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I'm 18 and live in south Alabama so going to Tennessee games for me is rare. Last year was my first game in over 6 years and it happened to be my first game attending where we were playing florida. Needless to say that was the most fun and exhilarating experience I've ever had. It was completely deafening in that crowd
I used to disagree with you about this but now I couldn't agree more. I hope we lose every game left this season if that's what it takes to make deboard get fired
Lol dude honestly I don't think any Tennessee fan is ever worried about auburn.
Third? I guess you forgot south Alabama and troy are both in Alabama
Well Florida has beaten y'all a lot longer than UT. you should hate them more than us, after all we have been mediocre for the last decade aside from these past couple years
Wow. Was that actually an attempt at something sorta nice T?
As a running back after what I've seen so far, trayveon Williams would be my pick, however for an all purpose, kamara does seem like he's at the top in the sec
Beautiful animal. Sad to see this but at least the suffering is over
Yea that's exactly what I was meaning. Both teams played their hearts our and that included some sloppy sloppy football from both teams but I think all in all we did pretty good on D having to account for 7 turnovers
No just no. Texas am is second because they beat us and are undefeated. IDC if I think we outplayed them or not, the win column does not lie
So Tennessee hold AM to 35 points in regulation all while dealing with 7 offensive turnovers and that gets them detention but AM forced 7 turnovers and still allowed 35 points and they get hall pass? Does anyone at least see slightly where I'm coming from here?
Lord knows that's the truth. I avoid it at all costs personally lol
But he also picked gators to beat us. Let's just say he's got a 50 50 shot lol
I saw career over and got very worried at first until I saw at Tennessee. Hope the guy has a great and long NFL career
look dude garrett is a freak of nature but your argument is kinda flawed when you see the stats saying A. barnett has more sacks and TFL so far this season and B. barnett also has dang near double the amount of sacks and TFL in SEC games in his career than Garrett does. take the stats for what you will but you cant really trash a player when hes outperforming the one you say is better
Am I missing something or what? I could have sworn Louisville destroyed FSU who beat ole miss but ya know why use logic when you have your impressive 3-2 record?
VTC is probably the most moronic commenter on this site aside from sevent
No doubt that ole miss is very dangerous, however I can't understand placing a team that is negative above 2 undefeated teams right now its just doesn't make sense
i realize they have struggled, however they are in more of a position of power than ole miss is because they have yet to drop a game while ole miss has dropped two. just my opinion which is obviously disagreed with by multiple people on here but i stand by it, there is no reason 2 3-0 teams should be behind a 1-2 team no matter the SOS thusfar
Look Chris I understand you said you are done with the vols for now but how can you put ole miss at 5 when they are 1-2 (yes I know against good competition but doesn't matter, still 1-2) and leave 2 undefeated teams behind them in Florida and Tennessee? Ole miss should be behind both of them and maybe even behind LSU as well just based off the record
I seriously cannot stand you VTC. You are a troll and lowlife scum
From a true Tennessee fan I'm very sorry about both of these plays and sincerely hope both are on the field next week. Eugene is nothing but a moronic troll
4 yards per pass attempt you mean right? His yards per pass completed would be around 9 for the game
I don't like tebow as a football player ( only for the obvious reason that he always destroyed us) however as a person he's a stand up guy and a true role model of what an athlete or just any person should be.
^^ I agree. I think he will wind up better as the season progresses but as of week 1 he is around 5-6 in the SEC
that comment is maybe the dumbest thing I've ever read. 2014 ole miss, ms st, alabama, and maybe Lsu2015 alabama, ole miss, and leu would have won the east division.
im guessing by the grammar and spelling you are using that you were not able to return to school either
lol @ deacon. i guess you tell he's kinda soft if he feels like THAT is abuse. his nonsense that he's always spouting off is abuse to the eyes and IQ of anyone who reads it