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Don't blame Vandy for that, blame the money-hungry bowl committees. If there are extra spots, you should be glad that the NCAA is rewarding the teams who have been good in football and great in the classroom. It isn't Vandy's fault that there are too many bowls.
Let's try to cover the entire SEC next year, ok?
Not surprised that SDS forgot about Vanderbilt. Do you guys know the SEC has more than 13 teams? Vandy is sitting at 4-7 with a winnable game at UT. And guess what? Vandy has a pretty high APR, meaning they would be at the top of the list of 5-7 teams to be offered a bowl berth.
Your Facebook headline said "Alabama has an obvious advantage on paper, but a closer inspection reveals what we expect will be a competitive game" But then you literally gave Bama the advantage in every it really doesn't look like its gonna be that close.
Same guy who stole a laptop at Florida, took money to play at Auburn, prances around like a jackass in the NFL. Y'all keep telling your kids to look up to him, my kids will find someone else.
I swear this website doesn't have editors
(please don't tell mizzou fans i was rude to somebody, i don't wanna get in trouble)
look at his arms jiggle when he shakes that bell...thats impressive man
If you have to say "AND he didn't have to play against Alabama", can't we just give the Heisman to Bama's collective starting defense?
So you're a division 1 football player at a large public university? Got it. First off, you completely contradicted yourself in the first sentence. How can every student who attends the school pay the same thing if these kids are on full scholarship? I attend school on a full academic scholarship. But unlike these guys, I still pay for food, housing, books, clothes, etc. if I want a tutor I have to pay for it. You sound ridiculous
That's what I'm talking about. Affirmative Action isn't enough to get black kids into college? The new American Dream is to sit on your ass and have everything handed to you because you feel too pressed to do anything about your own situation.
No! Don't use facts! Facts are the mobs biggest enemy!
This guy doesn't deserve to lose his job because African-Americans on campus think they deserve to be treated better than white people because of the past.
Are you not counting the cost of attendance? Tuition, dorm living, athletic gear, workout facilities, exposure to national media (fast-track to the NFL). This guy isn't exactly living a poor life right now.
But they're not JUST students. They are student-ATHLETES meaning that they are attending the university for free. The school has millions of dollars to lose by not fielding a football team, so the logical thing to do is cut their scholarships. Do these students really expect that they can demand that the President of the University first announce his white male privilege and then resign? It's absurd.
Vanderbilt is a "milton-to-one shot"? Do y'all actually have editors?
Saturday Down South (except nashville, f*** Vandy, they don't count)
dude...15 seconds? Really? Did you watch the video? If you were going for hyperbole you missed it. He got popped at 1:55, flag comes in at 2:00, the ref probably threw it at 1:58-59. He was on his back for 3-4 seconds before the flag hahaha
I'm reminded of the article about how Alabama has faced more teams coming off a bye since 2010 or so than anybody in the a huge margin. It got so bad before then that they had to make a rule that you could only play 3 teams coming off a bye week (Alabama had previously been seeing 6 teams coming off byes in a single season). When teams have two weeks to prepare for Alabama, never mind the fact that teams really look forward to Alabama all season long, they're going to know some of the tricks you're going to pull (especially if they're really bad, stupid tricks *cough* Kiffin *cough*)
So nice that the prisons allow you to use computers, @bulldawgblood!