I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I still think everyone is over reacting to Ole Miss' loss last week. They still control their own destiny and have the tie breaker over Bama. Everyone is acting like Ole Miss is dead, the same way people did when Bama lost to Ole Miss and Auburn lost to MSU. Everyone needs to remember that Auburn and MSU have to come to Oxford.
Actually Auburn is #3 and Ole Miss is #4, well in the only rankings that matter. I'm guessing this game will in the teens or low 20's. I say that because Ole Miss' defense is to good to let this become a shootout and the Ole Miss offense hasn't been lighting up the score board this season. But I could always be wrong. The team that makes the fewest mistakes and limits the big plays will win this game.
@Bamatime: You could be right, but I'm thinking that if they lose this game it will just be because Auburn out played them. Freeze has always done a great job at making sure his teams are always emotionally ready to play. And as for as injuries, losing Denzel isn't going to hurt that much. He wasn't a starter and Ole Miss has some depth at that position. The only real injury concern is OT Laremy Tunsil and he is expected to play. Now if Ole Miss were to lose him, then that would be devastating to the Ole Miss offense. Especially because center Ben Still is still out and the backup tackle will be at center for this game.
@Bamatime: While I respect your opinion that Auburn will beat Ole Miss, I think everyone is over reacting a bit because Ole Miss lost to LSU 10-7. Ole Miss matches up much better with Auburn compared to LSU, plus the game is in Oxford. While i don't think Ole Miss dominated Bama, Ole Miss deserved to win that game and out played Bama. But saying just because Ole Miss beat Bama doesn't mean Bama sucks either.
I'm really surprised that Brad and Christopher picked Ole Miss to win after losing to LSU. Some people think Auburn is just going to come into Oxford and walk out with a win. Either way, it should be a great game. I think Ole Miss matches up really well against Auburn. Last week the Ole Miss offense just played bad. I'm guessing they go back to letting Bo throw the ball more.
Brendaniler: LSU fans have no room to talk about another teams fans. LSU's fans are probably the worst fans in the SEC.
I remember after Ole Miss fans stormed the field that a lot of LSU fans and other fans were getting all over Ole Miss fans for doing it. Well I guess LSU fans really do think beating Ole Miss is worth rushing the field. Honestly, I don't care if they do or don't. If it's a huge game or upset, they by all means rush the field if you want to.
Well it sucks to lose Denzel, but the good news is that Ole Miss still has some depth at that position. Denzel was Serdaruis Bryant's back up this year and Keith Lewis can play both inside and outside LB. So while it sucks losing him, it probably want hurt much if any at all.
Well as an Ole Miss it sucks because we just lost. But the good news is that Ole Miss is still in control of their own destiny. If they win out they will got to the SECCG and in the playoffs. Ole Miss would hold head to head wins over Alabama, MSU, and Auburn. I have to give credit to LSU, because they came out and played their best game of the year. Ole Miss played a bad game and deserved to lose.
Idiot ^^^^ It still doesn't matter because Ole Miss is going to beat MSU. Ole Miss had a bad game, but Ole Miss still controls their own destiny to the SECCG and playoffs.
I guess beating Florida and Kentucky makes any team look good lol. I guess everyone has forgotten the beat downs Auburn and MSU put on LSU.
I have always disliked the targeting rule because on every big hit now days, there is a flag. I don't think just because a player's helmet hits the other player's helmet it is targeting. Almost every tackle a player's helmet makes contact with the other player's helmet. The targeting rule is for politically correctness. As long as the defensive player leads with his shoulder, there should be NO foul! All these "safety rules" are ruining football.
So LSU is going to push Ole Miss to the brink because they beat Florida and Kentucky? I guess Ole Miss is going to have to prove how good they are every week. LSU is going to struggle a lot to score against Ole Miss' defense.
I honestly wasn't that worried about losing to LSU, but now that Corso picked LSU to win, I am even more confident that Ole Miss will win, if that is even possible to more confident than I already am.
After taking a another quick look at Florida's RB's, you're right about the RB position. Florida does have a lot of talented RBs. Ole Miss has a lot of good, reliable RBs, but right now our guards on the OL don't fit Ole Miss' offensive scheme. Ole Miss loves to pull it's linemen, but both of the guards are well over 330 lbs, so they have trouble pulling and getting out in front. I agree about what you said about Driskel, he is just bad right now. While I do think Ole Miss has a lot of great WRs and TE, Florida does have talent at those positions too, because we are talking Florida and they will always have talent. But like I said before, if Bo Wallace was the QB at Florida this year, I believe Florida would win the East.
Ole Miss 31 LSU 6 So far this year, only one of my predictions has been off and it wasn't by a lot. LSU's one dimensional offense is going to struggle a lot against the Ole Miss defense. The way I came up with 31 points for OM is that I believe LSU's defense is similar to Tenn's defense. Except LSU is weaker on the DL and at LB compared to Tenn. Plus, Ole Miss is going to score their points and the defense may even score at TD.
Great article Murf. People don't realize that Wallace has put up really good numbers his whole career and just focus on the INTs. I really do believe if was the QB for Florida this year, Florida would win the East. Bo Wallace's biggest problem during his career at Ole Miss was him trying to do to much with the ball and that is what got him in trouble. Now he realizes that he doesn't have to do a lot to win games because of Ole Miss' defense. But he still can light up the score board if Ole Miss needs him too.
@Daniel Taylor: First off, you're an idiot. Secondly, Bo Wallace set just about every juco QB record there was while he was at East Mississippi, and one the National Championship. When Wallace was at East Mississippi, they threw the ball just about every play and here are his stats: 502 attempts 336 completions 67% PCT 14 INTs 4,604 passing yards 53 TDs 61 rushing attempts for 206 yards That was all in one season.
@weagleweagle: That has to be the dumbest comment I have ever heard in my entire life. Well at least everyone knows that you are one of the dumbest people that comment on here.
I think people are really underestimating Ole Miss' offense, especially the running game. Ole Miss doesn't have a power running game, but Ole Miss is very a very balanced offense. Yes they do struggle sometimes running between the tackles, but they do a good job at keeping defenses honest. And more often than not, Ole Miss usually pops a few big runs every game. But make not mistake about it, Ole Miss can light up the score board with Bo Wallace. They just haven't had to do that this year.