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It's actually crazy reading these comments from the UGA "fans" here on SDS. Sites become just a flood of BS comments from trolls. Ya'll complain about Mullen s*** talking but come on here and sound just as stupid. @Bamatime its nice to see youre still around.
Best thing that can come from this is that we would get the NCAA Football Game back on Xbox and PS4
I don't see anything negative about his posts @Knowshon. BamaTime is right. Kirby waited until he saw a spot where he could have success with the roster he took over and as of right now it's working out. Yes he is recruiting very well, but the team is playing well right now which helps. If Kirby can take UGA the next step then we can say this was a good hire. It's very tough to not drink the Kool Aid the media is presenting everyone about how great UGA is playing right now. Also I'm confused on why Bamatime would be butthurt? He went from Kirby to Pruitt.... ill take either one at defensive coordinator
Been on this site for awhile. I lurk and just read some posts. Hardly ever comment on anything. I used to post back when I was in college,but stopped. I've also always remembered your name popping up in quite a few comments @BamaTime glad to see you around... Is DGD2 (I think that was his username) still running his mouth representing the UGA fans or did his mom take his keyboard away from him? lol
Hopefully this hasn't been "luck" these last couple of games, or there is going to be a lot of pissed off fans. I just hope both teams continue to improve & stay healthy so us fans have a great game to watch!
Definitely agree David, as much as it would be a pain in the a** for us but using that "enter the code above" would keep these comments from being posted
Congrats to Mizzou! You guys deserved it... as much as i was rooting against you guys (but hey i have to im a UGA fan and wanted them into the SECCG), you showed heart and came to play week after week after UGA beat you guys at home 34-0. We got out coached against Florida and suffered a huge loss (again) after controlling our own destiny. Hopefully you guys can put up a fight and bring it home for the East, it will be tough but you guys have showed up since that loss and you guys have gotten what you deserved. Goodluck to Mizzou in the SECCG!
@virtualkelly and @southforkdawg1 my bad the way i read it was they were in the red zone not in UGA's red zone that was my fault. Disregard that part! sorry guys
And its going to be a good game saturday! If Mizzou wins I will definitely be rooting for the in the SECCG maybe they can bring one home for the East
I agree with you saying that the loses that UGA had werent flukes they just played piss poor... but saying that UGA winning 34-0 was a fluke is wrong. Mizzou strives on their DE/Outside linebackers rushing the QB and stopping the run game. If you say those turnovers where all in UGA territory, where were those DE/Outside linebackers at to stop the running game all the way down the field? Mizzou had 147 yards on offense and went 0-7 on 3rd down. That doesnt seem like a "fluke" to me just sounds like a solid win.
i think Marshall ends up being 4 or even 5 if he is behind Douglas... as much as i like Marshall he can't stay healthy, he may see 5 touches with a healthy backfield with Gurley, Chubb, and Michel getting the most touches
a 2 loss SEC team could definitely make the playoffs
why are you steady on every thread about UGA? Can't you stay over on the SC side of this site if you don't have anything good to say? please and thank you.
LOL ! make my guy seem better? where in my comment did I try and make my guy seem better... i said i would like to see all three of them up against an elite defense "THIS YEAR" maybe you should read my comment again. nice try though.
i don't really know, but i don't like this predictions crap. All three of these guys (Marshall, Prescott, and Gurley) have not played a solid defense yet i mean yeah they are all doing what they are supposed to against these brutal defenses... but i'd like to see these guys against a great defense especially Prescott because last year against the "top" teams in the SEC he was pretty bad. Texas A&M's defense isn't a real big threat for him giving up 250 passing yards and over 170 rushing yards per game... I'm sure i will get ripped by every Mississippi State fan for this but he hasn't proven anything to me yet. Especially after his stats last year.
Why is it that all the Mississippi State fans come out of the wood works now.... where ya'll been at because we've (UGA fans) been here
yeah but we saw how SC stacked the box on the 2 yd td run by Gurley in the 3rd quarter. He straight ran down their throats when SC had 9 in the box. I understand what you're saying but being Bobo you gotta remember how explosive Gurley is and was on that 2 yd run and go back to it
I just want someone to explain how the state of Georgia has a ton of top DB's and ATH coming out of HS... how is it that UGA can never pull and keep them in state... it's brutal