I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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How does it feel to be a loser? I can only imagine how embarrassed your parents are of you. I wish Ole Miss could play Georgia this year, it would be an easy when. We can count on Georgia being overrated.
Dakattack- if I were you ( thank God I'm not) I wouldn't say anything about another school considering you are a MSU fan.
I wouldn't get your hopes up because msu beating OM is a long shot.
Bama is going to lose to Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia and maybe another team.
Ha, Dakattack knows I would beat his ass into a pulp if we ever meet, just like Dak got his ass beat in Florida.
Me too, but until fall practice starts, we should put Treadwell in bubble rap to make sure nothing happens to him.
Georgia hasn't really been relevant in a while. Georgia can't even win an extremely weak East. What has Georgia done or won? Georgia is the Notre Dame of the South, overrated.
This coming from a Georgia fan lol.
All I know about a Patterson is that every camp he has attended, he has been the best QB. He has incredible accuracy and quick release. And to say he is a pocket passer isn't really true, he is extremely athletic and can beat a defense with his legs when he needs to, but he will beat teams with his arm first.
I think if OM can go 1-1 in the state of Alabama, then they have a really good chance at winning the West. But even the home games are going to be tough. But that's what OM has to do if they are going to have a chance at the West.
USC at #9 is a joke. Just like ND, they are overrated every year. It seems like all the media and magazines are pretty consistent when it comes to ranking Ole Miss. Seems like OM is between 10-14 in just about all the preseason rankings.
As much as I hate to say or think about it, TCU put a butt kicking on my Rebels. It sounds like TCU had a great game plan on defense. Offensively, their QB killed us with his scrambling. It seemed liked Ole Miss would get them to 3rd down on every series and he would make a big play. The lack of any offense just killed OM's defense. I'm not sure how big of a difference it would have made if OM would have had Treadwell, Sanders, Tunsil, D. Nkemdiche, or a healthy Bo Wallace, because they had a great game plan. I think with Treadwell and Sanders playing, the score definitely wouldn't have been as bad, but I still think TCU wins fairly easily.
5-star guard Javon Patterson was an early enrollee and went threw spring ball.
I have been saying this since the season was over. DT Breeland Speaks is going to be a monster this year.
Ole Miss vs Vandy? But any team that plays Vandy should blow them out.
So how much money are u Arkansas fans willing to lose? I got Ole Miss by 2 TDs against Arkansas.
Hey, Tennessee still has to thank Ole Miss for its greatest player ever.
Yep, some ppl just aren't born with any common sense. Arkansas fans are beginning to act worst than Bama fan, except they haven't won anything. They think just because they won two SEC games that all of a sudden they are better that most teams in the SEC lol. The only thing they are good at is running the ball. Yes they did beat Ole Miss good last year, but Ole Miss couldn't have played any worse that game. Arkansas doesn't have the overall depth or talent to compete for the West. Oh and as for as the SDS's prediction of Ole Miss' offense being last in the West is crazy. There is way to much talent on that side to not be really good if they get descent QB play. Kelly may have had his troubles off the feel, but there is a reason why he was a top recruit out of HS and the top duel threat Juco QB. Once he learns the whole offense and gets to play behind the starting OL, he will be just fine.
I agree that it's hard to predict the West because every team is pretty good. I don't think there is a clear favorite in the West. I think there are 3 teams that could win the West. Here is my list: 1- Auburn- because of their offense 2- Alabama 3- Ole Miss If either of those teams get desent QB play, then they will be the favorite. 4- MSU- their offense should be pretty good with Dak but depth is a concern on defense. 5- Arkansas- same as MSU, but the offense won't be as explosive and are thin on defense. 6- LSU- they still don't have a QB but the defense will keep them in most games. But depth on the DL is a concern. Texas A&M- still no defense
Are you really that stupid? If there is one team that doesn't deserve any hype it's Georgia. Their defense wasn't any good and ya'll also have an unproven QB.