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I was at the Vandy/Arkansas game and saw that hit first-handed. Vanderbilt stadium as y'all well know is not very large - only 40,000. But I have never heard it that loud as when the official announced Wade's ejection. At the end of the video when you see Wade being forcefully led off the field as he turns back, what he's doing is taunting the Vanderbilt student section. And to this day I remember Arkansas fans defending his actions, claiming the hit wasn't illegal and saying there was no fair catch sign. I'll admit, the "fair catch" sign was not the most obvious but regardless of that you can't hit someone helmet-to-helmet (especially when they are defenseless and not looking down at the playing field) before they even have an opportunity to field the kick.
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this, but in terms of SEC coaches I would least like to see "mad" at me, Freeze would be closer to the bottom of the list. I would be much more scared of Will Muschamp in a dark alley, Les Miles is straight up crazy, Nick Saban runs an Alabama mafia. The only coaches less scary than Hugh Freeze are Bret Bielema or whoever that random guy is that Mizzou picked up off the street to run their dumpster fire.
I get that these rankings are not only completely arbitrary but also completely meaningless, but I did notice that in Vandy's critique he mentions that in every uniform they wear too much of one color - too much black/gold/white whatever. But just a few rankings ahead he talks about how much he loves Kentucky's all-blue combo. He also says that SoCar can rock all black unis way better than Vandy or Mizzou. Personally I don't really care about what somebody else thinks about all these teams uniforms, but just looking at his writing and rankings, it seems to me like he just doesn't like the black/gold combo that Vandy and Mizzou rock.
Franklin's last season was 9-4, but that record was much better than the team. Halfway through the season the QB was injured and the offense became completely stagnant. Jordan Matthews (now with Philly) was the only offensive threat. Defense was alright, but after that season almost every starter graduated and left the team with Franklin's recruits, almost all of whom were vastly overrated (as you saw with that first season under Mason.)
also jim harbaugh can go to hell and take his #3 ranking with him.
I know nobody cares but what's with Mason and Stoops at 84 and 83? I feel like they've both proven they are capable of turning their programs around. Stoops has been recruiting extremely well and getting his team very close to a bowl game, while Mason took a team with 0 talent and in just a year turned them into a top 25 defense, while also recruiting historically well for Vanderbilt. Gotta figure both of these should be higher than Muschamp, who absolutely tanked at Florida once the talent from the previous regime was gone, or Kirby Smart who HAS NEVER COACHED A FOOTBALL GAME. Don't get me wrong Smart was an outstanding DC at Bama, but this is a list of head coach rankings, and seeing as he is a first time head coach, you have to put him with all the other first-time head coaches at the bottom of the list.
Some folks on here really need to go watch Derrick Henry's highlight tape. "Never made any moves," "Henry is nothing special," etc. First off I'd like to see y'all do half of what he did last year, even with Bama's O-Line. That man is an absolute monster. Sure he broke the SEC single-season rushing record but he's not special. What a joke. I can't argue as to who's the best among the 3 RB's but at least respect the work Henry put into his game, he's got crazy talent.
Obligatory mention of the time that the eagle ran into the window at the (then) newly renovated Jordan-Hare.
Well that closes this case then. If the mother says that the school her son ended up at played completely by the book then we have nothing to worry about here. Move along, folks.
Well why haven't you taken this to the police or NCAA? I'm sure they'd be absolutely fascinated to hear another Auburn fan with HARD PROOF that BAMMER'S CHEATIN!
Nick Saban fears no mortal.
Does the kid not understand that he's on the most competitive unit of the most competitive team in the country? If you aren't one of the best DLineman in the world, you won't play for the tide on saturday. Sorry kid, suck it up. This isn't the little league where the coach has to play every kid.
I understand nothing has been proven at UT, but I'm just saying that when Butch was asked to explain the difference between Baylor and UT, he completely deflected the question. If there's nothing to hide then why wouldn't he just say so?
So the guy that lost to Michigan St. calls out the guy who beat MSU 38-0. When you finish 3rd in the Big 10 East, maybe you shouldn't be calling out the guy who's won 4 national championships in the last 7 years.
Yeah y'all might beat us, but at least our players, fans and coaches won't be covered in puke orange. This article (and my comment) is about jerseys not football.
Don't worry, UT would be right up there with Alabama if only they were relevant.
Shug Jordan's last game was a shutout to Alabama. What's your point? Both legendary coaches no need to try to tarnish their legacies.
Will Muschamp is not a great DC. He hasn't even proved that he's an average coach. He's failed miserably everywhere he's been since he left Texas.
Were you never in high school? We all did stupid stuff. This was a little excessive, yeah, but the picture is so blurry I bet you can barely see anything. Peyton was accused of doing much worse (I believe he's innocent, mind you) but he didn't get 70-some odd charges slapped on him.
Yes put this criminal behind bars and ruin his life for a childish prank. Gimme a break. Even without the part censored out, the photo is very blurry to begin with. Suspend him or let the school punish him, but I feel like this isn't the best use of law enforcement's time.