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LOL at separation anxiety. Also, don't forget about Trey Quinn, who broke Dorial Green-Beckham's national receiving record last year. He should fill Landry's roll nicely.
Now all he needs is to learn what school he's playing for.
except for LSU. Auburn is 1-6 in last seven games...
LSU plays 5. We have Wisconsin on the schedule too.
too bad Saban doesn't know how to coach up CB's
Meh. I'd rather the top four were decided by the computers. Also, I believe I read that the selection committee will not let their ballots be known. Gonna be some politic'n in this one folks!
Quentin Thomas' injury isn't as bad a initially reported. He will be back to practice this week, if not today. Also, The next up at the DT rotation will be Frank Herron, not Gilmore. I wouldn't be surprised if Herron started over QT with what miles has been saying.
at least black is actually a school color.
past performance does not insure future success. Also, no way in hell you were the deepest team in the SEC.
Great article and supporting information, exact what this site needed. Hope to see more from you Murf.
he aint no Patrick Peterson and Juice schooled him last year http://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/z0Zm1kWjMaTsDxUx29W6fA--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NTt3PTUwMA--/http://l.yimg.com/os/publish-images/sports/2013-10-12/78971413-c364-43f6-b5d3-28bcd44173f3_LSU-Jarvis-Landry-1.gif
yes, but coming to camp is a test in it's own right. miles doesn't want to offer kids that have no interest in actually coming to LSU and that only want an LSU offer so they can garner more attention for themselves. Sims failed that test.
LSU got Quin and Dupre last year, is in line with 5* tyron johnson and others this year, and LA will be loaded at WR in 2016. Basically they can afford to be picky and character and grades will play the biggest factor as the talent is there in spades.
Cameron Sims never got an LSU offer. Miles wants to get a first hand look at recruits and rarely offers without it. And i'd say we got an equal or better safety in Jamal Adams. Only LA loss was Cam Robinson.
This is the story from LSU circles, take it for what it's worth: Trey was playing a practical joke w/ fireworks and threw one in Frank Herron's apartment and it lit his couch on fire. Trey didn't know that Herron's 8 month old was in the same room. Brick finds out and brings both players in to settle it and Herron whips Trey's ass. Trey gets frustrated after the fight and basically punched through a glass window twice
Oops, this is the bama fan: http://i.imgur.com/2JiczaJ.png
this alone could be an incentive for them to stay instead of a major in advertising that they can't stand.
Man, I wish we had an edit button. Football has always been tied to education. You can't play the game forever. I think they should have some kind of degree that actually does something for these kids after their playing days. They could have classes in public speaking for a job in broadcasting, accounting for money management, interpersonal communication for a job in coaching, etc. I know they have kinesiology, but they need to combine all these disciplines into one well rounded degree in Sports Enterprise. This is an industry that grew up around a game played at universities.
^ this is exactly right. agree on ALL points.