I'm 30 yrs old and from south Mississippi. I'm a Ole Miss fan and love college football. I watch all the SEC games. I am the proud father of a beautiful 10 yr old girl. I was in the army for 8 yrs and I did one tour in Afganistan and two in Iraq.

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I bet your a huge pussy when your not on the computer. You talk about the last six yrs, well what's the overall record between OM and Moo U? It's not even close lol. You do realize the more you talk, the more you make a fool out of yourself? And what's worse is you actually make MSU fans that are ok look stupid. The good MSU fans need to give you a blanket party. That's what we did to screw ups when I was in the army.
If any OM coach is going to be on this list, it's Chris Kiffin. He's the DL coach and OM's top recruiter. But guys like Muschamp are more popular. After this coming season, Kiffin is going to be a household name. He has assembled a ton of talent and has coached them up. This is the year all of his work comes together. Last yr the defense was still young.
Sorta disappointed that there wasn't one Ole Miss coach on the list.
DE CJ Johnson to move to MLB is probably the most important change for OM the spring, or at least the one that will make the biggest impact. Johnson was one of the best DE's in the conference but his natural position is LB. He was a 5 star LB coming out of high school. The move will shore up the defense since MLB was the only position that a concern this coming year.
It must suck really bad to be you. If I was a state fan I would really be worried about OM. How is MSU going to even compete against OM because we all know that OM is going to put another whipping on MSU this year.
Have you actually seen him play? Every time he tried to pull or anything for that matter, he was getting blown up or knocked backwards. He looks like he is only about 250 lbs and not very strong.
What the hell are you talking about retard? Do you still ride the short bus to school?
Zoucat- I don't know if you saw A&M play Ole Miss, but Matthews was being thrown around like a rag doll. I have no clue what they are thinking when they put him on this list. Boehm is a really good center and if he was #1, I wouldn't argue with that at all.
It's good that he was kicked off the team because a man should never hit a woman (no matter how much she may deserve it lol). But the way the law is now days, if a man and woman get into an argument and the police show up, 99% of the time the guy is going to jail, even if he didn't do anything. I was a military police officer for nine years and have been an a lot of DV calls.
There is no way Matthews should be on this list! He is probably the worst center in the conference. The Ole Miss DL literally destroyed him and so did a lot of other DL's in the SEC. He is tiny, even for a center. The best two centers are Kelly and Boehm.
Actually Hilton has been moved to play safety because of Shepard and Bridges will be the starting CB's.
There is a reason why the left tackle is the second highest paid player behind the QB. So I would guess a Tunsil or Robinson. Most teams centers are pretty smart but aren't the most talented. I think having a great LT with a decent but smart center is the right way to go unless you can find a really talented player to play center. I know Ole Miss has the top center recruit committed in Eli Johnson. He is big time get for OM.
While I'm not a big SC fan, I really like Rucker. He seems like a good guy.
I don't think the coaches had a choice in the matter with AJ and Williams.
The OL should be much, much better this yr. The problem last yr was our guards weren't very good and couldn't get any push or pull very well. They do return this season but Taylor and Patterson will replace them. They are much more athletic and talented than the other two.
If Ole Miss' OL comes together like it should, then the offense is going to be tough to stop.
My favorite helmet is the powder blue OM helmets. But if I had to pick another team it would probably be Florida. Outside the SEC I would pick TCU's helmet.
I don't think you should include players that aren't even on campus yet. If Florida is counting on a true freshman to come in and be really good, that's not very smart.
Mike Matthews isn't very good from what I have seen. I know he was getting killed by the Ole Miss DL and a lot of other DL's in the conference. He's size doesn't help him either because he is really small for an offensive lineman.
If ppl are counting on OM to have QB problems this season, they are going to be disappointed. More than likely Kelly will be the starter, but Buchanan has the best chance to beat Kelly.