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Improper benefits are a bit like offensive holding against Myles Garrett (or any elite pass rusher). Everybody has to do a little to compete, but being repetitively blatant tends to destroy the integrity of the game.
The timing of him being called home was terrible for A&M. Ranked #1 1957 with three games left when word got out Bryant was leaving. We went 0-3 losing by a combined total of 5 points. So I'm blaming Aggie tradition of fading at the end of the season on Coach Bryant.
"Texas A&M had a veteran-laden team in 2016". I just can't get behind this perception. As far as real contributors that will be missed; Defense - Myles Garrett, Daeshon Hall, and Justin Evans. Offense - Josh Reynolds, Two O-linemen (borderline production), and a QB that was a good leader and athlete, but not efficient passing. Sure we need a couple of incoming freshmen to make an immediate impact, but the two-deep and redshirt players need to produce.
A nice little clause in Sumlin's contract; the buyout balance is due in 60 days, where most contracts have that spread over a couple of years. Still funny him being the poster boy for this article, it would tickle me to see him win ten games this season.
Texas at 14 and USF at 15. That's funny stuff right there. I like PFF data, but this ranking makes me laugh.
A&M's ILB Anthony Hines III - the last two years of high school 450 tackles, 62 tackles for loss, 14 sacks. Crazy starts in a dire position of need.
Mond and Ausbon played together at an elite prep school, are early enrollees, and both positions are wide open. They could not be better set up for early success. I hope they live up to the expectations. This offense could be exceptional.
I'm guessing that's what the note: "... not from the site's composite ranking" meant. Reading is fun.
Another reason I can't get worked up about the difference between 9-12. You have "elite" recruiting with bama, GA, and LSU then "very good" with UF, Auburn, and A&M. If some fan wants to boast about their 9th ranked class over another fan's 12th, they are just showing ignorance.
Funny how Florida gets all the "comes up big" positive spin by taking a couple of questionable recruits to sneak into the top ten at the last minute, when they essentially finished ranked the same as Auburn and A&M. I actually enjoyed not having any drama on signing day for the Aggies.
Must be typo, should have been "from 18" not "to 18".
To base any conclusion on the difference between Auburn, Florida, and A&M's recruiting rankings is frankly ridiculous. It seems Florida gets some kind of extra credit for "closing strong", while A&M "lacks wow factor" for locking down a similarly ranked class in early December.
The Aggies surely will need a QB to step up, but it may be Starkel. My hope is Anthony Hines is the key linebacker we have been missing to get that front seven at least competent.
He's staying. Apparently he had to have "an announcement" scheduled to "re-affirm" his "commitment". Does the word "committed" have any meaning in today's lexicon? If you have to publicly say it over and over, when does it lose it's value and meaning?
Jhamon Ausbon and Kellen Mond are Texas top 20 kids that spent their senior year at IMG academy in FL so I'm counting them as Texas recruits regardless.
It is almost funny how often Josh Reynolds is overlooked. The numbers he put up in three seasons of revolving door QB play are pretty impressive. Oh well, he will be laughing all the way to the bank soon enough.
I can rest easy knowing I have achieved 100% faith from a SDS Ole Miss fan. Bucket list, crossed off.
"...thanks for clarification", dummy. (I can do this all day)
Colton Prater starting on the Aggie O-line as a 3-star picked and coached by Jim Turner is impressive.