I'm 31 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I see LSU losing to both Ole Miss and Bama, and maybe A&M.
Ole Miss is steal better than Bama.
I completely agree. Who cares what he said, it wasn't like he said anything bad. This is pure PC bs! And you are right about the security guard. Gun free zones are easy pickens for terrorist because they know they don't have to worry about someone shooting them.
Will Grier vs Ole Miss' defense?
Yea, you were right about Vandy and I was wrong. I guess I should have watched the Vandy/Georgia game.
If LSU can get go on the road and beat both Ole Miss and Bama, then they deserve to play for the championship. Right now, I just don't see that happening. Maybe going 1 and 1 will get them them to Atlanta. LSU has the toughest road to Atlanta.
Yes Florida wanted Freeze but Freeze was never going to leave Ole Miss. OM is his dream job and he is from right outside Oxford. The Florida job is huge, but Freeze is already getting paid a ton of money and has built OM into a real contender. So there was little if any upside to leaving.
If we Ole Miss loses, I will come eat my crowe. As far as your comment about the DL, if you watch the Ole Miss games, you will notice that every team makes it a point to get the ball out really quick on short to medium passes. Even on those, the OM DL usually gets pressure on the QB. There is a reason why OM is second in the country in INT's, because when the other team does try and throw deep, the QB is under a lot of pressure and hurries is throws. Just ask Bama fans. Teams rarely throw deep against OM because they know they don't have time.
Really lol? I thought all State fans were a dumb as Dakattack. MSU beats Auburn and all of a sudden ya'll think ya'll are elite. Dak is a beast, but he can only do so much. A&M's DEs are going to have a field against MSU's tackles. Because from what saw in the LSU game, they were pretty bad.
Not that worried. OM has a pretty good OL but has had a lot of guys banged up/hurt and Tunsil has had to sit out. They did a pretty good job against Bama but had an off day against Vandy. They will be ready for the UF game.
A&M's OL must be REALLY bad lol.
I would love to see Georgia win, but I can't pick them because they haven't played anyone very good yet.
Predictions: Ole Miss 35 Florida 14 Bama 27 Georgia 24 Texas A&M 38 Miss St 17 USC 21 Mizzou 10 Vandy 24 MTS 14 LSU- A lot Eastern Michigan- very little
How confident are you in your prediction? I will be happy to take your money because there is a very slim chance that Ole Miss loses. I get that as a Bama fan you want Ole Miss to lose, but betting on it happening is a whole different kind of stupid lol.
"If" Ole Miss where to lose, it would be a pretty big upset.
OL and DL both go in Ole Miss' favor and would say the secondaries are a push. VH3 is probably the best CB in the country, but OM has a lot of talented DBs. OM's safeties are the best, even without Tony Conner (the best safety in the country). Trae Elston is a beast at safety. Then Ole Miss has Tony Bridges, Tee Shepard and Kendarius Webster at CB. They are big and talented. I wouldn't disagree if Florida got the edge at RB.
I can't wait till next season to see how Ole Miss' stadium looks after they bowl in the stadium, put in real grass and fix the damn lights. It is so freaking dark in the stadium at night games, especially on TV.
I wouldn't say I'm expecting a blowout, but I expect Ole Miss to control most of the game. As for as the secondaries are concerned, Florida has the best overall CB in VH3. Ole Miss' secondary is extremely deep and talented. OM's safeties are probably the best in the country and that's even without Tony Conner, the best safety in the country. OM has three really good CBs in Tony Bridges, Tee Shepard and Kendarius Webster and they are big and long.
I'm pretty sure that Florida is going to be the team that isn't ready. If Florida can keep this game close, it will be a moral victory for them.