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I am just guessing here but I think Pruitt brought a fire and intensity to UGA that did not exist. UGA had cruise control on. Things were smooth, nice, low key, etc. Pruitt shook things up with his intensity and that interrupted status quo. For those caught in the middle it probably was a tough work environment.
Nothing wrong with having a couple short speedsters but we are certainly lacking depth. A good mix should bolster the offense
Agree, I still think Mizzu has a shot but I felt like they had a better shot if Miles was still there after that L last week
Look at this classy, upstanding writer.
this made me chuckle while also making me sad ha
These articles are always the best on SDS. Thanks
I would say a combo of both based on your question but won't really be able to answer until see how they play. If LSU loses because they play terrible, as they have been, then it is more LSU sucks. I Because LSU can lose AND Mizzu can look unimpressive. If Mizzu wins because they look good (passing is on point, defense is swarming LSU) then I think credit would go to Mizzu. Until see them play can't say. I do think Mizzu has potential to be much better this season than they were picked to be pre-season. Especially if the passing game continues as it has been.
Yeah, I noticed that too and was confused. So they will be conservative by taking a number of deep shots down the field. Gotcha
...ok? So can the auto-play of the videos stop?
Would love for this to be the game everything gets in sync. Let the line have a solid day so both running and passing are a threat. Let the WRs catch the catchable balls. Let the pass rush help out the secondary. And just avoid special teams all together
I hope you are right about UGA Good slate of games this weekend
I just want the videos that auto-play with you talking to stop. Especially since it is the same video across all articles.
I am just ready for this game to be over so I won't be stressed anymore ha
well you have logged in to make a lot of stupid comments so and no, there is more to a QB that just his number of TDs. TDs alone does not make a QB a winner or a good QB. That is just common sense.
Certainly better than most elected public employees and the ilk
"TD’s > over any stat you just mentioned." yeah, not true