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Source? I'm interested to read it. That being said, after UAT/Paul Bryant Jr. made sure UAB football was shut down right after his first year, I highly doubt he has any love for them now regardless.
As long as the search list doesn't solely consist of Bill Clark until he either accepts or turns down the job, the search is a joke.
I can kinda see where they're coming from. Just looking at style points, compared to Auburn. Now I'll say up front...we suck. You guys are a very good team. That being said, you lost by almost the same margin to Bama as we did. You didn't come close to beating LSU as bad as we did. Now yes, you did look better against the rest of our common opponents. I just say win out in a manner that you guys have the ability to do. I.e. beat us like a drum, and beat Tennessee like a drum. Y'all are good enough to do it. And it'll be hard for anyone to say you don't deserve a playoff spot at that point.
I'm just glad this game happens during deer season. That gives me something to do rather than watch.
I live 40 minutes from Florence, that's why I used that example lol.
I was born in 1980. But the only thing relevant about this game is 2020.
It's coach speak. Have you ever heard a coach saying "we have them drastically outmatched in every facet of the game?" Alabama could be playing UNA and you'd get a lot of the same comments.
Let's be honest here. AUBURN can't keep it close. ALABAMA can keep it close for Auburn by playing sub par. But a team that rightfully lost to Arkansas and Ole Miss, did lose to South Caroline, barely squeaked by Kentucky and Tennessee (we were one pick 6 away from likely losing) doesn't have the ability on their own to hang anywhere close to Bama without a bunch of help from Bama mistakes.
I swear, these refs are going to do just enough to keep Gus from getting fired
Given that we couldn't even beat Arkansas without the refs giving the game to us, I think 6-4 may be optimistic.
Arkansas was the better team on the field. Y'all got screwed.
I love this! Congrats Miss. St. on the hire, I can't wait to see how it turns out. I hope you guys have success with him...just enough success to not beat Auburn lol.
You have no idea how much I hope that is the case. I have been wanting Gus fired and Clark hired for a couple years now. But Gus always does just barely enough to keep his job.
I would have hoped Malzahn would have learned his lesson about running his mouth after the 2017 Georgia game. Oh well.
I'll admit it. Even watching that game, I couldn't believe how bad the calling was in our favor.