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I really want ole Astro Dobbs to do well in the NFL. I don't think he will be a year one starter and mvp nominee, nobody does. But he has the tools to succeed if he can get some better coaching, it's just a matter of who is willing to take a risk and make a project out of him. Even then I see him being a 2nd string qb in the NFL.
I'm with Vitus on this one. Derrick Henry would have been the number two back in 2015 if Alabama had LF. I hate to imagine trying to stop both of them. The linebackers would be limping off the field after the game.
Welp I'm definitely wrong on this one. Looked it up and it's true. I knew WKU was there but it turns out what I assumed was bowling Green when I drive past is daymar college.
Tideguy15 I really hope that was a joke on your part. Bowling Green is in Ohio? Pass that dutchie to the left.
Shoot the devil's lettuce is nice and all, but millions of dollars to play in the NFL sounds even danker. Besides I feel like if he holds out some more the studies on marijuana and concussions will allow him to have medical use in the NFL.
Part of me wonders how well known it was when they would be getting back. Either way though this is going to be used by other schools to recruit against Bama wether it's accurate or not.
If you watch again he drags his left foot.
Man I know plenty of liberals and conservatives that have the walking around sense to not behave this way in public. You probably don't even know or understand the folks you're putting down. That's goes for all of you that believe the "other side" is all mouthbreathers incapable of chewing gum and walking at the same time.
That was good for a laugh. Just that candid answer.
I can see where you're coming from with all these points. It's what's reasonable to expect but TN is an unreasonable team so it's hard to predict anything with us. And volbeef88 is on the money about our tackles and that keeps the starting DEs in longer because they can't rotate with their backups. Plus linebacker injuries that were nagging late. Hopefully shoops can figure some sort of plan out for this game.
Mess not message. Autocorrect even knows the man loves coach speak.
Just now got back to this, Butch Jones may make a message of a lot of things but he benched multiple star players in his tenure so far. A.J. Johnson was the top linebacker in the SEC east and maybe whole conference when he was benched.
It doesn't surprise me one bit. We were finally relevant for a little while again. So we had bandwagon fans again. And then also all our fans that just like to beat their chests and shout Rocky top had a reason come from the woodworks again for a small while. It was a prime season for obnoxious fans.
You forgot to write good ole Christian man before Mark Richt. But in all seriousness the man had no problems benching and dismissing top talent at UGA when kids didn't want to listen, it figures he is doing the same at Miami.
I mean unless we can get our defense together two career starts is all the experience he needs to rip us a new one.
I can see the Hurts for Heisman argument somewhat but maybe more in the SEC player of the year conversation. Him being the qb for the tide has dynamically changed their offense in such a way that it allows their already gifted athletes to become more efficient. The change made is intangible in any statistics other than their average score per game. And yeah I know the defense/special teams contributes regularly. I guess I'm saying you can't really measure the change Hurts has but watching those bammers play you can see the change.
It's a shame he isn't considering WKU because of all the teams that aren't power five I'd say they're consistently one of the best. He would have a good roster for his competition and be able to make a name as a HC in an actually very competitive conference.