Only what's relevant. Grew up halfway between Starkville and Oxford. Spent A LOT of time in both, lived in both. Taken classes at both (far more at State). Been to a lot of games at both (never as a student at Ole Miss). Live in OK right now, can't get to too many games. Slight difference in football culture, it's big here but nothing on MS/AL level (you can't tell them that but take them to three SEC venues and back to OU or OSU hitting highschool games along the way then they might see). I am currently a worker at a sow unit, so I'm not rolling in the dough or using a degree, although I do use a little information garnered at State, how bout that. I generally root for Ole Miss when they don't play State. I am part of the friendly rivalry, not that ignorant crap that resembles UA vs AU. I love it when they beat Bama, too, which has to serve as Mullen hasn't done it yet. I root for our JUCO teams here as well, hoping to see yet another national title come back to MS (probably be another Ole Miss qb, too). Delta State is the primary smaller program I keep up with, but I love it when any of them do well. Such schools gave us Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice and USM hadn't really grown into big boy pants when Brett Favre lit them up. So, yeah, that's the last thing. I carry a crosstie on my shoulder when people who think they know what they are talking about act like MS football is nothing. But it's pretty easy when the best from your state are also the best in the game, hey, give me something hard, like was there an NFL player on my tiny team? Guess, just guess.

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I am embarrassed by the commentors who seem to lack basic reading comprehension.
Maybe, but has anyone put out that dumpster, yet? Only 18th, but our 33rd and 35th ranked classes came closer to playing in a title game than your 8th ranked class. The reason they stopped coming to Oxford is the money stopped flowing. Don't worry, when this investigation closes the probation is over, the money will start flowing again, always does. At least Vaught bought a 'title', Freeze and Brewer failed.
Last burning dumpster I saw was a lot closer to HWY 6.
"arguably the best prospect in the state’s history" Utilizing 'arguably' as a qualifier does not diminish the ridiculousness of this statement.
Cox is a probowling allpro beast. Slay is becoming a true lockdown corner. Kj wright continues to be a force. Proven over rookie is not absurd.
Prescott is having a phenomenal year, but I would still put KJ Wright and Fletcher Cox in front of him... ... for now.
I was responding to the blurb, but i don't think you realize just HOW bad that OU D is. Good job winning the "no sense of context andno iworking knowledge of football" award.
Not really going to discuss that drivel at the end.
I don't think it is the defense that is the threat.
How can I correct thee? Oh, let me count the ways. 1. While a QB from the east (Lock) did have the most yards, that doesn't make some kid who completes half his passes the best. Kelly, who missed the last three games, was easily the best passer followed by Allen, both in the West. 2. Nick is the number three rusher in the league, period. Go to the leaderboard and read his name between Guice and Webb. The only QB to crack the top ten, he's 10 spots ahead of hurts and 17 spots ahead of Dobbs. 3. The best DEs in the NFL, only one full-time de hails from sec east school, though you might consider Jackson a second.
Akers is considered the top prospect in the state. He needs about 1200 yards to catch up to the state's leading rusher. Research, or at least Google.
Unless aTm finishes last, all is NOT right.
You haven't watched any little12 this season, have you?
I was really hoping he would "retire" after next season.
Pretty sure the last couple of times AU won they played for a title. Bet that doesn't happen either.
Gouger has a topknot, so it's not a mullet. And we all know the most impressive mullet ever in the sec was sported by a gamecock.