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Certainly possible. I think USCw is losing a few studs on defense so that is why I said Washington. But at this point both would be a good pick
Yeah, I see what you are saying. But for most players going to top schools they are going to compete. Be it Alabama or LSU there is probably already someone on the roster with a higher rating, more experience, or both. Of course, QB is different but I am glad he chose UGA
A lot will change but Alabama/FSU/Washington/tOSU is a good bet for final four or to be in contention late in the year for a spot
Great point. Not like they flew it at Williams-Brice or something
No offense but that is a stupid post and you seem to be missing the point entirely. Win all your division games and you should win your division is my point.
what game last year did Alabama beat Watson "handily"?
As a UGA fan I like Pruitt a lot. He helped UGA in ways that we can not even measure yet
I am torn but don't think the streak should count if you have years in the middle where you did not qualify for a bowl. Seems disingenuous
"At 8-4, the Tigers got in more for not having bad losses — two are against College Football Playoff teams and all four are to teams 8-4 or better" You know UGA is 7-5, right?
The worst. I hate John just bc of that. Stop the auto-play!
No, he wanted to enroll in Jan and graduated early to do so and couple weeks prior was told he no longer had a scholarship for early enroll but would have one this summer.
Seems like a good guy. Good for him. Hope he finds success