I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I hear ya, but it really won't be a surprise if Mageo steps up and plays really well at MLB. He started two years in the Pac 12 and led OSU in tackles the past two years. So I don't think its a stretch to see him starting and playing really well in our defense. Also Bing-Dukes should provide quality depth at MLB. He was another big pick up. Plus we all know how good Gates is at OLB and Caldwell is a good backup at OLB. So overall, I think the LB unit will be much improved this year. OM's front seven is going to be NASTY! Teams that don't have a good passing game and equally good run game are going to have a really difficult time beating OM. Teams that are run heavy without a good QB aren't going to fair very well against OM.
That actually is a pretty good list if ur talking about all time records.
Ppl are really underestimating OM's defense, especially the DL. It's going to be hard to find a better DT duo in DJ Jones (6'1 320) and Breeland Speaks (6'4 310). And there is plenty of depth at the DT spot with Isaac Gross, Benito Jones, Ross Donnelly and Herbert Moore.
Good ole Bamatime- I still see your making excuses. Fluker admitted to being paid. And why would Fluker lie about it after so long and why would someone hack his Twitter and say that he was paid after so long? Fluker's Twitter wasn't hack and it's true, he was paid. So what should the punishment be for Saban and Bama be? Ole Miss spent 13K (that includes tickets, car rides, hotels) over a 3 yr period. Bama paid Fluker 100K!!! That's just one player.
The reason why Oklahoma is so high is because they are usually ranked really high every year to start the season and rarely live up to those rankings, plus they have an advantage of playing in a weak conference. Plus I really dislike Stoops and Oklahoma. LSU barely made the list but after looking at them closer, I probably wouldn't have them on my list. Nebraska has become irrelevant and I doubt they every recover, at least not in our life time. I almost put Oregon at 1 or 2. They never had a chance because they don't play defense and when they played a SEC team, their offense was shut down.
If I had to list the most overrated teams, it would look like this: Notre Same is by FAR the most overrated team ever but after them, I would list them in this order. 1- Oklahoma 2- Georgia 3- Oregon 4- Miami 5- USC 6- Texas 7- Nebraska 8- LSU 9- UCLA 10- Michigan
Super conferences are a horrible idea. besides money, what's the point in having so many teams in a conference? 14 teams is almost to big, because they would rarely play one another. I like the fact that being part of the SEC still means a lot. If we are going to just let everyone and anyone in, it only hurts the conference. I would rather we get rid of a team or two than add on.
Bamatime- What is the punishment for paying a player $100K? It should be the death penalty right?
Benefits (tickets, hotels, cars) and that was over a 3 year period. So should Bama get the death penalty?
Bamatime- So what kind of punishment should Saban and Alabama get? If he will pay $100K to just one player, one would have to assume that he is paying a lot more players. And then you have to take into account the amount of money, $100k, which is ALOT! OM only spent $13k, counting all the extra
Ha, you do realize that Ole Miss is probability going to destroy Georgia this year. Plus a Georgia fan calling any team overrated is hilarious.
What about Saban? He paid his former OT $100K. And that's not even debatable because the player admitted it. I'm also pretty sure u already know what the NCAA has said about Alabama, that Bama is the most corrupt and dirtiest program in the country.
Every time I hear someone talking about the SEC expanding again, I want to throw up! Why the hell does the SEC need to add more teams? We didn't need A&M and Mizzou, but I can live with 14 teams but that's enough. All this talk of super conferences is just STUPID and I pray it never happens. What's the freaking point of having that many teams in one conference anyway? Also, why would the SEC want OU and OSU? OU is overrated.
My problem with Mullen and MSU is not that they kept him but the one game punishment. He should have been suspended at least 6 games. It doesn't matter that he wasn't enrolled at MSU.
I wasnt sure about Kelly when Freeze recruited him because of his bad choices but he has really done a 180 and has really become a leader and a good teammate/player.
Thanks, Gates is definitely one better OLBer . Hopefully Oregon St grad transfer Rommel Mageo will come in and take over at MLB. Mageo was a stud at Oregon St and led them in tackles. But if Mageo can't, then Gates will probably move to the middle. But Gates is best at OLB.
I'm sure Chad Kelly is really happy to have to the best TE in the SEC to throw to.
Engram is definitely the best TE, the reason Howard is on the first team is because this is a huge popularity contest.
Gates should have a huge season at OLB. He is certainly one of the better OLBers in the country. OM should have a good LB unit with Gates and Mageo.
No one in MS (besides Moo U fans) listens to Bo Bounds because he is a complete idiot. He and C34 have always hated OM. There is NOTHING fair and balanced about Bo Bounds. He has been saying for years that OM was going to get the death penalty.