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Nobodies putting words in your mouth, you were the one bragging about f*cking a dead person, that is called necraphillia, try and keep up. It's cute you tried but nothing and I mean nothing you can type brings you back into the conversation when you openly admit to necraphillia, no run along back to your ACC sites where I guess necraphillia isn't frowned upon.
I think he may realize that he has the opportunity to play college football while you are hanging around cemeteries attempting to get a date, lol
I'm more interested in your history of F*cking the dead, rather than arguing about two football programs that neither of us played for, so when did you find out that you were into f*cking corpses.
nice try Mudshrimp I already used that insult, try to keep up. Lol
I did play collegiate football, although I wasn't good enough to play Division I, I was blessed enough to to get my undergrad and the memories of actually playing. If you notice I never once threw up numbers like I played for SC, I just pointed out that the ones attempting to troll probably have never played, you included you pervert. No double standard here, so yet again, you are wrong.
I believe you lost when you admitted to necrophillia, and keyboard warrior, says the loser ACC fan attempting to troll an SEC site all the while admitting the only p*ssy he gets is from dead people.
Recycled insult, lol, so you must hear about your wh*re mom's cave of a p*ssy a lot, sad.
So they started calling you Mudshrimp in 5th grade, got it, Mudshrimp cool nickname bro. 56-7, lol Mudshrimp is bragging about taking 56 d*cks in 7 days, that's impressive, golf clap, lol
Complaining about grammar policing, the argument of an illiterate dipsh*t. And yes recycling insults is all you have, how about you have the one relative of yours that wasn't a product of inbreeding, read the comments slowly and show you where you lost, junior.
Pencil d*cked, lol I've got enough d*ck to throw in that gonorrhea cave your wh*re mother calls a p*ssy and still have enough to slap those herpe crusted lips of your aunt, but keep fantasizing you little, b*tch lol.
Mudshrimp = the nickname Marulj got after he got caught pulling his needle d*ck out his dad's a**. Keep trying junior, lol.
P*ssy, that must be a foreign concept to you, keep chugging d*ck at least you are good for something. My mother didn't kill herself, that's Clemson's M.O., you necrophilliac.
A) It's you're not your you dipsh*t B) The only one that is belligerent is the moron, that is just recycling the same insults that was tossed his way, must've struck a nerve d*ck juggler. C) At the end of the day you are responsible for 0 Championships, you are defending a team of football players you have nothing in common with you sad, little b*tch.
Lol my mom's dead so you brag about F*cking dead people not sure that counts. No wonder Clemson admins are k*lling themselves having to deal with inbred necrophilliacs such as you, lol. Nice try needle d*ck.
It's amazing you could knock the d*ck out of your hand long enough to type that, congratulations.
Lol yes Ed Oregeron screams championships, you dumb b*stard, also Winning ACC championships, that's like winning gold at the special Olympics, it's like a Clemson fan claiming to have had s*x, your dad's d*ck in your mouth don't count, you get the point, lol
Lol nothing more pathetic than a Clemson fan attempting to troll an sec site, have fun dying a virgin (circle jerks with people named Trip, Dabo, Kyle, and Chad don't count) you booger eating, pencil necked geek.
Kinda like Clemson minus Deshaun Watson, congrats on your Championship, now enjoy going back to getting spanked by FSU.