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Ain't that the truth! I mean especially if ignore their season in 2004, 2009, and last year. All which put them ahead of all but a few football teams in country last 10 years. Tool.
Correct. it is fun banter but SoS is really not known until the season is over. I like looking at Sagarin's rankings at the end of the season. I don't know if he is the best but if not he is damn close and he has a good formula for breaking it down. Also like seeing how perception of a tough, or easy, schedule compares to what the numbers actually say once it is all said and done.
East has 5 of the 7 hardest schedules. West has 5 of the 7 easiest.
Kickers are very underrated in football it seems. How many games have a final score that is very close? How important is field position? Yet they do not get talked about anywhere near enough. Now can argue the rules should be changed so they are not so important but until then it should be recognized more I think.
hey, don't talk him out of losing money to me ha
I am a bit of a gambler. Let's bet some money on UGA finishing ahead of UF in the division
But UGA beat USC 1 out of the last 1 years, USC is replacing their QB, top WR, and most their best places on defense. I don't know who will win the game but that big win USC had two years ago, especially if look at both teams seasons that year, was more of a fluke. And if look at the way these two teams have played each other for the last decade or more.
Still rather have them than not have them. Hoping front 7 and offense enough to make it not much of a factor though. And hoping no one gets injured. Won't have anyone to replace them with ha.
Just curious how many guys does UGA have left on scholarship? No way they are at limit. Hopefully front 7 are otherworldy to make up for the secondary this season.
Surprised UF is above UGA
That is a brutal schedule, especially that 7 game stretch over a 8 week period. I am happy UGA does not have that schedule.
Everyone is so serious. It is fun. Let it be just that.
Unless they get break with a cloudy day that UGA vs USC game has potential to be really freaking hot.
agreed. I don't see them being more than a 7-8 win team this year.
And one of UGA's easiest conference games is vs Ark, a team from the West.
Health will be huge. Hoping to see that happen this year.
Look at non-conf schedule and then make argument again. Pathetic all around. UGA plays Clemson and GaTech. Those two alone are tougher than any 2 non-conf games. And playing yourself argument only hurts for 1 game out of a 12 game schedule.
So 5 of the 7 easiest schedules in the SEC belong to teams in the West.
Prior to last year;s injury debacle they won the east two years in a row. Outside of secondary almost entire defense is back this year. Offense has studs at RB and WR. The QB is a senior with fair amount of on field playing time,including starting vs GaTech and the bowl game last year. And even with all the injuries last year they still won 8 games. If they stay healthy this year 8 games should be a given just based on what they are bringing back on both sides of the ball. The first two games of the season will tell a lot about what kind of season to expect. But if they look good in both games and split them, like they did last year, I would take the over on the 8.5 prediction.