I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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Cooley is almost 6'4 and is around 245 lbs. He is a little bigger than a big WR.
Wow, my daughter didn't cry as much as Msu fans when she was a baby lol.
Justin Bell graduated this year.
I said Jones was the best interior lineman and Gary played DE. I watched the game and Jones was a beast at DT. He was double a lot, probably just as much as Gary. Slot of the time Jones would blow up the O-line and then Gary would make a play because of Jones.
Benito Jones is actually closer to 305 lbs. He reminds me of a much bigger Isaac Gross. Jones is incredibly quick off the snap. He was the best interior D-lineman in the MS/AL All Star game and in the UA All American game.
Bulldawgbuck- believe me, ain't no one worried about msu. And I'm pretty sure msu's whole OL sucked.
Stategrad- Aren't you the one that said Msu was the better team vs Ole Miss? After that statement I doubt anyone will ever take anything you say seriously lol. Just how bad does msu need to get their butt kick before you think the other team is better.
Did he really just say msu was the better team? What in the world is that guy smoking lol? I'm pretty sure OM's second string would have beaten msu by at least 14 points. Msu was no where near as talented and as good as OM. That's like saying vandy is better than LSU or Bama.
I was going to say the same thing V4LinPA. I'm actually surprised that they are letting a white guy coach the team because that could be racist lol.
Ole Miss WR corp > Texas A&M WR corp Stringfellow 4 star Adeboyijo 4-star Pack 4-star Lodge 4-star Jefferson 4-star Jones 3-star Brown 4-star Metcalf 4-star Dixon 4-star Besides Jones, the rest were all mid to high rated 4-star recruits. Stringfellow, Adeboyijo, and Pack have all proven they are the real deal.
^^^Idiot^^^ Go put your head back in the sand.
It's really funny watching and listening go fans of other tesms, mostly Moo U and Bama fans screaming that OM is paying players and is going to get the death penalty lol. I bet if the ncaa spent a week at any school, especially Bama, they would find all kinds if crap. The ncaa has been living at OM for over 3 years now and most of the violations were self reported. As for as msu, well they even suck when they do cheat. But they just broke the bank and maxed out the credit cards just to get J Simmons lol. I just hope Simmons got more than $180K because its going to suck being on a losing team for 4 years.
I just read what the violations were and none are that serious. They we're on the Rebels247 board. So Rebel fans there isn't that much to worry about. Just let the Bama and Msu keep thinking that OM is going to get hit hard by the ncaa lol. The big violation was the tunsil thing and that has already been taken care of. Another was a coach talking to a recruit during a dead period last year. It was self report and the coach was punished. A recruit was given a ride by what the ncaa considers a booster on six different occasions. That's 6 different violations. Most if these violations are fairly old and were already self reported. And none of these violations involved paying recruits. So the haters can continue to hate and be ignorant. What the ncaa found in a 3 year span is what anyone would find at any school in a week.
Fournette was the best RB in the country last year and will be the best this year. But there is no way he will win the Heisman because LSU has no QB. Just like this past season, Fournette is going to struggle when facing good teams because they don't have to worry about LSU throwing the ball. Teams know if they stop Fournette they will win. That's also why I think LSU won't win the West. Harris would have to improve A LOT and he hasn't shown that he can do that. Plus LSU having to replace both starting tackles isn't going to help his case.
I guess you haven't ever watched AJ Brown at all. The dude is a beast at 6'1 220 lbs and is extremely explosive. For a guy his size, he moves like he is 180.
He only played 8 games and was: 79 for 129 for 1533 yards. That's really good. When he was in Louisiana, he played in 13 games each year and threw for over 2500 yards both seasons.
Ha, that's wishful thinking.
Right now I think Lsu is fool's gold because until they find a QB, I just don't see them winning the West. I think they will probably win 8-10 games like they usually do. But every year LSU is pick to compete for the West with Bama but every year the same thing happens with them. Harris isn't going to lead LSU to the SEC title game. Plus LSU has to replace both tackles and their center. Also, LSU's defense wasn't all that great last year from what I remember. I think LSU will have a good team and Fournette is the best RB in the country but he can't carry LSU the whole season.
While OM didn't sign the highest rated RBs, I love the two they did sign. Especially D'Vaughn Pennamon. He must have been pretty good because everyone was trying to flip him from OM.