I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 8 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I would have to agree with you on this one Brad. As for as the Bama/Florida game, I think Bama will win of course, but I think this could end up being a low scoring game. I think the only way Florida has a chance of winning is throwing the ball and hitting some deep passes. Because the weak point on the Bama defense is it's secondary, but Florida Driskel hasn't proven he can win a game by throwing the ball. As for as the MSU/LSU game, as much as hate to say this, I'm predicting MSU to win. I think Prescott and MSU's offense will be able to score enough points to win. LSU's doesn't have a QB that scares any team and that will cost them this game. LSU is going to try and pound the ball all game, but MSU is built to stop a team like LSU. MSU has a big front seven that is good against the run.
@Murf, well I guess we are going to have to disagree on this one. It sucks that Ole Miss doesn't have it's most talented CB playing this season in Tee Shepard. Golson and Hilton my be small in height, but have you seen them play? Golson is playing lights out with 3 Ints, Hilton has 2 ints. I can see were you think that LSU's DBs project in the NFL, but as a group in college, Prewitt, Conner, Elston, Golson, and Hilton are a better overall group and in my opinion, they are playing a lot better. LSU's secondary hasn't even been challenged. Wisconsin doesn't know what a forward pass looks like, and Sam Houston St and ULM aren't much better. I'm not saying Ole Miss has played against great QB's, but Boise St and ULL had pretty decent QB's.
Why does everyone think that Hilton plays the Husky position? He plays corner, Tony Conner has played the Husky position since last season. Plus, if you watch the games you will notice that he is at the CB position.
It's a little to early to say if he is the best QB. If he plays like he did against USC the rest of the season, then he will be one of the top QBs in the country. But lets wait till he faces a real defense first.
@MuGamer: That's funny coming from a Mizzou fan. At least Wallace can complete more than 50% of his passes. Bo has the highest completion percentage of QB in the country at 75%, and he's not throwing bubble screens. Also, last time I checked, Mauk throws a lot of INTs too.
Actually Brian, Ole Miss looks like the team that might get Lodge. Lodge is a Mississippi native and grew up an Ole Miss fan. The person he talks to the most is Ole Miss' star receiver Laquon Treadwell, and Lodge talked to Treadwell on Tuesday. Lodge has always been extremely high on Ole Miss and talks about them a lot.
I think Bo Wallace in the only QB in the country that has deal with this crap. He could throw for 500 yards against Bama and people would still try and find something wrong with him. Wallace is completing 75% of passes for over 700 yards in two games (he only played the first half in the last two games).
I hate to say this, but I think MSU wins this game. I think both teams are good, but from what I seen, LSU has the most glaring weakness. That's their QB, he doesn't scare anyone at all. Everyone knows LSU is going to run the ball, but I think MSU has the front seven to stop or slow down the LSU running game. MSU has Prescott, and while he's not the most polished passer, he is more than capable. So I think the MSU has the better offense and it's a push on the defenses. I'm going to get a lot heat from this pick lol.
Murf, I found something I have to strongly disagree with you on. I have to say Ole Miss' secondary is much better than LSU's secondary. Plus, you have to look at who each team has played. LSU hasn't played anyone that can throw the ball. Wisconsin couldn't complete a pass against air and I doubt Sam Houston St or ULM could either.
Davon Godchuax wanted to play at Ole Miss, but his mom wouldn't sign his papers. So it looks like LSU got a good one.
I tend to think a lot of people are over reacting about Ole Miss' OL struggles. You have to remember that this OL is new and hasn't played together, so there wasn't any chemistry when they played against Boise St. They have continued to improve every week. Over half the penalties came in the first game and only had one or two in the last two games. Also, the OL starters only played the first two quarters in the last two games. The problem has been chemistry because the OL has plenty of talent and experience. They just haven't played together as a whole. I remember last year when Bama had to rebuild their OL and they didn't look great in their first couple of games, but they continued to get better and better. I tend to think that is the same case with Ole Miss' OL.
@brainbrenner: I bet you wish you would have had Bo when ya'll played USC. After all, he is completing 75% of passes has has thrown for 700+ yards in two games (He only played the first two quarters of the last two games).
@FkUGumby: Someone is still a little sore about getting their butts kick. If I were a Georgia fan right now, I would worry about my own team.
I think the OL will continue to keep getting better. You have to remember that this is a new OL that hasn't played together. So they don't have any chemistry. I remember the same thing happened with Bama's OL last year when they rebuilt their OL. Ole Miss has talent on the OL and plenty size
Just to clear somethings up, you have to realize that in the last two games, Ole Miss' first team offense has only play in the first half of both games. So a ton of 2nd and 3rd strings were playing. So a lot of those TFLs came in the second half of those games. Also, Bo Wallace could have put some crazy numbers if they would have left in those last two games. He had throw for 300 yards in the first half against ULL, so he could have had easily 200 or 300 more yards passing that game. And when you talk about Ole Miss' RBs, you have to remember that Ole Miss splits up it carries between 5 difference backs. So none of them are going to have huge numbers.
Wolfman, I don't really know how to respond to such a stupid statement. I think we are all dumber for reading it. Every time I read something that has to do with the SEC I see a ton of post from Mizzou fans crying about how they aren't getting enough respect.
Actually Hilton is Ole Miss' starting CB, and hasn't played much if any at Husky. AJ Moore is Tony Conner's backup at Husky. Moore is a freshman that has played extremely well.
I think it's easy to say that Ole Miss has the best secondary in the SEC. They have 8 INTs so far and they don't give up anything deep. Plus they will punish WRs when they do finally catch a pass.
Ole Miss' Senquez Golson should be on this list as a stud. He had two INTs and one was a pick 6 he ran back for 59 yards. And it wasn't an easy pick either because he had to go up and threw the WR to snag the ball away from the WR. Ole Miss leads the country in INTs.
I hope you buying stock in Bo Wallace. He has only played on full game. The last two games he has only play into the 3rd quarter. Actually he has played in the first series in the 3rd quarter and came out the last two games. If he would have stayed in like a lot of these QBs have against lesser opponents, he would have some ridiculous stats.