I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 8 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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aTm is 0-4, Ouch! Well if Ole Miss wins this weekend, Gameday will be back in Oxford for the Ole Miss/Auburn game and if Ole Miss is still undefeated when the Egg Bowl come around, Gameday will surely be there again. That would be 3 Gamedays for Ole Miss in one year. But a lot has to happen for Ole Miss to get that 3rd one, but right now it's looking pretty good.
For LSU to win this game, it's going to come down to the QB (whoever it is). They are going to have to complete around 65% of their passes and hit a few big ones. Ole Miss hasn't had to load the box this season (even against Bama). So for LSU to have success threw the air, they are going to have to make Ole Miss bring down an extra defender into the box.
Honestly I don't understand how Vegas comes up with some of these lines. Ole Miss only being a 3 point favorite against LSU is crazy to me. No disrespect to LSU, but there is a reason why Ole Miss is the #3 team in the country with the best defense in the country. All my predictions this year have been extremely close, except for the Memphis game. Last week I predicted the Ole Miss/Tenn score to be 35-6, actual score 34-3. This week my prediction is: Ole Miss 31 LSU 6
Bo Wallace actually does have arm-talent and is pretty damn accurate. He doesn't have the fast delivery. Wallace is the best pure passer in the SEC this year. I'm not saying he is best QB, but when it comes to throwing the ball, Wallace is the best in the SEC.
Actually Ole Miss plays Auburn and MSU at home. So they play their two toughest teams at home. I don't see how Bama is the best bet to get the playoffs or win the SEC. Especially when they have to play Auburn and MSU with already having one loss. Bama would need to win out and hope that Ole Miss collapses by losing two games because Ole Miss holds the head to head win over Bama.
I love how people bring up "Bad Bo" . The writer mentioned that Wallace hasn't turned the ball over in conference play, but IF LSU can put pressure on Wallace he "can" be turnover prone. Well that's like saying LSU QB Jennings "can" be a great passer. It ain't going to happen any time soon.
Right now LSU's biggest problem is at QB. Neither Harris or Jennings is going to be the future for LSU at QB. LSU needs to recruit a good pro-style QB to run their offense. LSU doesn't need to have some great athlete running their offense. They just need a reliable QB that get the ball to their athletes. Everyone knows that LSU has talent, but this year they young and on defense they aren't really that good up the middle with their DT's. It's going to be extremely hard for LSU to beat Ole Miss if they aren't balanced on offense. LSU isn't going to be able to pound the ball on Ole Miss and expect to score.
Well I'm not a Florida fan, but if I was one, I know that I wouldn't want Kliff Kingsbury for sure. He isn't a good head coach and his offensive style wouldn't work in the SEC. The air raid offense will never win championships. I'm not talking about a spread offense. Kingsbury and Mike Leach run an air raid offense. To be competitive year in and year out in the SEC and win NCs, a team needs to be able to run the ball as well as throw the ball, so pretty much be a balanced offense. In the air raid offense, they rarely run the ball and throw the ball on pretty much every down. Florida is a school that can get the best recruits and doesn't need a air raid offense. The best coaches for Florida in my opinion are Bob Stoops, Jim Harbaugh, Dan Mullin or James Franklin. I doubt Florida can get Harbaugh and Stoops might not want to leave the Big 12 because he practically owns the Big 12. I'm not sure if Mullen wants to leave Miss St or not. He has great job security right now at MSU. Hugh Freeze would be a good match for Florida, but he will never leave Ole Miss simply because it is his dream job and he is a Mississippi boy. Plus he has a great thing going and is building Ole Miss into a power.
Fowler and Herbstriet are the best college football analyst and broadcasters. The Big 10 and Pac 12 fans are going to be even more upset because next week College Gameday will be back in Oxford for the Ole Miss/Auburn game.
Nope. The reason Ole Miss played a lot of it's games in Jackson back in the day was because Ole Miss' stadium wasn't as large as it is today and teams didn't want to play in it. The stadium in Jackson has a capacity of 60,000.
I can't wait till Ole Miss bowls in the north endzone starting next year. It still won't be the biggest, but it will increase the capacity to around 70,000.
Right now the Egg Bowl is easily the biggest game, unless both teams collapse.
I'm happy that Fowler and Herbstreit are calling the Ole Miss/LSU game. They are easily my two favorite broadcasters.
@msudawgs55: You're exactly right. They are suppose to pick the 4 BEST teams.
@Dakattack: I bet your parents are really disappointed in you.
@Daniel Taylor: You're exactly right. If Ole Miss and MSU get to the Egg Bowl undefeated and the winner goes on to win the SEC. Then the loser of the Egg Bowl will have only one loss to the #1 team in the country. There won't be a better 1 loss team in the country. So it's a no brainer as who is the best 1 loss team is in the country.
I completely agree. Mizzou is getting to much credit for playing against a horrible Florida team that couldn't be a high school team right now.
Marquis Haynes doesn't even start and is a freshman. He is still undersized at only 6'3 220 lbs, but he is extremely quick and fast. He also does a good job in stopping the run, which is surprising because of his size. Once he adds on more mass he is going to be a true beast.
I hear what your saying. But Jenning or Harris are going to have to be able to complete a lot of passes. So far this year, they have only had one game were they had a completion % that was over 50%. Ole Miss plays a cover 2 most of the time, so it's going to be hard for LSU to complete deep passes. We all know that LSU has plenty of talent and is still a good team. They are just so young. What is hurting LSU this season is the QB play. LSU needs to find them a good pro-style QB to run that offense.
Ole Miss should be a -10 favorite against LSU. LSU relies heavily on their running game to win their games while their passing is really bad. To beat Ole Miss, LSU is going to have to be balanced and are going to have to get a few big plays for TDs. That's a lot easier said that done. This is a bad match up for LSU.