Peyton Manning was not happy with the end the the Pro Bowl Games Sunday afternoon.

He argued that the end of the 7-on-7 flag football game between the AFC and NFC, coached by his brother Eli, should have not been allowed to end on a knee. As you can see below, Manning was legitimately upset with officials at the end of a game that is ultimately meaningless.

Come for Peyton’s anger, stay for Justin Jefferson waving goodbye in the background.

He was arguing that because Kirk Cousins was within the 5-yard line, he had to throw the ball (Pro Bowl rule this season) rather than knee it, which is technically a running play. Forcing the NFC to throw would give the AFC a legitimate chance to come back and win on a shorter field.

Peyton Manning is just a competitor, through and through. You’d probably find a similar reaction to him losing a game of ping pong.

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