I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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How about the #1 Juco DT DJ Jones?
Best season in MSU's history and still got curb stomped by Ole Miss lol.
How can anyone not want to watch Ole Miss vs Bama and Auburn. I'm sure Bama wants revenge and I know OM wants to get Auburn after last years game.
First off, I dont think the West takes a step back. But I do agree that as of right now there isn't a complete team in the SEC. But that could change quickly. Alabama has tons of talent but don't have a proven QB, little experience at WR and have to replace 3 OL. Ole Miss doesn't have a proven QB and the OL has had trouble staying healthy. Auburn's defense is unproven and depth is an issue on the DL. They are starting a new QB that has minimal experience. He could be the best QB in the SEC, but no one actually knows how well he will play. LSU has serious issues at QB and little depth and experience on the DL. Arkansas lost its 3 best players on defense and depth could be an issue. Mississippi St lost most of its OL and a ton of production on defense. So depth is a serious issue. A&M still has the same problem, it's defense. They have to have some of their young talent step up. That's what I see as the big issues for the teams in the West right now. I do expect for the teams to fix some or most of the problem before or early in the season. I can't really speak about the East teams because I'm not as knowledgeable about every team in the East.
Ha, keep on dreaming Dak. Wasn't Moo U just on probation?
Yes Ole Miss usually gets some of the top Juco talent within Mississippi, but that isn't what Freeze focuses on. He may not get 5-star players like Bama, but Freeze likes to get top players from around the country.
I know that they are going by 247composite rankings, but if you go by 247sports rankings, Ole Miss' Rod Taylor, CJ Johnson and Javon Patterson were all 5-star recruits. I'm Not sure about other teams players that were ranked 5-stars if you go by 247sports.
AMEN! You are exactly right ATLdawg.
That's exactly right if you look at last years OM team. Hopefully this years OL will stay healthy and the running game should improve a lot. Plus we finally will have two solid power RBs in Jordan Wilkins (6'2 215) and Akeem Judd (6'0 220). Wilkins will be the every down back. Bama does have to replace 3 starters on their OL.
I hear what your saying. Blake Sims had a good year, but Cooper should get a lot of that credit too. But just because Blake had a good season doesn't mean Coker will. Yes Bama has plenty of talent at WR, but very little experience. When I say Kelly has experience, I mean that he has lead a team and played at the college, yes you are right that juco isn't the SEC. I'm just saying that at this point with what both teams are returning, OM looks like they would have the better passing attack at this point. But we all know that things change and don't happen like one would think. I personally think Bama will be just fine. Bama doesn't really need a big time passing attack like say A&M.
Dak didn't do a very good job at defending himself considering he got knock out.
No disrespect to Bama and Kentucky. I don't really know much about Kentucky's WRs or TEs, but I'm not sure if they will be in the top 5 when it comes to passing. As for as Bama, they will be starting a new QB and have very little experience at WR. Ole Miss and Tenn are better choses at this point. Ole Miss has one of the best WR corps in the country and an All-American TE. Plus Kelly has experience (was the #1 juco QB and won the Juco National title). Tenn's Josh Dobb looks to be one of the better QBs in the conference if continues to improve from last year. But that's just my opinion.
When I first heard Tunsil was arrested for DV I almost had a heart attack. Tunsil is the last person I would have expected to get arrested. But now knowing the whole story, I feel a lot better and he did the right thing. If Freeze is going to punish him, he should just make him run a few extra sprints and that's all.
Come on bamatime, did I say OM was going to have the best LB corp? No, but Chris said that OM had a huge problem at LB, which isn't true at all. And if anyone is biased, it's you.
That probably unlikely unless they improve a lot. But they should be ok.
That's true. Butch has done a good job at recruiting Memphis since he got to UT. Ole Miss had a pretty good strong hold on Memphis till Butch got to UT.
I love the size and how athletic OM's CBs are, Shepard is 6'1 and Bridges is 6'2. Watch out for CB Kendarius Webster and safety CJ Hampton.
First off, Ole Miss doesn't have a huge problem at LB at all. Yes, OM doesn't have a lot many big time names at LB, but the guys they do have are pretty good. CJ Johnson will be a beast at MLB this year, it's his natural position. Christian Russell was the #1 juco LB in '14 and got a lot of playing time last year. Denzel Nkemdiche was a freshman All-SEC his freshman season then OM has Demarquis Gates and Terry Caldwell, which are very solid players. So I doubt that Vandy or Kentucky's LB corp is as good as OM's. .
I was about to say the same thing. Haynes never played juco. Last year he was a true freshman and played limited snaps, but stil managed to get 7.5 sacks (most in conference play). This year he will be bigger and more experienced., plus he is the fastest DE in the SEC.