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While I don't care much for Mullen for obvious reasons, haha, I have to agree with him and respect him. He does seem to find gem after gem. Some of these smaller school athletes don't have the exposure or means to go to all these camps. To find Benerdrick McKinnely was impressive. His high school plays my old one and I remember watching him play as a senior when he was like 6ft 185 and I remember thinking this kid would be an absolute star if he had the size and lo and behold, he gets to State, works his tail off, gets to be like 6'4 240 and is now a good linebacker in the NFL. Some of these 5*s have all the talent in the world but they are use to coasting through high school because they are just bigger and more talented but it evens out in college. Hats off to you Mullen.
Because Cam Robinson is almost a sure 1st rounder and Kelly was never going to be, even with a stellar combine. Plus Cam only had one issue. Even though Kelly's Buffalo night club arrest was dropped, he still made bad headlines and Robinson had a fall guy for his single mishap
I agree that targeting needs to be called but I never understood why it results in an ejection. Sometimes guys aren't doing it intentionally. I mean, imagine the best defensive player gets called for targeting in the first quarter of a big game, you take a player out and completely change the game. Maybe take him out for the remainder of that drive or x amount of plays but I hate seeing a kid get tossed from a game completely
Wilkins and Brazely will not be the top backs for Ole Miss. Brazely only had one good game against Memphis. Ole Miss' top backs will be DeVaughn Pennamon and Eric Sweeney. Had really high hopes for Sweeny last season but he tore his ACL on his first carry of the year against Florida State
You can't really put Diggs and Tyrie Cleveland on this list without AJ Brown. But I suppose it does even out from that crazy ranking list of five star freshman
26 seems high for Ole Miss although I do think they will be better than 5-7 this year.
Delete your account. Stop publicly cheering for the Rebels if this is how you do so.
Good pick up for State to lock down the backyard talent. Shame Ole Miss couldn't steal one twice in a row but I think it was pretty clear he was going to State ever since around September. I fully expect DD Bowie to join Gay in Starkville this season as well
Honestly, to someone who didn't have much insight on the Ole Miss program, 2013 does seem fishy. However, take a deeper look. Nkemdhcie had a brother who was just named freshman All American playing on the team, their mother wanted both of them to play together and I'm assuming they did too. They showed how close they were over the years. Treadwell's high school teammate was a player on the team (although he was dismissed later) and he was close with Nkemdichie during their camp and Under Armor All American run. Tonsil was the real wild card here but after being roommates with Nkemdichie in the under armor all American game I think he was swayed. Plus, he would have had to work a little bit harder at Georgia and most likely start at Right Tackle. The fact that everyone knew he'd play almost right away at LT for OM may have been huge as well. And when you look at the 2016 class it's much the same. Patterson followed his brother to Ole Miss and a 5* QB can be very influential to a recruit (which is why I believe AJ Brown came as well). All being said, Ole Miss completely lucked up and just happened to have a perfect storm when it came to these classes. I wish the NCAA would just come out and say what the punishments are. Sorry for the "Us Against the World," mentality but come on, NCAA announces like a week from signing day in 16 we are under investigation when it's been going on for four years already and still hasn't wrapped things up a year later? Tell the punishment and let's play some football
He was good at Baylor but it's hard to tell just how good he will be with the conference he came from. That same year, Oklahoma State had Mason Rudolph who was lighting up defenses in his conference but put up pedestrian numbers against a middle of the pack Ole Miss team. Still, my money is on Stidham being in the top 5 of QBs for the SEC
With Big Ben toying with the idea of retirement and Landry Jones not very good the Steelers could nab him in he forth or 5Th
I'm honestly shocked he's listed as the 32nd best WR..I always figured him to be a 2nd-5th guy. Runs good routes and has good hands. I doubt he's a burner but he'd be a great #2 to Dez and with Beasly in the slot. Definetly an upgrade over Terrance Williams and Bryce Butler
I think Gay ends up at LSU. He was committed to Ole Miss but decomitted and then named LSU and Ole Miss as his top two. I'd like him to come to Ole Miss but it seems like the staff is aware he isn't coming here. We were burned two years ago with the Leo Lewis fiasco so as of now if Willie committs to Ole Miss it would be a Christmas Day type surprise for us
I am NOT saying he is on the hot seat by ANY means, but LSU fans; if Oregeron wins 7-8 games this year and loses an upset to say Ole Miss or Miss State, do you feel his seat would warm up? Les was good for 8-10 wins per year and got the Mark Richt treatment..Kirby Smart I feel had his seat already kind of warmed up this year, what are your thoughts? And yes, I feel if Ole Miss has another 5 win season this year, Freeze will get a lot of heat on him
If Victor Rojas is the second player that made the hit then no..a thousand times no. 1st hit was bad enough but to go for a defenseless pad less man on the ground is busch league weather you are 15 or 45
The gameplan is simple but executing is a different story. Winning the turnover battle is the key. Alabama is a dynasty because the defense gets after the QB and takes the ball away. Bama had 14 points off Ole Miss due to fumble returns for TDs which was the deciding factor in this years game. I think if Clemson has a shot in the rematch Mike Williams has to be the X Factor. Treadwell was key in 14 and 15 by just being able to win the battles in One on One and Stringfellow and AJ Brown did their part this year. Look at all of Alabamas loses (all like what 4 in the last 3 years?) and when they lose the turnover battle they lose.
Unorthodox but I kind of like the idea..this guy has been in the spot light for awhile now and it looks like he doesn't want a lot of fan fare and just wants to enroll and play ball. I think he's basically a lock for Alabama but I can't say I wouldn't be upset if this hoss went to Mich and Ole Miss didn't have to worry about him for the next 3-4years
While Ole Miss does return a lot of starters from last year that *should* get better as they get a year older, id prefer us not to be in the top 25. These kids have all the talent in the world but they need to earn that respect back.
Great pickup with a great player and at our biggest position of need. I'm going to go out on a limb and give a little credit to LSU for that great defensive showing against Louisville to show why the SEC is a great defensive league