I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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OM should have run Kelly more. Kelly didn't start running the ball till the Arkansas game. The only time they let Kelly run the ball before then was really only near the goal line in games. You're right about OM's offense, it should still be really good next year. The defense should still be stout in the front seven. With guys like DE Haynes, DE, Fadol Brown, DE Youngblood, DE Victor Evans and DE Garrald McDowell, at DT, Breeland Speaks is a beast, DJ Jones has had a really good season. Plus OM will get Issac Gross and Herbert Moore back after season ending injuries. LB Gates is going to be a star in the OM defense. He has had a great season. OM will return it's starting CB in Bridges and Webster. Huskie Tony Conner is coming back. At safety CJ Hampton will return. The good news is OM has plenty of DBs. MSU needs to fix there OL. They need to get more athletic big guys. The QB Fitzgerald looked good in the few snaps I saw of him.
What about Nkemdiche? He had a great game and was all over Dak the whole game. I think he had 3 sacks.
If I had to come up with a power ranking, this is what it would look like: 1- Bama 2- Ole Miss 3- Tenn 4- Arkansas 5- MSU 6- LSU 7- Georgia 8- Auburn 9- Texas A&M 10- Florida 11- South Carolina 12- Kentucky 13- Vandy 14- Mizzou This is based on how teams are playing and look right now. The reason I have Florida so low is because I don't think the can beat many teams with the lack of offense they have right now. If the still had Will Grier, then they would definitely be in the top 4.
Vol4L1992- you must not understand how the bowl games work The Sugar Bowl takes the winner of the SEC game, unless that team goes to the playoffs. If that happens, the pick the 2nd highest RANKED team in the College Football Playoff Poll! It has nothing to do with conference record.
Kelly has been the best QB all year in the SEC. He beat Bama, LSU, MSU, A&M, and Auburn. He also had a crazy good game against Arkansas. OM only had the ball for 18 mins, while Ark had the ball for 42 mins. OM scored 52 points!!! That's how good he was in that game. Next year Kelly is going to almost be unstoppable with all the talent he is going to have around him.
I personally want OM to play Ohio St but it looks like we will have to play a Big 12 team. We owe TCU an ass whooping.
Nkemdiche had 3 sacks and several tackles against MSU, I think he deserves to be on this list.
While I admire him for staying true to his beliefs, but he must have some really strong self control. I wish I was a better Christian. But I can promise you that if a some guy said he broke up with a girl because she wouldn't have sex, everyone would be all over him!
Yea, blitzing Kelly isn't a great idea. Arkansas tried that and got burnt all game. What pisses me off is that the OM coaching staff didn't start running Kelly till the Arkansas game.
The word out of Oxford is that Kelly, Engram and Conner are all coming back. So the offense will still be loaded come next season, especially with Judd and Wilkins at RB. All OM really needs is for someone to replace Tunsil. Freshman Sean Rawlings did a good of feeling in at RT for half the season while Tunsil was out. It looks like 5-star Greg Little will be OMs next LT. He is predicted to sign with OM. The interior of the OL should be a strong spot with So Rod Taylor, Fr Javon Patterson (both former 5-stars) and Fr Jordan Sims. Patterson started at LG for most of the year, Taylor has been hurt all season but still played. Sims has really emerged the last few game and started the last two. At center, Robert Conyers will be back, he was the starter till he was injured. And of course OM is loaded at WR.
I use to not really care for Ark one way or the other, but now i really hate them!
Not much love for Ole Miss in either poll. Iowa isn't a top 20 team and is going to get killed by whoever they play. The same with Northwestern and North Carolina.
I'm a little surprised that Huge Freeze wasn't listed. But there is very little chance he ever leaves Ole Miss considering it's his dream job and he grew up just outside of Oxford. But Georgia is a great job. It's has great facilities, a great recruiting base, and is in the SEC East.
The the Ohio St, not the team from the Big 12 lol. Not sure if you were t sure lol. But yea, I hope we did learn our lesson.
The Sugar Bowl goes to the 2nd highest ranked team in the SEC in the polls. That will be Ole Miss. So they can't take Florida, even if they wanted to.
I gotta call him out: Where is that idiot DAKATTACK? I just want to say Hotty Damn Toddy!!! Suck it!!!
Now don't act like a lot of MSU fans wouldn't be on here rubbing our nose in the dirt if MSU would have won. Actually, I would be a little disappointed if they didn't.
Like I said the other day, OM's OL has really been good since Tunsil returned. When we played Florida, OM started 3 freshmen and the whole line was make shift because of injuries. Freshman guard Jordan Sims has really stepped up and has started the last few games. Guards Javon Patterson and Rod Taylor (both former 5-stars) have played a ton and started several games. RT Fahn Cooper is a as solid of a RT as their is in the SEC.
I don't know how Georgia looks so bad with that much talent. Georgia should be a much better team.