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"However, the Crimson Tide apparently have company in trying to land Moses." Wow, SDS, this is absolutely riveting journalism. You're trying to tell me that more than one school wants the top recruit in the country? Incredible!
He's being taxed on his regular salary, which is in the millions. The tax he owes has nothing to do with what he actually made from the super bowl. SDS is twisting the numbers to make this a big story. It sucks for Cam, and the high taxes are ridiculous (shoutout to Bernie supporters for being idiots). But because he makes millions, based on the number of days he is working and the number of those days that are spent in California, he has a high tax rate - nowhere near the ridiculous almost 200% that SDS is suggesting. This tax is on his year-long salary, not just the super bowl (loss) bonus, which is what SDS is trying to suggest.
It's kind of unfair to say he's being taxed 198.8%, not only because your math is extremely wrong, but because you're taking the numbers out of context. But, if you want to use the numbers the way you're using them, he'd be paying a 312.2% tax rate. Not sure where you got 198.8% from.
Most of them are very far away from knoxville
Jimbo Fisher? Urban Meyer? Pete Carroll? Who in their right mind would ever believe that? Not in a million years. Dabo, Smart and Kiffin are all names that could be in the hat. Jeremy Pruitt, the new DC, could be a candidate by the time Saban leaves. However, it's impossible to predict when Saban will leave and who will be the big names in coaching when that happens.
I know it's hard to believe but some kids would rather play for national championships than in the Birmingham Bowl.
Dude. Nobody cares about your "100% true story" about your wife's uncle.
Just gonna put this out there, I like Malcolm Mitchell, seems like a great guy. But against Bama this year (which is the defense most similar to an NFL defense) he looked terrible. I know conditions were bad, but he couldn't do anything - lots of drops. I wouldn't be very high on him in the draft. But like I said, he seems like a good kid and I hope he proves me wrong.
Excuses, excuses. Own up to it, man. It was the same game back then as it is now. And if you're so focused at only looking at recent history, let's remember that since 2008, Vandy is 2-0 against Auburn.
Howard is much more talented than the last two seasons have shown. His freshman year stats were incredible, but he doesn't fit well as a receiver into Kiffin's system. Whether or not he was designed to get a lot of touches in the CFB Playoff is a mystery, maybe he had favorable matchups or Kiffin really was using him as an unknown weapon. However, he has been huge as a blocker for the last two years, although there aren't any stats to really show that. It was nice to see him get the credit he deserves after the championship.
Are you really backwards enough to think that Nick Saban recruits kids for the sole purpose of keeping them away from other schools, with no intent to ever use them? That has to be the most moronic theory i've ever heard related to football. It's hard enough to recruit at the highest level to be consistently competitive at a national level. You really think Saban wastes his time on kids who he knows he would never need? Every kid is brought in for a purpose, some don't end up working out like you originally intended. Please think before you comment some drivel like this again.
It's ridiculous for anyone to argue that Henry did not deserve it. If Bama had needed Henry to return kicks, he would've put up similar numbers doing so, but it would be ridiculous to put someone as talented as him in the return game. It would just risk injury. If Henry was playing in the soft pac-12, he might've been able to return kicks. But in the SEC, it's just stupid to risk him like that. And if you're still not convinced, Henry had 20 more touchdowns on the ground than McCaffrey. Even if you add in McCaffrey's receiving and returning touchdowns (6 combined), Henry has 14 more total touchdowns. The comparison isn't close. I would love to see McCaffrey take on an SEC schedule and try to put up the same numbers that Henry does.
And how popular is college baseball? Do you want college football to fall to that level? CFB becomes crap if all the top players leave after high school and go to the pros. And if you want to follow the basketball model, where you can leave after one year, thats fine. But imagine how much more exciting CBB would be if every wiggins, Okafor, Anthony-Towns stayed for 3 years.
So if a college athlete is awarded a degree without actually learning something, is that somebody else's fault? Maybe you can argue that the school didn't help him, but it really is their own fault. As a student, athletes are given much more assistance (tutors, priority scheduling, etc) than me. If they refuse to learn anything while they are in school, I really think the only person to blame is themselves. They're given free school, free textbooks, free food, free tutoring, free clothes, etc. The only way they should be paid (if you don't count all that free stuff) is with a free copy of NCAA football every year.
^that was for the Florida fan. To the TN fan, I get it. I wouldn't talk trash either if I drove the trash truck.
Thank you, and good luck to your team next season.
Historically, yes bama is the greatest dynasty in college football, but Saban inherited a mess from Mike Shula. It took him a year of 6-6, and since then he has won at least 10 games EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Bobby Bowden also coached for a lot longer than Saban, although I'm not discrediting the fact that he's a great coach as well.
The url says Saturday down south, but I'm almost positive this is a Buzzfeed article... #clickbait
There's nothing more badass in all of college football than watching Bama or Penn St. wearing all white uniforms in the fourth quarter when the unis are all dirty. Bama's all white away unis are the most intimidating in the country. This jersey will never happen.
I'm just saying Muschamp has failed miserably at his last two jobs. Derek Mason took over a dumpster fire trying to deal with a rape trial. First year the dumpster fire got bigger but this season was a huge step in the right direction. Top 30 Defense in the country with a bunch of 2 star players? Mason handles his business on his side of the ball. Meanwhile, McElwain won 10 games (could've been 11 or 12 if they still had Grier) with the team that Muschamp lost to Ga Southern with... so yeah, i'm talking about muschamp.