I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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LSU is going to the Belk or Music City bowl.
Im glad someone realized that LSU is not a top ten team. They probably arent a yop 15 team. They sucked last year and have the same team with the same bad QB.
How do you not mention Ole Miss' WR unit? They have one of the most talented and deepest WR units in the country.
Well i like his confidence.
The last thing the Obama DOJ needs to be doing is getting involved in college sports. But if they are going to investigate anything, they need to go after those idiots like Black Lives Matter that cause riots and disrupts college campuses.
Eason really needs a redshirt year. He has all the physical tools but after watching him in the spring game and the Army All American game, he isn't quite ready to start. That's probably the biggest difference between Eason and Patterson. Patterson is ready to start his freshman year. That was really obvious during the Army game.
I have to disagree about Kelly. While it would suck to lose him but OM is in greAt at QB. Shea Patterson could start for most teams right now. There was a reason why he was the top ranked QB recruit.
So OM has zero chance to get two WR over a 1000 yards? I'm guessing the odds are more like 50/50 OM will have two WRs over a 1,000 yds.
I know right lol. Ole Miss m might not have a 1,000 yd rusher because they use a RB by committee approach but the could definitely have 2 WRs go over 1,000 yds.
I'm pretty sure Kelly has the biggest arm and is really underrated as a runner. As far as the best freshman/future QB, that would be Shea Patterson. I'm sure Eason knows just how good Patterson is after playing against him in the Army All American game. After watching both Eason and Patterson play, it wasn't even close. The only thing Eason has over Patterson is size (Eason is 6'5, Patterson is 6'2).
I'm a little disappointed in the rings. I was expecting mo
It wasn't Ole Miss that requested a 30 day extension.
The fans going to the game better bring their bino's because if they don't then they are going to have a hard time seeing what is going on. I wouldn't want to watch a game from there just because everyone is going to be really far from the field.
Bama may have another really good team but I doubt they have the best WR corp because Ole Miss has the best and deepest WR corp probably in the country.
I think that's wishful thinking because all the signs say that Mullen wants to leave. If he wanted to stay so bad then he wouldn't be putting his name out and interviewing for every job opening. On top of that, Mullen can't keep assistant coaches.
I guess the writer had to pick a few QBs to put on this list but there is only one QB on this list that has a chance and that's Dobbs.
I think the college game needs to stay as far away from the nfl as possible, even their stadiums. Plus college stadiums are a better experience.
Every year we have to listen to the media hype up LSU. So since LSU hired a new defensive coordinator they are all of a suddenly going to have a top defense? Their secondary might be pretty good but lsu's DL wasn't that greAt last year. The only good DT they have with experience is Godchuax.
As much as I would love for them to bring back the game, I understand why they won't. Its because every college football player is going to want to be paid, even though they shouldn't because they knew the rules when they accepted that scholarship.
How stupid can Manziel be? It seems like every other kid nowadays is another Johnny Manziel.