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what is an ooeck?
yeah, kind of what i was thinking. this applies to most teams
Yeah, probably not I don't think either team akes the SECCG
I don't think fans would be happy with 7-5
Little short sighted on the Fulmer bit His last year they were 5-7 Richt was 9-3 including 4-0 to end the season 2nd to last year Richt was 10-3, Fulmer 10-4 2 years prior Fulmer was 9-4 and then 5-6 for a total of 29-21 over last 4 years Richt 2 years prior was 8-5 and 12-2 for a total of 39-13 29-21 vs 39-13 And as mentioned above Richt was one play away from SEC title and playing for national title in that period as well
I agree UGA has had some serious injuries that have impacted results. They have had a lot of transfers (look at the 2014 class were nearly 1/2 xferred out) and a few lucky breaks with that things could def be different I was not happy with Richt being fired but I am happy with hiring of Smart and what he has done Time will tell if was best decision or not
Also a good point outside of the fact it is not hard to see bamatime just made up the idea of kicking a player off to open a scholly when UGA has plenty, if they were going to do that they would kick someone off they don't need as much
@bama time "That’s amazing and funny. Over the last five years UGA has signed 125 players while Bama has signed 126…..Bama get accused of oversigning yet UGA is under their scholarship limits…..yeah sure." Math, how does it work? Let me help you out a little bit: UGA's 2013 class signed 32 players. 15 of them have transferred off the team. Those scholarships become available. Don't forget the number of players kicked off the the team, including Chad Clay earlier this year. Now do you see
No idea. I don't think any of us know. There is also report some coaches tried to get him to stay. Only thing I can comment on is UGA has plenty of scholarships available without needing to force a player off the team
Well I like Richt's stance of letting anyone who wants to transfer have no restrictions. So I disagree with Kirby But one is a grad transfer and the other is not. They are diff in that regard
UGA had 25 scholarships avail going into signing day They signed 21 players (not counting Chad Clay since he was dismissed) They have had 2 players prior to Tim transfer out. So counting Tim that would be 7 available scholarships and that is assuming I am not missing anyone else
And yet they are still under the 85 max
Actually one of the summer previews I was reading said UGA had less than 80 kids on scholarship and this was a month or so ago. Also, you are pretty moronic if what you think happened is UGA was at max 85 and cut a guy to make room. Seriously, you think that happened? And no news outlet is covering or implying? UGA is under scholarship allotment. Use some critical thinking before you post next time
Hope to see him have great success. Good guy and a good player
I know it is satire but it is not in good taste to make it about players getting injured
While I would love to see it I think it is unrealistic this year.
I was happy to hear he got drafted by Patriots, think that is a great spot for him. Hope he has a bunch of success. One of the really good guys
UGA has question marks all over. Hoping they pull it all together but can't wait to watch and see
yeah, only a real professional could have come up with that. simple folks like you and I could not have done that alone Thanks SDS!