I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 8 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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Well as an Ole Miss fan, I'm glad that Auburn's defense still sucks.
Ole Miss had two WRs go for over 100 yards, Treadwell and Cody Core. I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot MSU fans posting about their team Dak Prescott because they beat up on 117th best team in the country lol. That team has won all of 1 game the past 2 years.
I'm not one to over react to how teams play in game one, I hear a lot of people saying Ole Miss is going to suck because Wallace had a bad first half against Boise. But that's crazy talk. He calmed down in the second half and showed what he could do. Right now, Ole Miss has the best looking defense in the SEC West by far. Georgia is going to be really hard to beat by the end of the season, because their QB is going to keep better. So as long as they stay healthy, they should be fine. I'm still trying to figure out if USC is really that bad, or if A&M is that good. I wasn't buying into USC being the #9 team in the country to begin with because they lost a ton on defense and a really go QB.
While everyone was over reacting to about Bo Wallace's first half against a scrappy Boise St team, Bama and LSU looked really bad. Bama no longer has a top defense and LSU's offense just sucks. Auburn's defense isn't near as good as THEY thought. Teams like Ohio St and UCLA shouldn't be anywhere close to the top ten. Georgia looked really impressive in the second half against Clemson. If they continue to play like that, they are a legit playoff contender.
Thanks for proving what an idiot you are, now we all know not to take anything you say seriously. I think we expect to hear stupid stuff like this from Moo U fans, but I guess Bama fans are just as stupid. I honestly laughed when I read that post, because it was funny and stupid.
I hate the rule because I don't think the player should be ejected! Plus, it was like it was really that bad. Before long football will be two hand touch because they don't want anyone getting hurt. So if you hit someone to hard they might get hurt. I'm really surprised that all they bone crushing hits that Ole Miss was giving out during the game didn't draw any flags, not because they were actually a foul, but because they were actually really hard hits! Bryant's hit on the QB wasn't that bad, he caught the QB on the bottom side of helmet and he didn't really spear him with the very top of his helmet. Bryant is a short LB, so when he does go to hit someone, most of the time it will look like he is spearing them. I hate the term targeting, because that is what every player is doing when they are going to tackle someone. But whatever, before long this will be a two hand touch sport!
So what happens if Bama's QBs don't look impressive against WV Bama fans? Are we going to say they suck? It's the first game, so I know enough not to worry about it too much. Just like with Bo Wallace, he wasn't sharp at all in the first half, but he he looked pretty good in the second half. People are going crazy if teams don't look great in the first. IT'S THE FIRST GAME! Everyone isn't going to be playing at their best in week one. So if anyone really thinks Bo Wallace sucks, then your really ignorant. I know most Moo U fans are anyway, but no one really cares what they think.
Actually Ole Miss only gave up 13 points and the only TD they gave up was in garbage time against a lot of back up players. This article is mostly crap, because it was the first game of the season for all these teams. I do admit that Vandy looked horrible and should be an easy win for just about everyone. Right now I don't know what to think about USC or A&M. I know I never bought in that USC was going to be as good as everyone was saying because they last a ton on defense and a really good QB. Ole Miss will be just fine, Bo Wallace was just shaking off the rust, but once he did, he showed just what he could do. Plus, Ole Miss has one of the best defenses in the country and they love to hit!
I think a lot of ya'll are really over reacting about Ole Miss. If you watch the game, then you saw one of the best defenses in the country which is only going to continue to get better and better. Yes Bo Wallace had a horrible first half, but damn, it was the first game of the season. When he calmed down in the second half he showed what he could do. Ole Miss is starting 3 new linemen and it's going to take them a few games to gel. They did a good job at pass blocking all night. Ole Miss did have trouble running the ball, but the Ole Miss coaches said after the game that Boise St was loading the box the whole game because they didn't want Ole Miss to run the ball. But the OL will get better. Plus, I guess a lot of ya'll don't like Ole Miss, Boise St is a pretty good team and really scrappy team. If anyone thinks Ole Miss is going to be an easy win, they you are just stupid. I have to admit, I was wrong about A&M, but I have been saying for a while that I wasn't buying in to USC being as good as a lot of people thought. But once again for all you people, it's JUST WEEK ONE!
Please, that A&M hit on the USC WR shouldn't even be mentioned with the hits Ole Miss was giving out against Boise St.
I guess all those people were right about Ole Miss' defense, they are the best in the SEC. Even without several key plays they were dominate. The scary part is that they are only going to get a lot better. They are only starting 3 seniors and are rotating 10 guys in on the DL. People shouldn't worry about Wallace because he will showed what he can do in the second half. It was the first game and it just took him a little while to get going. The OL did a good job of pass blocking. Ole Miss had trouble running the ball but the coaches said after the game that Boise was loading the box the whole game because they were going to make sure that Ole Miss couldn't run the ball. So the OL should continue to gel together and get better.
Ha, this coming a Georgia fan. At least Ole Miss has a the best defense in the SEC. Georgia will probably lose again to an overrated Clemson team.
You must really hate Ole Miss because that's the only thing you have proved. Ole Miss' defense is going to put a hurt on Bama's offense this year. It was the first game of the season, if i recall, didn't Bama struggle a lot worst against a horrible VT team last year? At least Boise is a pretty decent team. All I know is that you're an idiot.
Miss St fans aren't going to be happy about this lol.
Haha, that's typical of Serderius Byant. The guy is a baller and a heat seeking missile.
Everyone has something, but no one has the Grove! Plus Ole Miss has this (it will give you chills)
I guess people haven't actually watch Bo Wallace play very much the last two years. He has to be the most underrated QB in the country. He has thrown for 6.500 yards the last two years and has a completion percentage of 64% the last two years. Plus he has been hurt since halfway threw his first season. He only had 5 ints thew his first 10 games last season before his arm basically gave out, and was also dealing with a bad case of the flu his last two games, which were his two worst games of his career. He has lit up LSU the past two season and beat them last year. Bo Wallace will be the and is the best QB this season in the SEC!
Do you think Cam Robinson will have a better freshman season than Ole Miss Laremy Tunsil? Both were the #1 OT recruit in the country in the recruiting class. Personally I just have a really hard time seeing Robinson having the kind of season Tunsil had because Tunsil on gave up one sack while starting at LT the whole season.
Well Brad I don't think Bo Wallace will be the leagues most proficient passer by the end of the season to begin with because he is already the most accomplished QB in the SEC by a mile. Now saying Miss St beats 3 ranked teams is a huge stretch. If I were you Brad, I wouldn't be sipping to much of that Miss St cool aid, I hear it rotting your brain.
The only thing people need to know about Marquis Haynes is that is as fast and quick as a lighting bolt! He isn't an every down player at DE because he only weighs 230 lbs right now. He will come in on passing situations when the coaches want more speed on the field for a pass rush.