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Reading comprehension isn't your strong point, obviously. Tennessee beating Alabama would be less of a fluke than this past Iron Bowl. But like I said, it's not realistic to think it will happen.
Stranger things have happened. Auburn didn't even belong in the same stadium as Bama last year, but took them to four overtimes. While the gap between Tennessee and Bama is vast, I doubt it will be as big as the gap between Auburn and Bama last year. That being said...yeah, not happening.
When OU and Texas join? Since Texas last won a natty, the SEC has won 12 out of 16. OU and Texas joining does nothing to change the equation.
Harsin's recruiting class isn't far behind Jimbo's first class. Never underestimate the power of the dollar lol.
Let's all just be honest here. The only problem any of us have with NIL is that we're not one of the schools with the huge NIL funds. If we were, we'd love it.
"Every day we’re not moving forward together is a step in the wrong direction." Harsin low key (and rightfully) called out the administration and BoT for not supporting him. And Gouge issues a denial: no, we're behind him. Honest. Me thinks thou dost protest too much. Basically, he confirmed what Harsin said. No other reason to make another statement.
Youworshipafootballteam it was sarcasm. He had repeated that same thing, sometimes multiple times, on pretty much every single Harsin article since this started.
But where do you live? And have you met anyone that has anything good to say about Harsin? I don't think I've seen you mention this on any post you've made since this started.
While I don't support the move at all, I can't see Harsin keeping the job. I don't believe the affair rumor, nor do I believe it'll even be mentioned in connection to Harsin being fired outside of social media. As such, I expect Auburn to try to get Freeze, siting Bruce Pearl to justify a second chance. I could see Freeze taking the job just to get his foot back in the door of the Power 5, then taking a less toxic job in a year or two. And if that doesn't pan out, I expect Steele. And a long stint in the SEC basement.
Past decade? N.C. appearances: Auburn - 1 SC - 0 SEC championships: Auburn - 1 SC - 0 Division Championships Auburn - 2 SC - 0 We can extend all the way back to SC joining the SEC, but that will only increase Auburns numbers while just adding one division title to yours. But hey, you beat Auburn last year. Glad that new found 0.167 win percentage against us elevates your program to one of SEC prominence in your eyes.
Is it supposed to be news worthy that a coach would deny interest in leaving their current position? "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach." -Nick Saban 12/21/2006 "They'll have to carry me out of here in a pine box." -Tommy Tuberville, two days before accepting the Auburn job
Awe, you actually think that getting one of your only two wins in history against Auburn makes your program meaningful. A broken clock is right twice a day...y'all gotten that game right twice in history. But it could be worse. You could have never finished a season even in the top 3. Oh, wait...my bad.
6-4, as opposed to your 5-5 with a much easier schedule. When was the last time you were ranked, period?
I'm not trolling anyone. Auburn is tied with Georgia, and is surpassed by Bama, Florida, and LSU in SEC championships. With each of those teams (save UGA, will likely change that this year) has won at least one national championdhip in that time. You've been to exactly 1 SEC championship game since there has been an SEC championship game, period. Where you were destroyed by...Auburn. You're 10-2-1 against Auburn. Like it or not, while Auburn isn't a traditional powerhouse of the SEC, South Carolina is not on the level of AUBURN. You're lower mid tier at best. FLORIDA, while in a rut the last several years, is one of the more elite programs in the SEC. Tl/dr: (Not this year, but historically) Florida > Auburn >>>>>>>> South Carolina.
And that's why he's the greatest cfb coach of all time. Never let up, never be satisfied with less than perfection.
Not only the best cfb coach in history, also the best post game presser in history lol.
Even Saban went 7-5 his first year at Bama, with a loss to Louisiana-Monroe. And just 8-4 his first season at LSU, with a loss to UAB (which I remember vividly as I was a sophomore at UAB that year...and we were perennial C-USA bottom feeders). I said at the beginning of the season that I'd be happy with 7-5, anything beyond that would be a bonus. I believe we'll hit the mark and I've seen enough this year to be very optimistic that *if* Harsin can recruit, he'll be very successful at Auburn.
This shouldn't be tolerated at South Carolina, much less Florida. Mullen may have done pretty well at Miss St, but he has no business at what should be an upper tier program.
He's playing under arguably the best coach in the history of college football. If he refuses to succeed there, with all the chances he's gotten, transferring won't change anything. He'll always be another talented kid that squandered his potential.
He's correct that Alabama isn't anywhere close to their standard. But if you compare Alabama to Alabama standards and then compare a Auburn to Alabama standards, there's a much bigger gap for a Auburn. No, the Iron Bowl isn't a guaranteed win this year. But the reality is that if that game is played 10 times, Alabama wins 7. I'm just hoping we get one of those 3 out of 10 lol.
The only thing to really say about the Auburn/TAM game is that the better team won. And created a whole bunch of Auburn fans come the Iron Bowl lol.
I guess he has plenty of money to pay the fine, but still. Call the SEC office and complain if you want. But fussing about the refs just diverts attention from where it should be. Those kids played a hell of a game today, and deserved that win. Don't draw focus away from them.
He hasn't *shown* he can recruit is not the same thing as he *can't* recruit. It's just still an unknown.
I'm not saying Auburn wouldn't win. The underdog has won the Iron Bowl, on both sides, when there was a larger gap in the quality of the teams before. But if they played right now, on a neutral field, Alabama wins 8 out of 10. At Jordan-Hare, they win 7-10. That's just reality at this point. Alabama is the better team, but not enough better that it would be unheard of for Auburn to win.
I don't know what's going on with Kiffin, but I haven't seen a coach looking so lost and confused since Malzahn was on our sideline. It seemed like his players kept themselves in the game in spite of him.
Why would anyone want him? He couldn't develop players, and players that transferred tended to regress under him. He can only run one gimmicky offensive scheme that was figured out by defensive coordinators very soon after he became Auburn's coach. There's literally no up side to hitting him.
Any athletic director that hires Malzahn should be fired on the spot.