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The class was signed in December before Pruitt was fired. Top 2 signees want out of their LOI’s so the class may take a hit.
Investigation started in November. Without a doubt this has been in the works. They needed to have a plan before dropping the hammer. UT could not handle another media circus like the last go round. I think competent AD’s always have short lists for any scenario. We’ll just have to wait and see what Mr. White has up his sleeves...
No, Fuller is starting to catch on as in Full of Sh*t..He knew what was going on, that’s why he is “retiring”...I understand all the animosity towards him from Bama fans but he is not the only SEC coach who ratted Bama out back in the day. Anyway, he’ll collect $30k a month through 2023 and we’ll be done with him.
I have never ditched my “family”...Oh and I hope the investigation reveals which players who did sign with UT and are now leaving accepted additional benefits.
His contract clearly outlines what he can be fired for...UT investigation showed several fireable offenses.
He is a human being and yes I feel bad for him to a point and his family. Aaron Murray was right as was another former UGA coach I know that warned me about Pruitt. It was a desperation hire that went badly. Just thankful his contract was peppered with just cause language so that UT doesn’t have to pay him.
Not much help...they put him in a tight end jersey for short yardage situations towards the end of the year...good kid, average feet
I missed the presser...had to stock up on Whistle Pig for the soap opera that will be unfolding....Her praising Phil had to be some CYA so he doesn’t sue for age discrimination
Do you think O’Brien’s hiring is foreshadowing that he might the next HC in waiting?