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Is this writer on crack? I mean our number 2s and 3s would beat this team easy.
Cowherd has to be the most moronic CFB talking head there is. He claim that Saban would never ever beat Gus Bus. He talks nonstop about how Bama is. I mean geez this guy just has no clue or doesnt want to have a clue of what great is.
Hey at least they didnt rape the whole school's female population.
This hit was right up there with that AU thugs hit on Aaron Murray. Nick F. 2 of the worst cheap shots in SEC memory.
Wait has he even played yet for AU? Dang a minute went by he's hurt again. I just assume he wont play. Most likely smoking it with Byron C and robbing poker games,
So what does the QB do with the ball??? :))
They are to busy sexually assaulting each other to bother to hire people that know something,
LSU fans are just drooling that Harris might complete 40 percent of his passes to his own team, Wake up
I would put AU as the bottom 4 DBs are terrible LBs are all new but terrible still Carl L will get hurt miss 90 percent of the games and Byron Cowart will smoke his way off the team.
Yea go figure you picked LSU. As if you will win what 2 of your last what 5 games Loss to Ole Mi$$ Ark UA are givens. Sure there are more L's with Brandon as QB
Everyone here needs to thank Jay Jacobs for the contract extension just a month or so ago to the Gus Bus!! At UA we love it.
Wow we sure over rated this guy if he was rated that high and Kansas was the best he could get!
So he wasnt accepting enough cash under the table or robbing people at gun point is that what is meant not accepting the stds of AU?
It is the norm to not allow kids to transfer to schools in their conference. I find it hard to believe a coach would throw his stuff out at any school. I have no issue with ANY school not allowing a guy that is no longer a player at that school to use the benefits of said school when he isnt a player there and wants to play else where. I mean I dont let my exwife use my gym membership or car or house. Dang.
Just hates Saban and Bama. And he is wrong 9 out of 10 times.
How many assaults does he have? Will he have more sacks or female assaults???
Lol Carl Lawson and his 1 sack. Guy is lucky to play 4 to 6 games. He never plays. And Marlon Davidson will be coached down to another bust 5 star for AU.
They need all that cash to pay for all those recruits that otherwise wouldnt go there.
yea he fells to mention that OSU whomever the Pac 10 play or the Big 10 or Big 8 90 percent of them might even win a game in the SEC west. He also quoted what 3 years ago Gus would NEVER EVER lose to Saban. He was fired from ESPN because he has zero credibility in Sports. This guy is the Moron that would bet against UA straight up and lose 13 of 14 games.
UT is this years version of AU last year. UA beats LSU AGAIN. LF gets totally shut down again and Brandon Harris is one of the worst QBs in the SEC. Ole Piss wont get 5 fluke plays again against UA to barely win. Cooper will start but be replace bu Barnett. Bo Scar if he stays healthy is Derrick Henry just faster and more agility. Def is best in the Nation.
Totally hell I would do the same as these kids who wouldnt.
Thats great JH the chicken is scared and paying 2 million
I never agree with an AU fan but I do today. JH is a total chicken scared to death to take a loss to a SEC team. But he will run his trap but wont back it up.
Neither one of these schools are winning championships. Guess based on that he should have gone to Alabama. Yes it is really really stupid for coaches to even be on Twitter.
FSU??? Really I mean I can see the morons picking LSU but FSU??
So does that mean they get to rape and assault more early or later? 2018.... Auburn of 2016
As a Bama fan I thought it getting dropped was BS. There were apparently 4 guns total one stolen and pot. Dont care about the pot. But the guns that should have been the deal to go to court. Sounds as if the police botched the arrest and investigation. I felt like this should have gone to court.