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Every other conference insists on having its cupcake weekend in Week 1. I don't see the problem.
News flash, Trey W.: Bama beat A&M 59-0.
I don't understand this line of thinking. What difference does it make if we, the fans, overlook an opponent? We don't affect our team's preparation, practice, or performance. If we all stand up and say, "Bama will go undefeated," what impact does that have on Saturday?
Ole Miss and LSU have the same record, but the head-to-head loser gets the higher spot?
#15 South Carolina rushed the field after beating an unranked Alabama team coming off a 3-8 season? Good grief.
"Why the why the"? Would Alabama be 0.913 as the article says or 0.931 like the graphic says?
The PAC-12 had very difficult schedules last season. No question about it. The average PAC-12 team's schedule was ranked 10th in the country. PAC-12 teams had the seven toughest schedules in the country and 10 of the top 14. But the SEC was second in strength of schedule with an average schedule rank of 26. Here are the other five power conferences' average schedule strengths from 2013 based on Sagarin data: Big 12: 38.5 Big 10: 44.7 ACC: 48.4
I posted the SEC East Scenario matrix in the comments at
Bob Stoops has failed to score more than 14 points on an SEC team in his current 3-game SEC losing streak.