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Ok I'll admit I may be biased, but how is he only 23rd? I mean, in your defining moments, you literally stated that he was the main reason Vandy had 2 straight 9-win season, he did it all as the only real receiving threat (and the only offensive threat at all in his senior year), and that he didn't even have a good QB throwing to him. DESPITE all that he still holds two SEC career receiving records and has already proven himself to be a solid prospect in the NFL. I saw this guy play in person for 4 years. Look up his senior year games against Ole Miss and Wake Forest. Ole Miss he was throwing up on the field and still making 4th down, 30 yard catches. Wake Forest he again caught 4th down passes that put VU in position to win the game. So maybe I am biased, but I think this guy deserves to be higher. Easily the most determined, hardest-playing receiver I've ever seen. Could be the next Calvin Johnson.
@rusticchampion *should have. Take cheap shots at Vandy if you want but obviously you couldn't get in.
I was at the Vandy game. Attendance was closer to 40% or so. No way it was anywhere near 30,000. One of the players was even asked about how the tiny crowd affected them.
Thanks for the confidence, guys....
This was actually just some of the UGA football players' court-ordered community service as part of the deal that got them out of jail in time to play on Saturdays.
The thing is, without Murray, your offense is pretty depleted. Sure, it was worse against Vandy, but the fact of the matter is that he beat you with mostly less talented players. This poll is done by the coaches so that the bcs can have an inside opinion in it, so Franklin can put UGA wherever the hell he wants. And guess what...he beat you!
Don't worry about mentioning Vanderbilt...we'll just sit over here in the corner like always. The difference between now and "like always" is that we've got EIGHT DAMN WINS. With a possibility of 9 in about a month!!! 17-8 over the last two seasons!!! And still no damn respect! But don't worry about mentioning us, we're used to it.
Some psychopath tweeted to Vandy sophomore DE Caleb Azubike "I hope your parents die," and that was one of the tamer comments. Keep it classy, knoxhell.
Money at Vanderbilt is not an issue. The university's endowment is just under 3 and a half billion, almost three times that of Florida and roughly equal to USC. Vandy can pay their football coaches plenty of money, the problem is that we've never had a football coach worth paying. Now that Franklin is here, we're giving him a raise every year. Jon, you aren't making sense. After saying Franklin is gone, you then said in your last comment that "I'm not sure he's offered any of these jobs." Make up your mind.
Really? Does he HAVE to take it? Because he's been getting pay raises, better recruiting classes, and love and adoration from Vandy fans worldwide. He's already turned down a few jobs, and he has no reason to leave Vandy at the moment. He has the full support of the university, the coaching staff, and most importantly, the players. At places like USC and Texas, it seems like the schools, players, and fans are against you after every little mistake. At Vandy, we're ecstatic (for now) with 8-4 seasons and consecutive bowl bids. I see no reason for CJF to leave in the foreseeable future. Yes, I'm sure he wants to win a national championship, but you talk like his current track record is bad. He is 20-15, with half of those losses coming while coaching another coaches players. 1-1 in bowl games, with (again) the only loss coming while he was using someone else's players. Anchor Down.
I think you're trying to insult me, but I honestly can't be sure. (Note: "Candy" is SO degrading, what am I going to do?) It's also hard to see his compliments about my coach when every time CJF is mentioned, it is in the context of leaving Vanderbilt to go to USC, Texas, or Florida. Also, just a little side note, that last error wasn't grammar, just a factual error, so I can see past grammar. It's just tough when this article is littered with poor grammar and bad facts.
I read a total of two paragraphs and found three errors. "IS Nick Saban IS Ric Flair," "The win made snapped a...." and Vanderbilt is not yet bowl eligible seeing as we only have five wins. This is Busch League. Anchor Down.
Yeah don't worry about mentioning Austyn Carta-Samuels, who had 223 yards and a TD. Nice how you somehow forgot him but remembered Connor Shaw (essentially the same stats) and Wallace and Marshall (worse stats). Wishful thinking to believe Vandy might actually get some respect after a 9-4 season, and an incredible, albeit dissapointing game against Ole Miss.
Gotta say Co-Offensive MVP's: Gurley and Jordan Matthews. Dude caught a 40+ yard pass on 4th and 18 with a minute left just three minutes after throwing up. Not to mention his other 9 catches for 130 yards
Watch the replay. There's at least two missed hold/block in the back calls. Watch right when Scott gets to the sideline. Other than that, Javon Marshall (#31) made a terrible angle to the ball and got juked out of his shoes. So that was bad tackling on top of a few missed calls.
Hard to close with the refs against us. I understand that people always say Vandy blames everything on the refs, but if you watched every game like a Vandy fan does, it's hard not to. Three pass interference calls missed, two in the second half. It ain't easy bein' gold.
What is it about Vanderbilt, Thursday night season openers against SEC teams, and missed pass interference calls that we can't seem to get past? I guess I was just hoping after a 9-4 season that maybe Vanderbilt would start getting refs who called the game as it is, rather than call the game to assure Vanderbilt doesn't upset a higher ranked SEC opponent and take them out of contention. Was that too much to ask for? Wishful thinking? I thought it was a little bit ridiculous on the drive when the refs missed a pass interference, a facemask, and then called a false start when it should've been an offsides. They also managed to call a holding on that 3rd down, and then a penalty for throwing past the line of scrimmage (the only justified call on that series). That came at a point of huge momentum in the 3rd quarter when Vandy was trying to hold on. What with all the missed Pass Interference calls (I counted at least 3) it was like the last drive of last years opening game against South Carolina.That being said, lots of respect to Ole Miss, I hated seeing the game end that way but it was still one of the best games I've ever been to. Also, Jordan Matthews proved to everyone why I've been saying he should be in the Heisman talk. DUDE IS NOT A HUMAN BEING!!! You got anything to add/comment on, Cooper? Apologies for the rant.