I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I have never said that this years QB for OM was going to be great. I do think they will be able to get the job done. And last year Bo Wallace was the best QB coming back. I never said he was great, he was no Eli Manning. Other than that, I give my honest opinion. But you have to remember that Wallace didn't get much help from his OL with a running game. But at the end of the year I would say he was slightly an above average QB.
And Bama fans talk about Ole Miss QBs lol. But on a serious note, I watched the Bama spring game and they look a lot like Ole Miss in the fact that they both have elite defenses and are replacing their QBs. Both offenses should look much better come fall when they have all their starters on the field.
He should be in this list, he his a very good player. But everyone that has any common sense knows that Nkemdiche is going to be the highest D-lineman taken in the draft. The dude is a beast and can play several positions.
Honestly, it's not the saying on the shirt that offends me as much as the shirt itself. "Starkvages", that's the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
Anyone that passes on Prewitt is going to regret it! He may not be the fastest or whatever but he is extremely smart and is extremely tough and a big hitter. Plus he is a guy you can count on doing the right thing in and off the field.
I still don't buy Garrett as one of the best D-linemen in the SEC. All his stats are against non SEC teams. Laremy Tunsil and other SEC tackles threw him around like a rag doll. And of course Crawford was going to pick any one wearing orange.
Dak; sounds like the whole MSU team may need to be bailed out of jail before the season starts.
RockyTopPimp: Do you think Auburn or Texas A&M are 2 of the best pass rushing teams in the SEC? Auburn has a lot of unproven players and depth issues and A&M has one player that only produces against non-SEC teams. I have no problem with Tenn on this list, but leaving OM off the list is pretty stupid. There is a reason why the have the best defense on the country.
Brad, so u honestly beleive some of the stuff you write? Auburn was horrible last yr at rushing the QB. I realize that you are biased toward them but come on. OM will have Marquis Haynes, CJ Johnson, Issac Gross, Robert Nkemdiche, Breeland Speaks, Channing Ward, Fadol Brown and DJ Jones all rushing the passer. They will all be hell on the passer and in not even including the LBers and Tony Conner which will be blitzing the QB.
Last years Ole Miss' defense was really good but if there was a weakness, it was stopping power running teams. Not that they were bad because they weren't, the just didn't have a lot of big bodies at DT. This year they add 3 really good big DTs in Breeland Speaks, DJ Jones and Herbert Moore. All off them are over 300 lbs and very talented. Speaks and Jones are going to have big seasons. Bama has always had a great run defense, so I don't think anyone can argue with them being on the list. I'm not sold on Auburn, they have a lot if unproven players and not a lot of depth at DT. Arkansas lost a lot in defense also. And honestly in not sure what Mizzou has because they lost a good bit too.
I know what your saying. I didn't mean to sound like Gross wasn't a really good player because he has been the anchor of the DL. I just hate that he probably won't get many looks from the pros because I'd his size and the position.
Well you know I'm not going to really disagree with what you said about either Haynes or Nkemdiche. Haynes is so quick, it's almost unreal and he is much stronger than he looks. I've seen him push around some very good tackles. As for as Nkemdiche , I agree 100% that he is a better fit as a 3-4 DE. I noticed sometimes like you said that he doesn't always do run fits right. But I've also seen him blow up double and triple teams. The biggest nack against him is his stats. If you watch his film you will notice that he always seems to be really close to making a sack. He does a great job of pressuring the QB but it always seems like the QB gets away. This season you sould pay close attention to DT Breeland Speaks. He is a beast and should have a huge season. DJ Jones is going to help out a lot at the NT position. This year the defense will be much better along the DL and better against the power running teams. The DL has added a lot of size and quickness. Can you imagine if Issac Gross was 6'3 285 lbs? He is a beast already at 6'1 255 lbs. Gross has started since he was a freshman and even being only 255 lbs, he dominates the middle of the line. But anyway, great article as always.
Bamatime: how is Bama QB situation? OM will be fine at QB and the OL will be improved. If u watched the spring game, the u only saw 8 healthy linemen. Tunsil is the best LT in the country. OM is replacing both guards, which were the reason why OM struggled last yr. There is depth on the OL. But the starting OL should be much improved. They aren't going to be an all star OL, but they will get the job done.
First Brad, have you have Bama, LSU, and Georgia on this list and they don't have a QB. LSU is in horrible shape when it comes to a QB. Bama returns 2 or 3 starters on offense. OM will be fine at QB. Kelly just got to OM, so by the time the season starts, he will be just fine and the running game will be improved. I'm might not have a running game like Arkansas but it will be good enough. OM will have the best defense in the country hands down. I realize that you're not a Ole Miss fan, but you really need to watch some football because this list is a joke. I will bet you $100 that OM will be at least one of the top 3 teams in the SEC. There is a reason why OM is a preseason top 10 team. They have the best WR corps, DL and secondary. I know it sounds like I'm bias, but Im not. Those are just facts.
The top 4 teams in the SEC are: There really isn't much separating these four teams. These teams have the talent, depth and experience to win the SEC. Auburn Ole Miss Alabama Georgia The next group are (in no particular order) : LSU Arkansas Mizzou MSU Tenn A&M Georgia is the heavy favorite to win the East. The West will be between Ole Miss and the Alabama schools. If LSU can find a QB, they could make a run. It's hard to see MSU making a run because they lost so much on both offense and defense. I don't care who A&M hires at defensive coordinator, turning around that defense is going to take a few years. Mizzou, well I'm not going to say they won't win the East but they have a lot to replace and they need better QB play. Tenn isn't ready, even playing in the East. Who have they beat? Arkansas is going to have a good team. But they have a lot to replace on defense.
I just laughed when I read this list.
Holtz's was ok until he started talking about ND, which was a lot of the time. Now ESPN needs to get rid of Corso. I can't stand watching him in Gameday because he has no clue what is going on.
Ole Miss' DL is crazy good. OM is stacked at DT and DE. At DT OM has: Robert Nkemdiche Issac Gross Breeland Speaks DJ Jones Woodrow Hamilton Herbert Moore At DE: Fadol Brown Channing Ward Marquis Haynes John Youngblood Garrald McDowell Victor Evans. OM is 3 deep along the DL and the second string players would start for most teams.
OM's Issac Gross is probably the most underrated DT in the country. He is extremely distrupted from his NT position.
I'm pretty sure that Nkemdiche is the strongest. Breeland Speaks is going to be a player to watch this year. He is a beast at 6'4 310 lbs and can play both DE and DT.