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In 2018, Vols were 77th total defense In 2019, they were 29th 2020? Everywhere Pruitt has gone he has improved defenses. Ask Saban.
Bet you remember the Hail Mary to Jennings between the hedges.
Remember when Joe Burrow sucked? Not any more. Guarantano could have a Joe Burrow year, or some semblance to it. Never know. Guarantano has had a zillion OCs and the worst O line ever. Not any more. Plus he had tiny running backs that Botch Jones loved. Not any more. Now if SEC just plays.....
Kind of like South Carolina and GA. Cocks kicked Dawgs' asses. Why can't Kirby Richt win the big ones? Worst record in sports with best talent. BTW GA's winning streak way behind Vols right now.
UT Vols Offense Ranking all Teams 2019 - 97 2018 - 110 2017 - 119 2016 - 24 What's the difference? In 2016, Dobbs was QB. Since then? Guranatano
You're soft. In the head. AU is dying for this kid. Will fight for him until signing day.
"I think Tennessee is recruiting really well right now. Things are going great and I am hopping on that Tennessee train. It is rolling strong, the coaches are great with recruits and I couldn't be happier. I have worked every day to get where I am and I know Tennessee is going to make me the best player I can be." Trinity Bell It's about perception. Players see other players piling on the Tennessee train and they want to get on, too. Pruitt and staff have been working hard and it shows.
I remember when Dooley had 3 this time of year and 5 at end of summer and never did sign an offensive lineman. Any team in nation would love to be in Tennessee's position right now.
AU didn't think Bell was trash. Wanted him. So did Gators. Poor GA, hasn't seen a natty since 80.
Dawgs can't win big one (or even little one-Cocks!). Best talent. Best Bridesmaid. Never Natty. 1980 v. 1998 40 years in the desert
I root for AU every time you play Bama. Hate Bama. For 50 years, hate bama. Go War Eagles. Beat Bama.
Glad to see AU get a QB after Vols took their top choice. GBO
Vols looking to sign other GA players, like five-stars Tackle Amarius Mims and Smael Mondon.
Glad to see Gators finally land a recruit, even though he isn't rated. Had to beat out Florida Atlantic. I'm sure he'll put on more weight though.
Never seen anything like this in modern era of recruiting. Even some of Tenn's 3 stars were sought by FL, GA, AL, AU. State, A&M and other SEC teams. Amazing, esp after Butch left UT with nothing. Welcome men. GBO
I'll bet GA losing to Cocks hurt worse than Vols losing to GA ST Saban lost to App St at Bama GA has more and done less with it than any team in nation including Smart "era." 1980
Tenn won a Natty in the last 20 years. When was last time GA won Natty? Oh, that's right. 1980. FORTY YEARS (40) ago. That must smart. No pun intended.
Many of Pruitt's 3 stars are 4 stars by signing date. Keep up.
You're ridiculous. Of course that's a high level. And many of Pruitt's 3 stars are 4 stars by signing date. Wait and see. It's happened every year.
GA can't win big one. Always loses to some mediocre team. Been that way since 1980.
Don't forget Tennessee's O Line has four 5 stars and a 6th year 4 star starting.
Every year, Tennessee plays Bama, Gators, and GA. GA and FL don't play 3 teams of that caliber every year. Big difference. Average SEC recruiting rank 2015-19: GA 3 TN 6 FL 7 SEC record (all games): GA 29-11 TN 16-24 FL 24-16 IF GA and FL played Bama the last five years their records would be: GA 24-15 FL 19-21 These teams are closer than you think.
How'd Smart lose to Cocks, of all teams? They couldn't even beat UT.
Uh, Saban and Smart and Jimbo say Pruitt isn't a bozo. Or a dumbass like some on here.