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GA has no O line and Gators are over hyped. GBO
Just imagine: Trey Smith Wanya Morris Darnell Wright Cade Mays Cooper Mays Aubrey Soloman
Have a 16 team (minimum) playoff, like every other class of football in America.
Playoffs must expand to 8 (16 would be better). Settle this on field. The way it is, a handful of teams get the best players. It's why NFL has drafts.
Finebama is a Bama homer. The nut who poisoned Auburn's trees made him. He has kissed Saban's ass so much his nose is permanently brown. His biggest fear is that Dabo will go to Bama when it finally ditches Saban. Finebama would never get another interview and he'd be lucky to be back covering Birmingham dog catchers.
Bobby Bowden could have coached in SEC but didn't for one reason: he said it's easier to win a natty in ACC. Nothing has changed. Dabo is sitting pretty and will be for years unless he is stupid enough to go to Bama when they offer him the job.
Saban has had #1 recruiting class for how many years? Ten? Or more? He should win every game and natty every year. He is not a great coach; good, maybe, but far from great. BEST PLAYERS every year. He played Tua after Vols crippled him. Played him too soon. Don't tell me docs cleared him, of course they did or Saban would get new docs who would do what Saban wants. Bama is going downhill. It's over.
I thought at beginning of season UT could be 10-2, with losses only to GA and hated Bama. UT should have beaten hated Gators. We know about the other 2 losses. This is a 10-2 team with nowhere to go but up. Pruitt's biggest challenge is overcoming bias recruits have over the teams that have gone to CFP and are promoted by SEC (Bama). But Bama won't be good much longer; it has always gone in cycles.
Paul Finebama doesn't like what Pruitt did. I think he's scared UT will be whipping Bama's ass every year real soon and his meal ticket will be gone. Pruitt is fine. JG has had a rough time at UT; so many OCs and HCs. It's been tough for him. Probably a little schizoid. Like Saban never touched and/or cussed a player. Relax, UT is in great hands.
I was at Phillip (never Phil) Fulmer's first football camp for high schoolers, before he became athletic director. I was watching the kickers (Greg Burke, a friend and place kicker for UT during late 80s, was coaching), when Phillip walked up and began talking to me. No one else was around. He talked for 45 minutes. Never met him in my life. He was very personable and down to earth. I've followed UT for 50 years and that was a great experience.
We appreciate the terrible coaching and horrible decision-making. Thanks.
Tua couldn't do any better at UT with this line. Tua has a 5 star experienced line with all the time in the world throwing to 5 stars with 5 stars sitting on the bench. Actually, Saban is not a great coach; he's had the number 1 for ten years and only wins natties half the time. Give JG that line and that time and those backups and let's see what happens. And, oh yea, JG has had two HCs, one of whom is the worst to step onto an SEC field in the modern era. Can't compare the two.
Pruitt will be fine. It'll take a few years. How long? 5 to 10. He will get 5 years easy. Nobody can do a better job. It would take Leach 5 years to learn how to recruit in SEC and he still wouldn't be able to reach all the contacts Pruitt has. Vol fans will wait. No Vol fan wants Phillip for a coach. The SEC landscape will change. Saban is already an old man. South Carolina will always be mediocre unless Spurrier returns from the dead. Kentucky can't sustain a high level. Mizzou has been lucky ever since joining SEC. Vandy is Vandy. Florida will always be tough. GA will level out when Kirby can't win nattys and fans realize he's another Richt.
Wow. Never seen a so-called journalist (outside of Fox) kiss ass that fervently. Saban won't live forever. Bama will go down again. For years. Other teams will rise up. Seen it all in last 50 years.
If Schiano is so good, why didn't Urban have him take over the team in his absence? Why hasn't he gotten a head coaching job? Is he even still in coaching? (I don't think so). Herbie is the one who keeps hoping for something that's not going to happen.
Finebama has been sucking Bama's teat for years. If the crazy Bama fan hadn't killed Auburn's tree, we wouldn't know who he is. He is Saban's stepchild. No real Vol thinks he's a Vol alum. He doesn't act like one. Bama yes, UT no. He's a Bama homer. Ugh. Can't stand his program with all the rednecks on it. Freak show.
A few years ago, Phillip Fulmer had his first football camp in Gatlinburg. I drove up with a former Vol, Greg Burke, who was instructing the kickers. So I am watching the kickers by myself (nobody watches kickers) when Phillip walks up beside me. I had never met him. He talks football to me for 45 minutes. Anyone who thinks he wouldn't coach UT again in a minute doesn't know Phillip Fulmer. Just ask him and see what happens. And don't call him Phil.
Yeah. Most of these so-called fans don't know anything about football. Vols will be fine. Over history, fortunes go up and down. I remember win Bama won 11 in a row then Tennessee beat them 8 out of 9. Bama couldn't find a decent coach. Same with all teams. Up and down. Who would have thought Penn State would even be playing football after their scandal? Tennessee is on the rise after a decade of bad hires. As Nashville continues to be the hottest city in the country, more great players will come from Tennessee.
State of TN has more talent than state of AL, so that theory is bs. Finebaum rarely mentions TN. He's a Bama homer. Fulmer v. Richt was 3 to 4; not exactly a domination by GA. Richt was 196-145 for .740. Fulmer was 204-151 for .743. Fulmer won a natty. Richt did not. Fulmer had more All-Americans, NFL players, bowl wins, SEC titles etc etc etc than Richt. Pruitt will do fine. TN knows a lot more about winning games than GA. We will see how smart Smart is over the long haul.
Look at WV's record v. good teams. It sucks. UT has top 15 talent. WV has 3 stars. GBO