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Wait so the reason Bama gets into the playoffs is the refs? It couldn't possibly be the fact that they have at least twice (and in most cases more than twice) as many 4 and 5 star players as any other team in America?
I really wouldn't even try to justify this one man, just accept that your player made a scumbag play. Every team does it.
How is Kyle Shurmur not on this list??? Derek Mason promised he was gonna be good...
You're witnessing what might be the greatest dynasty of all time, evolving in front of your eyes with Nick Saban's first ever dual-threat QB. Excuse the man for being excited. Just because the plains have been on fire for years don't try to steal Bama's thunder.
Did the author get denied from Vandy or something? I mean sure the 'Dores didn't look great but giving us the worst grade in the SEC besides the two teams who lost to cupcakes? I'm not saying I was satisfied with the product on the field but give them credit for playing a real opponent in week 1 and holding their own. SC didn't look any better than VU but they get a B? And furthermore, to put Vandy in "Detention" for 3 of the 4 categories? Were you expecting them to throw for 300 and win by 4 TD's? I think Vandy fans were expecting exactly what they got: a bad offense, good defense, and the inability to win a close game. We've seen it for years, so I'm not sure why you feel the need to sh*t on Vandy for losing a close game to an SEC school, when UK and MSU couldn't even protect their own turf from cupcakes. Take out your journalistic frustration on somebody else.
Way to make a pick on Bama...not
You're the one on the high horse. The Bama fans here are admitting that Saban probably didn't have Smith's best interest in mind. But any CFB coach competing for a championship would have made the same decision to block a kid from following the old coach to a school that they could likely face in the SEC championship. It's the UGA fans who don't see the hypocrisy in Kirby Smart blocking the Miami transfer or kicking this kid off the team to clear a spot for Smith.
If it benefitted Tennessee you would, don't feed me any other nonsense... or maybe you just recently became a UT fan with all the hype? I guess then you would become a fan of some other team with lots of young talent and hype.
You'd be upset, but you'd understand it from Butch Jones' perspective. That's the point I'm trying to make. Its always easy to see your rival in a bad light, but just look at it in a hypothetical scenario from your favorite teams perspective. Saban was looking out for Alabama more than Smith in this situation, that's true. But Saban also does do a lot of good for his players. Nobody's a good guy or a bad guy all the time.
But I thought Kirby and UGA are the good guys and Satan...I mean Saban is the evil emperor of the bad guys at Alabama? What blocked transfer to Miami? That never happened... nothing to see here...
I'm not disagreeing with you, what I said is that Butch Jones would be doing the same thing. Nick Saban is wrong for saying he's "looking out for the players" in this instance, but 1. It's SEC rules so he's completely within his right to do it, and 2. Any logical coach who is competing for a national championship would make the same decision. Of course comparing the two players "shouldn't" enter the equation in an ideal world but this is the most competitive collegiate sport, where schools and coaches have millions of dollars on the line. What I don't like is the precedent this sets that if a kid whines enough and gets his family and the media involved, he gets what he wants no matter what the rules say. It's like the Mizzou hunger strike on a much smaller scale.
I understand exactly what I'm reading, but can you guarantee me that Butch Jones wouldn't do the exact same thing if Debord or Shoop got hired by another SEC school and some of the vawls wanted to transfer there? Granted I think most of the UT defense is required to stay in Knox county as part of their parole...
Crazy how the UGA fan sees UGA as the exception of the rule. You can't say "grads or undergrads, a kid should have no exceptions" and then say that Smart was right for blocking the Miami transfer.
Why do you say that Alabama is "relying on" SEC rules? I think you mean "following" SEC rules. Clearly the Smith family thought that Alabama/Saban had a Vendetta against them, or that they were the exception to the rule, because they refused to stop in their pursuit of free transfer despite the rules clearly prohibiting intra-conference transferring at any stage in your college career. And in reference to Chris Black, you can't really compare him to Maurice Smith in terms of talent, and you definitely can't compare UGA to Mizzou. Saban might be picking and choosing his battles here, but who cares if a kid transfers to Mizzou? They aren't just not competitive with Alabama, but their entire program is a dumpster fire at the moment. Georgia on the other hand is loaded with a talent and Saban knows first-hand that they have a great coach. There's a good chance Bama plays UGA in Atlanta in December, so UGA having Bama's former DC AND a former player too would put Bama at a pretty sever disadvantage. Maybe Saban isn't really "looking out for the players" in this situation but can you really blame him? I daresay Butch Jones would be doing the exact same thing in this scenario.
So you're saying Saban is the bad guy for enforcing the SEC rule amongst his own players? It sounds a lot more like Saban is just tired of trying to explain the rule book to this wannabe Kardashian family so he finally just said "screw it, it's Greg Sankey's problem to deal with now." And I have to say it's interesting that you think Saban is such an bad person when ole Dan Mullen decided to emulate his inner Bob Stoops and admit the woman-beater Simmons.
Seriously can we please stop giving this family the attention they so desperately crave
The very coach he wants to go play for blocked the UGA players from transferring to Miami, so cut it with the "holier than thou" crap.
With every article you publish I am amazed that you are a heisman voter...