I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I have to disagree with the OM pick for a few reasons. Laremy Tunsil is the most important player on the OM team. If you took Nkemdiche off the DL, the DL would still be just as good, but with less depth. Tunsil plays the most important position on the OL at LT, which is the most important position on the offense behind the QB. Plus Tunsil is the best LT in the country. If OM were to lose Tunsil, it would be a much tougher loss than Nkemdiche.
Ha, I guess Moo U has the lowest paid players. That must be the reason why they suck so much.
Actually the NFL scouts seem to think Engram will be a TE in the pros. Engram is getting bigger and stronger. He is around 240 lbs now and has the best hands in the country.
I don't think QB will be a problem for OM this yr at all. Kelly will be the guy. I know that Juco isn't the SEC, but he threw for 4,000 yards and 47 TDs in one season. That's just crazy! Plus he can run. If OM can improve its running, OM is going to be extremely hard to beat. This year OM will have two big RBs instead of a small RB running the ball all the time. The DL will be a lot bigger and better against the run. With DJ jones (6'1 320) and Breeland Speaks (6'4 315) helping out on the DL. Both are freak athletes. OM has to huge and athletic CBs in Tee Shepard (6'1 195) and Tony Bridges (6'2 190). Freeze says they are both lock down corners. It's going to an exciting season this year for the SEC. Whoever wins the SEC is going to be tough to beat in the playoffs.
I was going to say the same thing. Both Ole Miss and Georgia are lucky to have such great QB's that fit their schemes perfectly. Both are great recruiters for each team.
In the past week OM has landed 4-stars OG Chandler Tuitt and OT Bryce Matthews, to go along with 4-star (depending on with site you look at) RB Pennamon. Freeze and staff has been really busy lately lol.
I hate it when ppl assume that a player that has yet to play a down in college football is going to come in a make a impact straight out of the gate. No one can say for sure that a freshman is going to make an impact. Teams that have a high expectations that are relying on a lot of true freshman to make an impact are set up for some disappointment.
This is scary because I was thinking the same thing as Dakattack lol.
From what I've read about Little, it's a Bama and Ole Miss battle right now. LSU isn't even mentioned with him. And OM is very much in the mix for Gary.
I guess you haven't paid attention the last few years because it's not a surprise that Ole Miss is recruiting at a very high level. In the last week OM has landed a 4-star OG and RB.
Sorry, I didn't see Mullen in that video.
I thought they were done at RB for this class, but I guess you can't pass on a talented kid like him. Plus he has great size with room to grow. This is the 3rd 4-star RB in this class for OM. Now Ole Miss is just waiting on his teammate Deontay Anderson to commit. He is the number 3 safety in the country.
That's not what happened. Ole Miss' defense doesn't abandon gaps, if they did, they would be horrible. The defense actually played fairly well against Arkansas till they finally wore down because the offense couldn't stay on the field. LSU scored only 10 points. TCU did expose the defense, but mainly because they hit big passing plays. Maybe you should go back and watch them play! This year the defense (especially the DL) will be better. The DL will have much more size and athlete with guys like Breeland Speaks (6'4 315), DJ Jones (6'1 320), and Herbert Moore (6'0 325). Then they have Nkemdiche (6'4 290), Woodrow Hamilton (6'3 320), and Issac Gross (6'1 255). Those are all the DT's. The DE's are Fadol Brown 6'4 280, Channing Ward 6'4 275, Marquis Haynes 6'3 235 and John Youngblood 6'3 255. Your going to find it hard to find a better DL. Those guys are the reason why the LBers and DB's can run around and make plays.
Everyone that is buying into the Arkansas hype is going to be disappointed. But I still don't see how LSU is 2nd.
Tony Conner should be on a few list. He is the best safety in the country.
Bamatime- I wouldn't worry about State fans to much. They have an excuse for everything. Their best team EVER couldn't even beat a injury riddled Ole Miss team. I watched the Bama/MSU game, that game was never was in doubt to me for Bama. It does seem like every week that State fans try to come up with something different to call OM.
I actually agree with Pinkel. ND needs to join a conference! ND is the only school that gets special treatment. They get to choose who they play and everything and even have someone one the committee.
Is it me or the kids today just keep getting dumber and dumber? I understand that kids are always going to screw up every now and then but kids today are just complete idiots. I beleive its starts at home with the parents and community.
If that's the biggest problem Ole Miss has, then they are in great shape. That will blow over in a couple of weeks at the most. Sorry Dakattack, your wish isn't going to come true.