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Last UT coach hired with Power 5 experience? Johnny Majors in 1977. Then Phillip and a natty. Then bad coaches, which could happen to any team-and has.
Clemson coach has been running program for several years while Dabo has been figure head. Be outstanding to get him.
1980. Last time GA won a Natty. Go away. Go win something something. Then come back to the grownups table.
Of course the AD has a record. Look it up. Your basketball coach would disagree with you.
You must have just started watching football. Ten more years? You really think Saban will be there ten more years? When he leaves, Bama will fall once again. Always has. Always will.
White hired your current basketball coach years ago. Turned out ok for Bama. White has hit hire home runs for years from softball to football.
GA paid Richt 4.1 mil to go away so GA could replace him with Richt Lite. GA = no nattys since 1980. GA does less with more. Always.
Just heard from someone who I grew up with; he's on UT Board of Trustees. I asked him if there is any GOOD news. He said NO, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. So we have more bad news coming. It's apparent that Vol stars like Eric Gray are leaving for a reason. If it was something not too bad, they'd stay. Think about Penn State. It was gutted. But with total housecleaning and some good hires, it came back quickly. Not that any school has done worse things than P State, but it's analogous. So if UT makes some good moves, it can start to rebuild.
Uh, GA bought out Richt for over 4 mil. WTF is wrong with GA? You act like GA is Bama. GA has first tier recruiting with second tier results. Does less with more than any other team in the country and acts smug like it wins Nattys every year when it hasn't won one in FORTY YEARS.
I read Steele and Gus don't get along, but there was no reason given as to why. So do they?
Hire Steele one year, then bring in Freeze. Or bring in Freeze now as OC.
Sounds like someone still resents getting their asses whupped. Coaches who have beaten Saban. 3-Gus Malzahn, Les Miles 2-Hugh Freeze, Dabo Swinney 1-Mack Brown, David Cutcliffe, Kirk Ferentz, Ed Orgeron, Kevin Sumlin, Kyle Whittingham
Why not? Steele and Gus. They know the league. They know recruits. They are a known commodity in the SEC.
UT is a great job. Lots of money. Great facilities. It's problems are nothing compared to Penn State and they bounced back. Frankly, it's a great opportunity for the university to get rid of staff who didn't work out and get new HC and staff.
It's funny. One writer is criticized for not knowing anything and another because he's too close to the program. Travis knows more than most.
Vols have never had any major problems in my lifetime. Been watching them 50 years.
GA last won natty, when? FORTY YEARS AGO. GA hasn't been relevant in a half century. And never will be. GA has done less with more than any program in history. So STFU
Fulmer was fired in 2008. Even Bama's success is cyclical. All schools go up and down. Bama only has an overall win percentage of 73%. Tennessee all time is 67%. Even great schools lose a lot of games.
Finebaum talked about how Pruitt wouldn't take any advice, especially with media. Bad grammar etc. Wanted to do it his way. I've heard talk that he was hard to get along with at other places, too. Anyone know anything?
GA needs to take care of GA. No natty in 40 years. Smart is no better than Richt. Win something then tell us all about it.