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Shug Jordan's last game was a shutout to Alabama. What's your point? Both legendary coaches no need to try to tarnish their legacies.
Will Muschamp is not a great DC. He hasn't even proved that he's an average coach. He's failed miserably everywhere he's been since he left Texas.
Were you never in high school? We all did stupid stuff. This was a little excessive, yeah, but the picture is so blurry I bet you can barely see anything. Peyton was accused of doing much worse (I believe he's innocent, mind you) but he didn't get 70-some odd charges slapped on him.
Yes put this criminal behind bars and ruin his life for a childish prank. Gimme a break. Even without the part censored out, the photo is very blurry to begin with. Suspend him or let the school punish him, but I feel like this isn't the best use of law enforcement's time.
The Neon Icon would be a perfect guest picker
Well, I guess not all barners are bad, but you're all certainly delusional. Don't ever count a win until the clock hits 00:00, you're counting a win in a game 7 years from now. Cool it bud.
Except, you know, for those times he was suspended by the NCAA...
I really just wish they would both leave television altogether.
Precut the stat-check there. Maybe not all barners are bad.
Really? Saying Jacob Eason is "the most projectable NFL starter"??? Did y'all learn NOTHING from last year (Jeremy Johnson)?? This kid has never taken a collegiate snap. I don't care how good he looks, don't make ridiculously outlandish statements when you have no evidence to back it up. I'm sure the kid is talented and may well be an NFL starter, but Washington High School football and the SEC are not exactly comparable.
That must explain why Bama has a 9 game advantage in the all-time series record (44-35-1). I think Saban might have a little more influence here.
Not necessarily agreeing with the original statement, but he has a point. You don't see Derrick Henry, Reggie Ragland, or A'Shawn Robinson doing this. Nor did you see Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, Trent Richardson, etc. doing it in their day.
Ah yes, freedom of speech is wonderful isn't it? Just make sure you don't piss off anybody who can beat you up. What a moronic statement. Typical barner.
Honestly I think he's trying to say that students at Stanford are geniuses, and Dobbs is a genius. Don't think he was trying to belittle or insult anybody. And nobody is going to argue that UT's academics compare to Stanford's.
I'm not arguing that... just saying the headline is misleading. This whole story was stupid from the start. Nobody cares about some HS coach b*tching about his kids not getting recruited by the big in-state schools. If I had to guess, this guy is probably an MSU fan and was looking for a reason to make OM look bad. His player is already committed to UT, so why would it really matter if OM/MSU offered him.
redshirt sophomore year would be the kid's 3rd year in college. So you're only giving him one more year over Bama. And even then you can never predict or guarantee where a kid will land on your depth chart until he's on the team. Injuries, position battles, etc. happen.
I'm not accusing Freeze of anything... I'm just saying he didn't really say anything directly about the topic (obviously because recruiting rules prohibit it) so the headline was misleading. This isn't newsworthy.
So he didn't respond to it whatsoever...very misleading headline