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Wow. Don't know what that's about, but hope he will be okay.
Will Clapp will start at C. Cushenberry probably is the #2 C, although there are options. LSU routinely cross-trains people in the line. As for some older backups leaving the team, they probably see the writing on the wall. Orgeron is building his team, and some of those older guys are not part of it.
Did Von Miller play in the SEC?
I think this means Will Clapp is moving to C. Could have used Dodd as backup, but...
Well, he keeps moving down the coaching ladder, so I guess he figures "what the hell".
I agree that it's almost certainly based on potential. He definitely could benefit from another year at LSU, but there's always the risk of injury to consider. I think a lot of these guys just take the risk, and the paycheck, rather than risk injury. In Dupre's case, the potential is there. He needs to land on a team where they are willing to coach him up.
I'm going out on a limb here. Trace McSorley. Penn State is also my way-too-early pick to win it all.
No and yes and no. Defenses expect LSU to run the ball, no matter who the RB is. Guice averaged 8 ypc in 2015, and he was already getting some hype prior to the 2016 season. So no one was going soft on him in 2016. The same will be true in 2017, defenses will expect him to run and try to stop him. Blocking will be there. LSU doesn't lose much in the line, and we have capable replacements for the two linemen that are going pro. LSU has 10 commitments in the 2018 class, and 9 of them are on defense. Clearly they are not sacrificing defense to improve the offense. I would like to see more offensive commitments.
Under Miles, LSU normally would split the load among 2 or more RBs. I'm not sure what it will be like this year. Guice will get most of the load, but Nick Brossette could get a lot of carries.
Arden Key is the best pass rusher I can remember at LSU. His impact goes beyond his individual stats. He never quits on a play, and he disrupts offensive plays in ways that are not reflected in his stats. I think he was the best player on LSU's defense last year, and we are about to send at least 6 defensive players to the NFL. Whatever reasons he has for this leave of absence, I hope he works it out and makes it back. He would be sorely missed.
Six 4-stars, according to 247. What's more concerning is only 1 of the 10 commits is on offense. They need to start working on offensive recruits, especially at RB. They have a few offers out for RBs, which is good. Need to pull in at least one good one.
I don't think Neal is a 1st round pick. And Andrew doesn't know what he's doing.
Can't say I like the idea of using recruits to make a statement. But if it's good for LSU in the long term, then it's good.
I think Fournette's an interesting case. I don't necessarily disagree with Mayock. Fournette didn't have much adversity in high school, and in college he learned to rely on his blockers. Maybe that reliance on blocking was too much reliance. He is capable of making plays on his own when the blocking breaks down, but he needs to recognize a breakdown and make quicker decisions. Vision seems to be something he could improve.
One word: Quarterbacks. And two more words: Les Miles. They don't mix.
Good luck to him. Another casualty of the Les Miles system. It's fortunate that we finally have a coach who understands the importance of having a 21st century offense and an OC who can develop QBs. But I guess it was too late for Brandon.
And, once again, LSU will have more players on NFL rosters than any other school.
State should. Tennessee will suck. Bama lost maybe the best OC in college football, and, in true Bammer fashion, now that he's gone they've forgotten what he did for their offense. In answer to your question, yes, most SEC offenses should be better. They couldn't get much worse than last year. 2016 was a flat year for the SEC in general, and especially on offense.
I agree. LSU didn't lose enough talent on offense to be worse in 2017. The receivers we had were not that great, Guice proved more effective than Fournette, and we'll have a good offensive line again. Hiring a proven OC is a bonus. The offense should be better, not worse. I'm looking forward to what the young receivers can do and what Canada brings to the table. He has talented players to work with, and the QB play certainly won't be any worse than last year.
I think Canada's play calling will serve LSU well, no matter who is the QB. I can see a scenario where Etling starts, and Canada just gets more out of him simply because of knowing what plays to call in certain situations.