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Heupel is a winner wherever he goes. We will be in every game. He almost beat LSU who became NCs the next year. It will be an exciting year. GBO!!
We don't care what you think. Worry about Mizzou. You went 5-5 last year. And lost to us. So you suck.
Watch UCF v. LSU game. UCF could have beaten LSU, and probably should have. Watch UCF v. Lane Kiffen's teams. Beat the hell of Kiffin. 55-14 in two game. Heupel beat Freeze in total offense when Heupel was at Mizzou. Heupel is a winner. Sure, it will take 5 years to get back. So what? We will be in every game. Heupel doesn't lose games by much when he does lose. We will score points on everybody. Heupel is hands down the best offensive coach in football today.
I'd worry about GA if I were you. Does less with more than any team in the nation. Kirby is Richt Lite. They have identical records over their last 5 years. GA chokes every time they play a big game. Win was the last GA won a natty? 40+ years ago?
Don't worry about UT football. There will come a day when you cry every game Bama plays.
Tennessee has finally joined the modern era of college football. Even Peyton was underutilized by Fulmer, who, as AD, hired a DEFENSIVE coach in the era of offense. Heupel has the bona fides to do whatever he wants. Watch the UCF v. LSU game if you think this guy can't coach. He almost beat a team that the next season was the GOAT.
Tennessee will probably hire Oates. He likes our AD. Enjoy it while it lasts.
UT has plenty of QBs. He's going to Clemson. Every Bama QB sits on the bench for 5 or 6 years, then wins a Heisman. Until CFP expands playoff, college football is rigged in favor of Saban. He should go off and play with himself.
Poor Gus. "Knighted"? Looks like some high school bad school play. Gus couldn't get a job in SEC. What's next? Community college. Bad career move.
Gus went down a notch and Heupel went up. Only GA is too dumb to see that.
Shows how little you know. Heupel went head to head with Kiffin for two years and beat his brains out by 105-50. It was 48-14 last time they played. Heupel was at Mizzou while Freeze was at Ole Miss. Guess who led SEC in total offense? Not Freeze. Did you just start watching college football? It's more interesting when you know what you are talking about.
Bama rank ed 32nd in total defense last year. Think about that. Ole Miss was #126. UCF #123. All ranked in top 5 in total offense.
Kinda like Orgeron's diminishing record at LSU. You should know all about diminishing records. LSU will never contend again under Dumb-O
Heupel will hire Jeff Fisher if he doesn't get the Montana St job and he won't get it. So, it's Fisher as DC. He's a defensive genius.
Heupel talked to the team. Anyone think maybe this kid is acting like a spoiled brat?
Hahahahaha. One immature player with hurt feelings and you make that diagnosis? What an idiot. Worry about GA not being able to win a natty since 1980 and your coach, Richt Lite. GA does less with more than any team in the world. Even Tennessee at its worst has beaten GA. And South Carolina etc.
Worry about GA. 1980 is last time they won natty. Kirby is Richt Lite. Does less with more than any team ever. Always will. Can't win big ones.
There won't be bad penalties. UT already knows what they are and they are manageable, in the words of a UT Trustee.
The reason coaches don't succeed consistently outside of a handful? Same teams in college football playoff every year. Best players go to those teams so they can get a ring. There is no parity in football anymore. Until CFP expands, there will be same 4 or 5 teams in it every year.
If you watch any UCF games (and you should, esp the LSU Fiesta Bowl game that UCF should have won over the same LSU that became the GOAT team the next season), you see an O-line that constantly protects QB. Haven't seen that on The Hill in forever. Plus, UCF had a good run game. Who knows if this guy will do any good in SEC? Saban was a HC for 16 years before he was hired at AL with NFL and natty experience. Not many of them around. You roll the dice.
1980. Were you even alive when GA last won a natty? Worry about Richt Lite, not UT.
Exactly. And almost beat LSU in 2019 Fiesta Bowl. Yes, that's the same team that became the GOAT in 2020.
Try to win another natty this century. Last one? 1980, FORTY YEARS AGO. GA hasn't been relevant in years. Does less with most than any team in history. Smart is Richt lite. Should have saved the money and kept Richt. Pathetic.