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I don't see why it is an insult to be an OC instead of an HC Most HCs end up getting fired or going back down to coordinator position. Not many get to just retire while still being successful. Why add the extra stress and potential for failure of being an HC when you can get paid incredibly well and be considered one of the best in the country as a coordinator?
Agree. Remember few years ago USC went undefeated in division games but did not win the division because they lost their cross-over games? That is ridiculous. And I say that with UGA being the team that won the East that year. I would like to see the cross-division games used a tie-breakers if needed.
same way your post was "almost a question"? ha it makes no sense but it is SDS writers
Good point Except Clemson LOST to a 5 win team. Michigan LOST to a 5 win team. tOSU LOST to a 4-2 team (and one of those losses was to the aforementioned 5 win team that beat Clemson) And yet all of those are in the top 4. And let's not forget Alabama struggled and barely beat a 1-1 team that is now 5-5. I don't think Louisville should be top 4 right now but your line of reasoning is flawed
"Good one there, Dabo, with the old, “We better lose in November so we’ll appreciate winning in January.” Alabama players must never be able to appreciate a win." Yeah, except Alabama usually does lose a game in the season. And the whole point you are trying to make fails miserably. Both teams went 14-1 last year. Which loss from last season matters most?
that last line reminds me of the fast and furious with Tyrese where he says "we ain't hungry no more"
based on this post then it seems to me all the more reason for him to be up top during the game.
Basically this. They can decide if they can get someone they feel as good or better without using a scholarship. If they can he will not be offered.
Well I believe it was Richt who said he would give him a scholarship, not UGA. I am for the kid getting a scholarship but not sure if his dad going public is best course of action. Who knows though
Heathwood has not been very good at football since early 2000s. 5-3 for middle school is nice but they have a long way to go before they are beating Hammond in varsity. Good for the highlanders though
I am just guessing here but I think Pruitt brought a fire and intensity to UGA that did not exist. UGA had cruise control on. Things were smooth, nice, low key, etc. Pruitt shook things up with his intensity and that interrupted status quo. For those caught in the middle it probably was a tough work environment.
Nothing wrong with having a couple short speedsters but we are certainly lacking depth. A good mix should bolster the offense
Agree, I still think Mizzu has a shot but I felt like they had a better shot if Miles was still there after that L last week
Look at this classy, upstanding writer.
this made me chuckle while also making me sad ha
These articles are always the best on SDS. Thanks