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I'm sure it feels great, but those two losses were probably the most incredible and dramatic losses since the rivalry started. One kept us in the NC chase to win it and the other dashed your NC hopes and put us in that seat instead. Feels pretty good in light of that despite our admittedly disappointing performances in the others that was not fun to endure. I buy into that routine because Malzahn doesn't play around with discipline and I respect that immensely. He suspended a starter for almost the entire season for getting very heated with a coach. If two in four years is a trend, what does that make all the suspensions/expulsions within a matter of months for all these programs?
Mountain Dog and bamadude87, those were almost funny comments...and by "almost" I mean "not even close." I like how signing a handful of players across half a decade that had off the field issues makes us a criminal hub apparently. They do just fine when they get here, but shame on Auburn for giving second chances. To you specifically, bamadude87, if all we get is rejects, how does that make you feel when Bama loses to Auburn with your top recruiting classes Bama buys..I mean...reels in every year?
Not really sure how our entire division being bowl eligible makes us overrated, especially looking at the East's representatives. I'm all about the entire SEC looking good, but we all know any week can be your team's week, and our teams happened to seize opportunities more this season. I'm just glad the East did represent in their bowls and salvaged our dignity some (lookin at the state of Mississippi especially...), but the West was yet again represented on the big stage (from the state of Alabama since '09), so keep your high and mighty talk to a minimum until you actually can win the SEC.
Not really sure what that's supposed to mean. He was busted for buying a laptop he claims he didn't know was stolen (we don't know if he did or not), regathered himself at Blinn JUCO (because believe it or not, people do make mistakes and learn from them if they chose to), came to Auburn and had to deal with a scandal due to his dad (not him), and was cleared by the FBI and NCAA of having any part in that. Not sure where the total lack of integrity is in there, but apparently you think Jameis is a better person than Cam by that statement. By the way, Cam was incredibly active at Auburn with community service and giving his time to local kids and he is even moreso in the NFL now. He even runs his own training camp to help up and coming HS athletes display and improve their skills to better help them reach their goal of playing college football. If that is all a show, he is putting on a damn good one and pouring a ton of time, energy, and money into it for someone who has no integrity.
You know what I find unremarkable? That you posted something completely irrelevant to the article and decided to take a jab at the South for some reason.
Florida St is not the number 2 team, and that's not bias - that's them being so incredibly far from dominant or convincing all season. They're lucky to be in the top 4, in my honest opinion, because of the wins they have squeaked out in far less than convincing fashion. I might be more convinced if they were at least leading most of the time, but they keep having to come back from deficits (often double digit ones). It's certainly not their "finding a way to win", but the other team's ability to lose. Call me subjective, but I think they will get beaten handily (not necessarily by a lot of points) in most all facets of whatever first round game they play because they have not had to play on the big stage like a lot of the teams in CFP contention. But hey, if they deliver again this year and can prove all the doubters wrong, kudos to them. I just don't see it happening.
Pretty sure any sensible fan and the coaches can and will admit Alabama was the better team that night. Gus is just admitting that our defense has not been where it needs to be basically all year...not just in one game. Nice attempt at logic, though.
This is coming from what I can only assume is a Bama fan whose lauded, top 5 defense was only giving up 14.5 points per game and then our Tigers that were supposed to get trampled came into your own house and hung up 44 points? Maybe your DC should get some consideration, too?
You certainly can't knock a kid with that much talent, even if he plays for your archrival. We gave him space and he made us pay constantly. He definitely deserves a spot in New York and the top spot in the Biletnikoff list.
And that, NavyBama, is the definition of "bandwagoning." Like Pat Dye said, "Alabama fans love Alabama football. Auburn fans love Auburn."
Barring something ridiculous happening in the Iron Bowl and/or Egg Bowl next week, I sincerely hope Bama or MSU play FSU and take them behind the woodshed the entire game. That would be absolutely incredible. It would be such a fitting end to his season to have squeaked by on so many levels and then have it absolutely ripped away in glorifying fashion by the SEC.Side note: I've been waiting for Arkansas to get these wins because they have been on the brink all season. Outstanding two weeks by y'all and a huge congratulations! Woo Pig!
Am I missing something here? The ref is clearly standing over the center and telling Jameis to wait and Jameis "unintentionally" pushes him out of the way with "incidental" contact because he was "emotional" and "caught up in the moment?" Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore. "There was this dude in white and black stripes on the field trying to control the game, but everyone knows I control the game. This is my world and I'll do whatever I darn well please." Am I in the ballpark or is he just really oblivious as to the rules of football despite being a starting QB? Heck, maybe that officiating crew just knew they didn't want to potentially cost FSU a playoff spot and have themselves and their families crucified by the FSU fan base.
It's nice to have better QB's because they are the focal point of the offense...but they are not THE offense. People don't seem to understand that the strength of our conference lies in our week-to-week competition because virtually every team of ours can be competitive regardless of the opponent and venue. The West Coast has some outstanding recruiting, but the grind our guys go through just elevates them to that slightly better level both mentally and physically, in my opinion, that really sets us apart from other conferences.
People who are mad that MSU is still ahead of TCU and Baylor need a reality check. They lost to #5 on the road in one of the most difficult environments in college football. Sure the score doesn't reflect the full story, but when you see that TCU almost lost to Kansas and Baylor's only quality win was against TCU in a defenseless shootout, why would you place them ahead of a team that beat three teams that were ranked top-10 at the time? I firmly believe teams change as they win/lose and almost every team has a bad night where they squeak out a win or suffer a devastating loss, and I think that was MSU and TCU this past week. Neither will lose another game so the standings are where they should be for the quality of competition and perfromance thus far.
It's just a sad thing that this is what happens in every college town on game weekend to some degree because there are young, dumb kids and older, immature embeciles in every fan base. It's common sense to not go looking for provocation when visiting another team's city or retaliate at the slightest jeering or harassment because that's just college football. A little jabbing and smack talk is fine because you can just shrug it off or walk away, but when you are worried about wearing your team's colors or are fearing for your safety that is a problem that the resident fans need to self-police. I know that if my fellow Auburn friends and I saw one of our own harassing someone like that we would absolutely go tell them to back off and leave the people alone. There's no room in college football or this world for that kind of unwarranted hatred and mistreatment. I went to Auburn for five years and have fortunately not witnessed anything to that extent. I've seen my share of jawing and trash talk and yelling matches, but that's just college football and drunk fans sometimes. I absolutely know that worse things happen in even my beloved Auburn family, and this is stuff that every fan base must work to change among their own. I went to LSU for a game and had a great time with some of the fans, but my friends and I certainly received our share of harassment and laughably rude encounters. I've had a lot of friends go to Georgia, LSU, and Alabama for games and a pretty strong majority did not receive much beyond verbal insults and such, but others definitely had awful things to report about the ignorant, abusive fans they did encounter. That all being said, don't look for trouble, but also don't be a bystander, please. We can change this culture that some fans unfortunately propogate one act at a time and show that our fan bases have passionate and awesome fans who just love football and their school and want everyone to walk away having had a great time regardless of the score. War Eagle.
I absolutely hate this for him because he is such a gifted athlete. I hope he bounces back from it quickly and fully, but these are the moments you wonder why you have certain first stringers in when you have a commanding 4th quarter lead. I've never understood it because that seems to be when half of these serious injuries happen. Best of luck, Gurley. War Eagle.
Well, you have to consider the losses y'all incur sometimes (USC and Florida) and what rank y'all were when they happened. That's why it's usually a hard drop. As for winning, it's just difficult to catapult unless you dominate the team, and y'all took us behind the woodshed, so #10 is definitely fitting. I would be shocked if y'all only moved up a couple spots.
Don't worry. Auburn had Georgia's back from the start. There was no way we were the better team and we certainly showed it. Kudos to UGA on literally dominating every facet of the game ebcause it really should have been a worse loss for us. War Eagle.
I had a fantastic time in the pre-game festivities when I visited y'all. We had folks waving us over if we were glancing at their TV for a score update or something and they'd invite us to eat, drink, and be merry. It was a great time! Yes, we had several unsavory interactions that weren't the least bit instigated on our part, but that will happen virtually anywhere you go because of those types of fans.
Sooooo...Bammers get pissy when we make a shirt taking pride in our school (notice I said "school" and not just "football program" because we are proud of a lot of stuff at Auburn), but y'all can make a shirt saying "Updyke's Tree Service" to celebrate one of the worst sportsmanship acts in history? Makes sense. WDE.
Of the hundreds of Auburn fans I am friends with, I can promise every single one had the most bitter of tastes in their mouths with this win because it came at a terrible cost at the end, albeit one nobody could have controlled because football is a fast and brutal sport. Every true fan wishes him the speediest of recoveries, but you are clearly nothing close to a true football fan to make that sort of comment. What WarEagle14 said above is absolutely correct and you should be ashamed for stooping to that level because sharing an opinion is one thing and that is something else entirely. Get off SDS.
First off, I am glad UF won, but don't be that fan. Y'all won a game against a team that is notorious for choking in games they should win. Yes, UF played a good game on the road against a big rival, but don't act like you're the king of the East now and the team has been this way all season, please. Two of your wins were by the skin of your teeth and milliseconds of play clock difference. You'll get some respect if you can win out and especially if you beat FSU (which would be incredibly awesome), but UF has been mediocre at best all season, and one good win does not make up for all of that nor does it clear Muschamp of the burden of success that is expected of him. Take your win and enjoy it, but y'all have a long road ahead of you and very little room to make excuses or talk trash.
I really like Richt as a man and a coach, but I have been watching him for a long time at UGA and I have to wonder at what point the Board and AD will realize success without hardware is nothing more than second place, and that doesn't do anything for a could-be powerhouse like UGA. Fans don't want 9+ win seasons capped off without titles year after year, especially when you lose games like this that are supposed to be in your favor. It's just embarrassing to harbor that much talent and potential and squander it consistently.
I have always been imrpessed with Treadwell's passion and talent and drespect he demands. He is an x factor and I've feared him each time he stepped on the field against Auburn. I am at least glad he made such an awesome impact in the game despite the loss and left everything he had on that field. The Auburn Family wishes him a speedy recovery and I hope to see him out there next year cementing his legacy further. War Eagle.
I would really like to stop seeing crap about him. We don't need to be reminded that he enjoys parading around like a total ass about something that is so trivial to him, but so terrible to the Auburn Family. He got his laugh. I don't get why the media can't just let it go and let him be the lonely basket case that he is.
And yet Jameis Winston still takes snaps. *slow claps* Bravo, NCAA. Bravo.
Yeah, they did, but we only lost by three points on the final drive to a team that was winning by 28 on average, if I recall. Sorry, but that does not merit the SEC being "overrated" because we didn't let them control the game and run us over the whole time like they did to every other team. That's just a dang good game that came down to the final drive, and FSU stepped up when it mattered. The fact we had 7 straight titles and an eighth appearance speaks for itself and the SEC is on track to make an appearance in the playoff. FSU may make it, but I don't see them winning two straight against quality competition.
Yes, it seems biased, but the SEC will cannibalize itself soon enough because we have teams that know records and rankings mean nothing when you step on the field and any night can be your night. All the other conferences need to fight their way to the playoff by showing they deserve to be there. I'm sorry if your conference sucks and it hurts your SOS, but tough luck. Come beat one of our teams on the big stage and squash the "bias" if you really think we're that overrated. War Eagle.