I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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OM has a pretty big advantage offensively over FSU as a whole unit. Plus I love how Ole Miss matches up defensively against their offense. FSU is a heavy run offense (aka LSU) with a freshman QB with zero experience. OM biggest strength is it's DL and stopping the run! OM's weakest group is it's safeties and Fsu's weakness is it's passing game (QB). This is a great matchup for OM.
Well I guess it will be a bigger shock to them when Ole Miss runs them out of the stadium.
How is Mullets so high? He has been at Moo U for seven or eight years and still can't beat anyone but cupcakes. I guess that's why no one will hire him because he has interviewed for every job opening.
Does anyone at SDS do ANY research? Jr Rod Taylor (a former 5-star) is going to start at LT. He has moved from guard to LT. Alex Givens has been taking 2nd string reps at RT but he can play both tackle spots, and he was rated a 4-star coming out of HS. Little has been taking 2nd string snaps at LT. Ole Miss OL is a lot better than most believe it to be, especially at guard with Patterson and Sims.
Speaks is just a beast. He is just a much bigger version if Isaac Gross and just as athletic. Speaks was a monster against Oklahoma St in the Sugar Bowl. With Speaks at DT and DJ Jones at NT, that's one hell of a duo. And then opponents have to deal with DE Marquis Haynes on the outside. OM's DL is going to be a bigger, deeper and more athletic group with guys like Isaac Gross, Benito Jones, Ross Donnelly, Coartney, and Herbert Moore backing up Speaks and Jones. That's not even counting OM's backup DE's. This could be OM's best DL Freeze has had.
Ole Miss' facilities are as good as anyone's in the country.
It amazes me how little these so called "experts" know. OM is more likely to blowout FSU than to lose. OM has a huge edge offensively with Kelly and his WR/TEs. Plus ppl are going to be surprised at just how good OM's OL is this year. All 5 starters have started and played a lot. Defensively, OM and FSU will boast top 10 DL's. FSU has the edge in the secondary. But since FSU is a one dimensional team and starting a true freshman with 0 EXPERIENCE! OM plays the run really good and has played against better RBs. Overall, I just don't see how FSU puts up enough points to stay up with OM's offense. Ole Miss 35 FSU 17
I would suggest ppl to bet big on OM to beat FSU. First off, OM has Kelly and FSU is starting a QB with 0 experience. So offensively OM has a pretty big edge over FSU. FSU is a one dimensional offense. On defense, both teams have top 10 DLs. FSU has the better secondary. OM always plays the run really well and that's Fsu's only strength on offense. I just don't see FSU keeping up with OM on the score board. Especially if FSU can't make OM respect their passing game.
John, u do realize that Stringfellow, Adeboyijo, Engram, Pack and Jones aren't " youngens? You act like Kelly is the only one on OM's offense. Like I said before, u need to find a different job or do some research.
Wow, Mullen is just killing it against ranked teams lol.
As usual, Jon is dead wrong. First off Kelly just has to do what he has always done and OM's cast at WR/TE are as good as anyone's in the country. Plus OM's front seven is really good. So I hate to burst ur little bubble John but OM has way more than just Kelly. I u actually knew what u were talking about u would know that. LSU is not a contender.
Wow, u Moo U fans are really praying that the ncaa drops the hammer lol. I got some bad news for yall, it ain't going to happen and OM is going to continue to beat the crap out of Moo U. If I was a moo u fan, I wouldn't even watch this years Egg Bowl because it's going to be really ugly for State.
It's funny that Moo U has NO chance to sign Akers lol.
LSU is definitely working there way up to being as overrated as Notre Dame this year.
Tack- OM is going to run the ball right threw LSU's weak and paper thin DL.
They didn't even mention OM's freshmen WRs in DK Metcalf (6'4 218) and AJ Brown (6'2 220), plus TE Octavious Cooley (6'4 247). Metcalf and Brown would probably start for 90% of the teams in the country. There isn't a WR/TE unit that as deep/talented as OM's.
It's crazy at how much young talent OM has right now. If Bama doesn't find a QB, OM will win the West with A&M coming in at 3rd.
LSU better be careful because if they lose Fournette, then their season will truly be down the drain, because who else would get the ball EVERY play?
You've got to be joking about LSU? How are they one of the best pass rushing teams in the SEC with a paper thin and weak DL?
Now y'all understand why I think John is one of the worst writers on here. He doesn't really do any research or watch film. All he does is assume that since one good player left, that that team will suck. John has a hard on for LSU, which has more question marks than any team. LSU has a huge question mark at QB. Well it isn't really a question mark since everyone already knows that Harris sucks. Plus LSU's DL is paper thin and just not very good (and already lost a starter and key backup). I also wouldn't call LSU's OL great either because they got exposed a lot last year. Lastly , LSU's head coach should be considered a weakness because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he is going to do and he isn't going to change. The ONLY reason they are being put in the top 10 is because of their name.