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Did you enjoy your time in the top 10? Wont ever see that again
Maybe in your head, all tennessee fans are delusional mental midgets though so probably. When we start playing more because of the realignment, watch that gap close and those tears get saltier. Sad you were rooting for a 4-7 team for the slimmest hope of making the cfp, because you couldnt take care of your own business. Peak dispair right there. Ill enjoy our 3 titles this century, while you enjoy those 2019 comparisons
Too bad another good qb wont set foot in your backwards a $ $ state for another 15, enjoy that win, its sadness and dispair from your bowl on out
True, but Joe Burrow was no Joe Burrow in 2018, and Coach O was no Nick Saban and pulled it off. Tonight was on the coaches, and the backs. That fumble was really what changed the game
15 years of mediocrity, followed by 1 "good year" blown out by uga and scar, followed by another 15 years of 7-5. When you win the sec this century, then you can talk to me peasant
Will do. The dawgs may win it all, but the sec will be ours
Your team took the cock long and deep. Your opinion is irrelevant
Isnt it interesting you wont see the cfp, even with 12 teams? You lost to the cocks, thats pretty embarrassingly gay
Embarrassing is losing to a team called the cocks...
Maybe, but after this year you wont see the top 25 for another 15 years
Gonna be even funnier when you lose to a 9-3 team, Kirby has yet to beat us ;)
At least you beat ole miss, now you both get another game, could be worse
Good SEC game. Was cheering for both teams, Arkansas deserved a good bowl but Mizzou deserved a bowl chance too. Maybe the SEC knew what it was doing when it set this rivalry up
Yep, it aged pretty well even without the mod
Yeah the damñ USC UCLA game was on before ours, huh?!
Annoyingly late game, but we looked pretty good in that cold rain, compared to the freeze in Fayetteville
I think the first fine is only 5k, might be 50k, but I doubt they fine em
Id say so, but go beat Tenn next week and make sure of it
It helps lessen the blow they beat Kentucky last week
Nah, If Vanderbilt beats you, I think it speaks more about how much vandy has come up rather than how down Florida is
Also, HILARIOUS you cant stop talking about trump, even when the comment was about Nike and Slave Labor. But most Autists have verbal ticks they cant control, so I wont hold it against you (too much)
Even if you were correct (youre not), something about an entire board of directors and company using slave labor is way worse than 1 man using it. Fascism > CommuSocialism
Also, corch just talks sh!t, gwhite is more like Negan with the far out predictions