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Wrong. .. Cecile wanted 180k ,we said no so he took it from Auburn. They pretty much admitted that. It was just that Cam had nothing to 'do' with it.
A one year ban........ not likely. 2-3 probable. Loss of 25-35 schollys likely. Brand new coaching staff, definitely.
Freeze is gone because he is a Bible thumping hypocrite and that normally ends up biting those low pos in the arse.
Is this fake news? This guy was the worst we had over the last 5 years. He must have a bike and extra blonde chicks.
Fitz will be better than Dak when he leaves State.
People on his sideline would disagree with your assessment of him.
Jelous loser... I hope you enjoy the coaching change.
Suck it up, buttercup! Karma is such a bytch. Freeze is acting like those liberals. Cry me a river, hypocrite.
Chilly Dip. Taking a booster on a trip with a couch is a recruiting violation.
Larry, if he was hurting he should have not played and Dan should not have let him. You need to get your anger issues checked by a professional soon. Get over yourself too.... are you the kid''s dad?