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+1. Yes, thanks, that's my point exactly. No other girls out there who know how to kick a ball?
Top Group of 5 should play Notre Dame until Notre Dame joins a conference. Luck of the Irish Bowl or something similar.
Dang, Vandy. You threw girls under the bus as soon as you could, didn't you? Way to prove everyone right who pointed out that it was all just meaningless woke PR bull****.
Except for the part where this is a site about college football. It literally states that in the "about us" link. Not that SDS writers know or care, I suppose. Regardless, did the ratings services finally release the total viewership ratings or are they still postponing it.
Don’t buy the lie that we beat a depleted O St team. - Absolutely. THE team didn't experience anything that other teams didn't also endure midway through their season. They just decided to get started with their halfway point during the playoffs.
A big part of what hurt Ohio State was experiencing routine mid-season injuries right when they were playing for the title.
Was there a football game after the National Championship?
Roll Tide, Jalen. You're a class act and I'm glad you were one of ours.
We all just witnessed what happens when Clemson doesn't have the opportunity to collect signals. They've got great talent but rely heavily on that strategy, which bit them in the @ss against Ohio State who decided to counter it. Georgia by two touchdowns. Maybe three.
The fun part will be watching everything open back up while cases miraculously drop because of reduced testing and reporting now that the election is over. Officials in Chicago and New York are already publicly saying it's now time to end the charade that destroyed 40%+ of small businesses.
Xey want folks that don't know xem to use xir chosen pronoun.
+1, it doesn't, but it's interesting to ponder. Regardless, everything is back to normal again this season.
I'm comfortable saying Alabama. 2019 LSU was very good and played their game of the decade against 2019 Bama, while 2019 failed-season Bama forgot how to play for the first half and yet still only lost that game by 5.
I saw a great observation during the game. During the playoffs Ohio State began getting the injuries that teams routinely experience halfway through their season.
Media like USA today is already running articles about passing laws for "the greater good" (not satire) to limit Saban's monopoly (no joke), redistribution of wealth via a draft instead of competent recruiting, restrictions on scholarships, and that Saban should retire because their teams can't compete and this isn't what football should be.
Yep. We're very spoiled when THIS feels like things are back to normal, and not only us but the rest of the nation views two losses (by <10 total points) a failure of a season. I'll certainly enjoy it while it lasts, though.
Even if you dislike Alabama and Saban, you have to appreciate what he's accomplishing. Decades from now folks will talk about what we're watching in real time in the same way people discuss Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth and Bear Bryant.
among the best Alabama teams of the Saban era, if not at the top of the list. At 13-0 - Sure, that would be impressive, but get back to me when he can go 6-0 in a Big 10 season.
Wow, I'd heard viewership had tanked, but I never imagined they'd try for the 4-8 year old demographic. Are the games four hours long like Alabama games?
First I'd start with heart palpitations. Then migraines. Maybe move on to tinnitus and then some heartbreak of psoriasis. Next would be chronic food poisoning, and then finish it off with all three strains of the COVID-19s simultaneously.
It seems to literally be the entire point of the article: "Watson has a new $156 million (contract), but … the franchise’s insensitivity on social injustice causes have been reinforced... " The person receiving $156M to play a kid's game is upset about disparity and merit based performance standards.
Also those shorts and yoga pants are simply FABULOUS
It's going to be especially awkward when it comes out that part of his walk-on agreement with the team is emptying the trash cans after practices.
That's kind of the point, though. If it's an offensive line award or something similar it absolutely is. And individual awards are only occurring because of performance on a team that had all of the wins vacated because of ineligible players playing on the team.
I've never thought about it, but a team's awards are kept on the record books even after the team has all its wins vacated for the season for team violations (academic fraud helping ineligible players stay on the field in this case)? That's an interesting approach to things.
Thanks. They're probably going to need three or four COVIDs.
If you feel like you as a player need to move on from the 2nd and 26 play, there are certainly worse ways to do it. Roll Tide.
So has anyone explained how masks stopped the flu but the COVID-19s are undeterred and cases keep rising?