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What? You mean that offense that Debord ran where the offense was so predictable even the broadcastors knew what we were about to run? Debords favorite plays.......Run Hurd to left, run Hurd to right, Dobbs up the middle, or throw it on 3rd and long. How is a WR supposed to be productive in that kind of shotty playcalling offense? Dont blame Azzanni for Debords lack of playcalling that could of utilized the WR. Azzanni left because this is Jones last year. Jones should of never hired Debord. Dont confuse WR production with shotty playcalling.
Lol Wes Newgene is that your ignorant a$$ in Either newgene or on of SevenTs bastard kids.
Really the coaches gave everything for the team? Coaches dont ever quit on teams do they? Kiffin ring a bell? No one knows except Hurd and maybe, maybe Jones as to why he left. I said back at the Georgia game that something was up with Hurd and Jones. Jones was constantly on him on the sidelines. Maybe they had a falling out. Would you stay somewhere were someone belittled you all the time? Truth will come out one day. Hurd was a beast of a RB at Tennessee and has my respect and gratitude. He is still, just a kid by the way. Hurd has done more for UT then the rest of you bandwagon fans. One more thing, Butch Jones is not Tennessee and I dont have to love the man. Alot of coaches and come and gone......but I still bleed orange. Go put your Vandy cap back on.
Volmaster what happened the year before when everyone was healthy and they had Hurd? Excuses, excuses, excuses. At the end of the, its about winning and losing. Every team goes thru injuries. Alot of hype before this year by EVERYONE of how stacked Tennessee's roster was. Coaching is where you win and lose. Good coach can win with 3 star talent......other hand a bad coach can lose with 5 star talent. Which does Tennessees have?
Fulmer was the man in his day. Hell Saban still stutters when trying to saying his
Yeah I feel thats what happened to Alex Collins. Kid should of stayed an extra year. Surprised the hell out of me him falling to the 5th round. I thought he was a for sure 1st or at very least 2nd round back. I think there was too many RBs that year available. Still scratching my head over Collins. Unless the scouts knew something we all didnt.
Where was Butch recruiting these linemen when he 1st was hired on? Not even Juco linemen who could of helped. Yeah UT will have a decent line by the time Jones is fired. Poor decisions and just bad coaching. Hell UT had the worst o-line in the country so lets recruit freshmen.....make sense escpecially since Tennessee was loaded already with o-line talent.....yeah thats sarcasm.
Malone did the right thing. New QB, basically new RB, shakey as hell o-line, and is supposed to hope for a better year? Jones legacy at Tennessee is gonna have a shoulda/woulda/coulda asterisk beside it. Same reason Bray left when Jones came in. Malone knows what is coming next year.
Unless you know this kid personally...STFU and let him move on. The kid won more Tennessee games than the rest of you.
Not gonna bash the kid? Big ego? How do you know this kid has a big ego? You know him personally? This kid gave his all running the ball for Tennessee and now all yall so called fans want to bash him. Yall know nothing of the situation as to why he left, all yall just guess and make assumptions. What if the coaches are the reason he left? Anyone thought of that? We all make mistakes especially at this age. All I know is this kid was a warrior at RB. I wish this kid well wherever he goes. How soon we forget.
Nice click bait showing Manning but then having Kiner as the VFL wanting Fulmer. Having Blackburn as AD would be ok but Fulmer IS Tennessee. Fans tend to forget just exactly how long Fulmer was at Tennessee. Fulmer coached from 1980 to 2008 being head coach from 1992 to 2008. This man probably knows more about Tennessee athletics and SEC than anyone else. Other head coaches have had success as AD's so why not Fulmer? The man bleeds orange which is exactly what we need.
Tennessee needs more home run threats. Someone that touchrs the ball and could go 100 yards in a blink of an eye. John Kelly is the only proven home run threat as of now. Jennings is a good go to WR but is not as consistant as we need. Tyler Byrd hasnt shown big play potential yet but has good hands. Until I see Chandler prove himself on the field, enough with the hype.
Biased as well, but Knoxville you have absolutley everything. Big city, night life, mountians, lakes, outlet malls, you name it and Knoxville has it. Most SEC cities are small cities I might add with population lesd than 100,000. Most avg 60,000 to 80,000 people. Very few are like Knoxville and Nashville. Fayetteville is a nice town but I guess I am used to a big city. Cant beat Knoxville in the fall with the leaves changing.
Volmaster you one to talk you piece of shat. Why do you have long suffering UT fan on your profile? Heck how long 5 years?
I dont know. Saban is a mother'fer to work for. Who is gonna swollow their pride in order to work with the man? Gonna have to be a young coach. No older established coach is gonna be willing to put up with all Sabans B.S. and rants.
One can Strip lose his job but Mahoney keep his? O-line has been been horrible for a long dang time.
How is this a home run hire? Hope isnt same home run he had with Shoop. Shoop has been an utter disappointment. Another shaking my head move.