I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 8 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I guess people haven't actually watch Bo Wallace play very much the last two years. He has to be the most underrated QB in the country. He has thrown for 6.500 yards the last two years and has a completion percentage of 64% the last two years. Plus he has been hurt since halfway threw his first season. He only had 5 ints thew his first 10 games last season before his arm basically gave out, and was also dealing with a bad case of the flu his last two games, which were his two worst games of his career. He has lit up LSU the past two season and beat them last year. Bo Wallace will be the and is the best QB this season in the SEC!
Do you think Cam Robinson will have a better freshman season than Ole Miss Laremy Tunsil? Both were the #1 OT recruit in the country in the recruiting class. Personally I just have a really hard time seeing Robinson having the kind of season Tunsil had because Tunsil on gave up one sack while starting at LT the whole season.
Well Brad I don't think Bo Wallace will be the leagues most proficient passer by the end of the season to begin with because he is already the most accomplished QB in the SEC by a mile. Now saying Miss St beats 3 ranked teams is a huge stretch. If I were you Brad, I wouldn't be sipping to much of that Miss St cool aid, I hear it rotting your brain.
The only thing people need to know about Marquis Haynes is that is as fast and quick as a lighting bolt! He isn't an every down player at DE because he only weighs 230 lbs right now. He will come in on passing situations when the coaches want more speed on the field for a pass rush.
I expect Alabama to crush WV's defense. You would figure they would learn that the 3-3-5 doesn't work, not even against weak Big 12 teams. So having 3 small defensive linemen isn't going to stop anyone, especially a team like Alabama.
I don't see Boise St's RB having a good day at all. Ole Miss has the best DL in the SEC and will be all over Boise's QB.
Ole Miss' DL should be high on this list.
Actually, Mark Dodson and Jordan Wilkins are probably the two most talented RB's Ole Miss has and they are both over 200 lbs. They are both every down RBs. So expect them to make a big impact this year. Also Akeem Judd is going to be Ole Miss' big bruiser at 6' 220 and short yardage RB.
Laquon Treadwell was asked what he thought about Boise St's corner backs, he said " they are really small" with a big smile on his face. For everyone watching this game, make sure to watch Ole Miss' DL. The Ole Miss coaches are saying that they expect the DL to dominate and take over the game for Ole Miss.
As an Ole Miss fan, we need to just bring back the powder blue helmets! But the one in this article looks ok too. All of these helmets look pretty good to tell the truth.
I don't understand why people in the media think Texas A&M should be ranked. They have a horrible defense and that's an understatement. If it weren't for Manziel the last two season, A&M is probably no better than a 6-6 team, especially last season. I know they have recruited well, but now one can presume that those recruits are going to come in and dominate in the SEC of all places. Plus, A&M had 3 or 4 starters kicked off their team that were expected to help the defense. So will someone please explain to me why A&M should be ranked?
If I was going to make a Power Ranking for this year, it would look like this: Tier 1 1. Alabama 2. Auburn Tier 2 3. South Carolina 4. Ole Miss 5. Georgia 6. LSU Tier 3 7. MSU 8. Florida 9. Mizzou 10. Texas A&M Tier 4 11. Arkansas 12. Tennessee 13. Vandy 14. Kentucky I have LSU and Georgia lower in Tier 2 because there are two many unknowns and especially at QB.
I know I sound like a homer, but damn Brad. Have you ever heard or seen Robert Nkemdiche? The guy is almost 6'5 and 300 lbs and has a 6-pack and muscles everywhere. He is the most intimidating player college football just from his size and build.
I doubt it because if you ever saw Jerrell Powe play, and he's not even on this list, I'm not sure any of those guys would have made this list. Making this list would be like making it to the college football Hall of Fame when it comes to the 10 best defensive linemen in the SEC during the BCS era.
Maybe he should go to Ferguson, Mo, to hang out with those idiots.
I don't know were you hear that, last year no Ole Miss fan was saying that it was our year because we knew how young and experienced we were. This is year is different because Ole Miss finally has great talent and quality depth, along with experience. But we still aren't playing but a few seniors.
Great write up Jon. I think with Bo finally healthy he should be much improved and put huge numbers. The RB situation is actually really good, Ole Miss doesn't have the one superstar RB, but has 4 or 5 good running backs, Wilkins and Judd should help Ole Miss' power running game, both are 220 lbs. And of course our defense is going to be what wins most of the games for Ole Miss.
When it comes to DT's, Ole Miss Jerrell Powe was probably one of the most feared and dominate DT's to ever play college football. The guy couldn't be block by anyone. For linemen trying to block him, it was trying to block a tank heading at them at full speed, it just wasn't going to happen.
I will admit, that's pretty damn cool. I've been to a few Ole Miss games at LSU and they do have a great stadium, not really a bad set in the house. But I didn't go to the very top thou.