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south Carolina has always had SEC talent... just not on the coaching aspect
Odly enough, I have myself saying Roll Tide this year. Its a practice year, and id say even with a loss to us ;) ; you could still have the best title odds
I enjoy being number one but I'd rather be #2 going to Tuscaloosa so that way LSU will play to earn it, not to keep it
Lol doubt we would destroy them, considering half of the games in this decade have ended in OT or have been decided by less than 10 points, but I could see a 35-28 Win seeing how good Joe and Tua are this year
You mean the Death Valley where y'all almost lose to Syracuse and the Tar Heels every year? I seem to remember a 2012 sugar bowl where LSU was beating Clemson till some questionable calls gave you the lead. Hopefully we can whoop you in the playoffs so people will remember who the real Tigers are (even Auburn concedes with their "war eagle")
See? This guy gets it. harmless jokes about how poor Baton Rouge is, not dead cats or injured players
Isn't it Odd LSU is at the bottom of this list and Alabama up top? 2019 is wild
Good point but let's say we win again in Atlanta, would it look better on our resume to beat Florida twice or a Georgia team that hypothetically wins the rest of their games?
Don't be so hard on your team, they had a fluke, Maybe it's something only Will Muschamp could of engineered against y'all and you could still win out. We showed you how to beat Florida
Based off pure superstitions, I like our odds going into Tuscaloosa as #2
Y'all are still a great team, but it IS the SEC, good luck and beat Florida after we do and y'all will be good!
I dont want #1 it gives us a big head #2 and we will beat bama lol
Yalls fans also dont drink like ours do...
Im just confused how he was able to move so effectively against us last year, and if the new coaching will have any impact on his performance...
I agree, but Alabama has TWO great QB's at disposal if things start off bad against us, so yall have the advantage to throw off our defense unless we equally prepare for both styles of your QB's... Guess we'll just have to wait and see...
I dont get how coach o was so terrible at ole miss, but so far has been successful at lsu over his coaching span, perhaps you could enlighten me lol