I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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That's a good combo, but I think Nkemdiche and Cody Prewitt would be the best combo.
With the size and speed of Nkemdiche and Haynes, they would be really tough to beat. I don't think anyone wants to get in the ring with Nkemdiche.
Tony Conner is the 3rd best safety in the country and should be on the first or second All-American team.
I agree, I think everyone knows that Ole Miss is the leader for Dodge.
Actually Ole Miss' secondary is going to be really good next year. At CB will be Tee Shepard, Mike Hilton, Tony Bridges, and Webster. At safety will be Trea Elston, CJ Hampton, And Tony Conner.
No disrespect to Collins, but Prewitt is the best safety in the country. Collins is really good, but he gets a lot love because he plays for Bama. Conner is also a beast at safety.
This doesn't worry me that much because that means that Rod Taylor will start. Taylor is going to be an All American at guard pretty soon. He is probably our best guard right now, he just doesn't know the whole play book yet.
What's scary about Ole Miss' defense is that they are going to be even better next season. All the starters on the DL will be back. At LB, D. Nkemdiche, Christian Russell, M. Gates will be more athletic group. The secondary should again be really good with guys like Tony Conner, Mike Hilton, Trea Elston, and CJ Hampton. Plus with CB Tee Shepard returning a shut down corner. So if anyone thinks Ole Miss'defense isnt going to be as good as they were this year, they are going to be surprised.
Bo Wallace was easily better Hutson. Wallace is a top 3 QB in the SEC.
Ole Miss should be atleast second in the West next year. They return almost their whole team. On offense they return their entire OL, WR's and RB's. The only player they are going to miss is Wallace. On defense they return everyone on the DL. In the secondary they lose Golsen and Prewitt but have plenty of talented players to take their place. The offense and defense should be better next season.
I dont think Ethine knows much about the Ole Miss defense. The defense is probably going to be better overall next year because they will be more experienced as a whole. Plus there will be more depth and talent.
Dak, I noticed that your still butt hurt about that butt whopping Ole Miss put on State. You must be the dumbest person that comments on here because know one agrees with you.
As an Ole Miss fan, I love this match up. There are a ton of great SEC bowl games. If Ole Miss beats TCU, they will have beaten the #1, #4, #6 and #21 ranked teams this year. I can't wait till next season because Ole Miss returns just about the whole team. Everyone on the OL and DL return which is very important.
I still think everyone is over reacting to Ole Miss' loss last week. They still control their own destiny and have the tie breaker over Bama. Everyone is acting like Ole Miss is dead, the same way people did when Bama lost to Ole Miss and Auburn lost to MSU. Everyone needs to remember that Auburn and MSU have to come to Oxford.
Actually Auburn is #3 and Ole Miss is #4, well in the only rankings that matter. I'm guessing this game will in the teens or low 20's. I say that because Ole Miss' defense is to good to let this become a shootout and the Ole Miss offense hasn't been lighting up the score board this season. But I could always be wrong. The team that makes the fewest mistakes and limits the big plays will win this game.
@Bamatime: You could be right, but I'm thinking that if they lose this game it will just be because Auburn out played them. Freeze has always done a great job at making sure his teams are always emotionally ready to play. And as for as injuries, losing Denzel isn't going to hurt that much. He wasn't a starter and Ole Miss has some depth at that position. The only real injury concern is OT Laremy Tunsil and he is expected to play. Now if Ole Miss were to lose him, then that would be devastating to the Ole Miss offense. Especially because center Ben Still is still out and the backup tackle will be at center for this game.
@Bamatime: While I respect your opinion that Auburn will beat Ole Miss, I think everyone is over reacting a bit because Ole Miss lost to LSU 10-7. Ole Miss matches up much better with Auburn compared to LSU, plus the game is in Oxford. While i don't think Ole Miss dominated Bama, Ole Miss deserved to win that game and out played Bama. But saying just because Ole Miss beat Bama doesn't mean Bama sucks either.
I'm really surprised that Brad and Christopher picked Ole Miss to win after losing to LSU. Some people think Auburn is just going to come into Oxford and walk out with a win. Either way, it should be a great game. I think Ole Miss matches up really well against Auburn. Last week the Ole Miss offense just played bad. I'm guessing they go back to letting Bo throw the ball more.
Brendaniler: LSU fans have no room to talk about another teams fans. LSU's fans are probably the worst fans in the SEC.
I remember after Ole Miss fans stormed the field that a lot of LSU fans and other fans were getting all over Ole Miss fans for doing it. Well I guess LSU fans really do think beating Ole Miss is worth rushing the field. Honestly, I don't care if they do or don't. If it's a huge game or upset, they by all means rush the field if you want to.