I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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Well at least they got LSU right but they be to generous to LSU. Bama, Ole Miss and Tenn Will be the top teams in the SEC.
This just isn't a good matchup for Georgia. Not only is it in Oxford, but Georgia might be starting a freshman and it will be tough for him against OM's DL. I just don't see Georgia being able to score enough to keep up with OM. If the game was toward the end of the season and in Athens, then Georgia might have a chance.
Yeah I doubt there is anyone that throws it as hard as Brett Favre. Brett could break hands and fingers with his passes lol.
Chris, you need to lay off the LSU coolaid. I can promise you that the main reason LSU didn't throw the ball more was because Harris can't hit the broad side of a barn. And did you really just say that Evan Engram is just a good safety valve? Engram is the best TE in the SEC.
I had a good laugh when I saw LSU on this list because their run defense looks like Swiss cheese most of last year, especially against Ole Miss.
I honestly think Oregon's unis are butt ugly. The worst unis belong to Maryland. While i dont think Bama's unis are ugly, i dont think they are great either. But i still prefer the older traditional unis like Bama and Penn St over unis like Oregon and Maryland. As an Ole Miss fan, i really like our unis. Its hard to go wrong with red, white and navy colors. But my favorite uni of all time is OM's red tops with the powder blue helmets. The only unis i dont care for in the sec are Mizzou, Vandy and SC.
Well this is going to make a lot of MSU and Bama fans mad because we all know they have been praying for a long time that the ncaa gets OM. MSU knows that's the only way MSU will be able to compete with OM. its funny that Msu and Bama fans accuse OM of cheating when both msu and Bama are two of the dirtiest programs in the country. Thr ncaa has already said that Bama is the dirtiest program in the country and msu just got off probation for giving recruits used mustangs lol. Its going to take alot more than used mustangs to get good players to come to Stankville. Unless they the kind of recruits that beat up little girls.
Tony Conner is the best safety in the SEC, if not the country! If he wouldn't have gotten hurt last year he would have been a first round pick.
i like it. Everyone knows that bamatime is a big time bama bandwagon fan and that she has no idea what she is talking about.
Yea thats the game Freeze finally let Kelly run the ball. Allen had a crazy good game throwing the ball but Kelly also had a great game. Kelly was running threw Arkansas' defense like a hot knife threw butter.
Well his record against ranked teams and teams with a winning record is really bad. I personally dont like Mullen but he doesnt lose games he should win but he rarely beats good teams.
The most overrated team in the country is by far LSU. I'm guessing no one watched them play last year. The only really good player they have is Fournette. Tenn should be pretty good this year but I'm not putting any money on them till they actually beat someone that is really good.
I really like Robert Conyers at center. He was having a good season past year at center until he was injuried in the Florida game. He is a mauler and as a senior, he has a ton of experience. With LG Javon Patterson and RG Jordan Sims/Rod Taylor beside him, OM is going to have a great interior OL.
What makes me laugh is ranking OM's defense fifth. Thats just crazy because they are easily top 3, probably second in the West. OM's DL is scary good and with transfer MLB Rommel Magae with OLB Demarquis Gates, the LB unit should be really solid. OM returns both its starting CBs and the best safety in the SEC in Tony Conner.
Bamatime's answer to everything is "well Bama won the NC", even if it has nothing to do with that. And whatever you say, dont say your player is better than a Bama player, he will go nuts.
Ole Miss averaged 5.1 ypc last year, which is pretty good. This year's OL should be OM's best run blocking OL since Freeze has been at OM. With Javon Patterson, Rod Taylor and Jordan Sims at guard and Robert Conyers returning at center, OM's interor is really stout. All of them have a ton of experience and have started several games, plus Patterson and Taylor are former 5-stars and Sims a 4-star. RT Sean Rawlings started the first seven games last year. OM just needs to find a LT and they have 3 good options in Greg Little, Alex Givens and Jeremy Liggins. So for e everyone thinking that OM's OL isnt going to be any good, ignorance is bliss lol.
I actually might be worried if they had OM favored over Bama but we all know what happened the past two years when Bama was favored. If anyone wants to lose some money, just bet on LSU lol.
DT Breeland Speaks should definitely be on this list. He is one of the best DTs in the SEC.
People are going to surprised at just how good OM's DL is this year.