached about his faith too much... * Burning cities down for BLM and teaching 2nd graders rainbow bullsh*t good. Speaking up about your personal faith bad. We can probably add "seen to be continuously working towards goals without complaining or blaming others, which is a large part of his appeal to Americans" in there, too.
Did even two seconds pass before the umpire pushed him?
Sorry, I left off one from 2020. Search for: "Orthopaedic and brain injuries over last 10 seasons in the National Football League (NFL): number and effect on missed playing time Results The number of major injuries to the leg, back, arm and head has not declined over the last 10 years."
Since we're discussing it- It's not easy to find the data (imagine that), but apparently concussions haven't decreased at all. There HAS been a drastic upswing in permanent and debilitating lower body injuries, though. Unintended consequences at work as always. If you're interested search for: NFL: Concussions in preseason games increased by 44% from 2018 and "With the relatively recent rule changes, concussion rates have not decreased. Our analysis of the NCAA Injury Surveillance Database, though, noted increased rates of ankle and knee injuries, which may result in osteoarthritis and disability issues later in life for these athletes,” Dr. Robert Westermann, who is affiliated with the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, said in a press release
Are you arguing with a straight face that the targeting rule disproportionately affected Bama? What a take lol * This is a tad awkward, but you are literally replying to the post that clearly states, quote: "It’s directly tied to neutering defensive-focused football."
I'm not sure where "implementated" came from, but that's an amusing typo.