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Let's compare what TAM has gotten for their vastly superior recruiting classes since we came into the SEC together shall we? Looking at 247sports you've averaged the 12th best NCAA recruiting classes in the last 5 years while Mizzou has averaged the 37th, yet TAM only has 2 more SEC wins than Mizzou. Have anything to say about your recruiting now or is that just how TAM pi$$es talent away? Also if you think Columbia College, the private sub 1,000 enrollment Christian school in Columbia MO without a football team, it trying to recruit players they don't have a team for you may be the biggest dip$hit on this website, and that's saying something.
Seems pretty obvious that in retrospect the kid made a bad decision, but sounds like he knew the consequences before signing day.
We were ButterfingerU last year
Only ARK thru for more yards against SEC defenses than Lock and no, our receivers left hundreds of yards on the field from dropped balls. Also, I think it's necessary to note a decent QB MUST be able to pad stats vs cupcake opponents. Why didn't Eason or are you trying to say Georgia didn't schedule any cupcakes?
But less than his 2016 teammates and that's everybody's point you seem to be missing.
OK, I'm wrong along, you're right; Georgia is gonna suck this year (although I still believe this is Georgia's year). You might wanna look below to [email protected] and either belittle him too or take the foot out of your mouth.
The hype is only being thrown by the media? Really? You end your paragraph by hyping Georgia 2018 before 2017 has even been played. Plenty of hype (and rightly so) being pushed by the Georgia fan base and others, as this article is proof of.
Knew he was crazy when it came out he and Delaney Walker were charging $5 to get into a party at his house the night of the shooting incident in cali a few years back. $5?????
Um, he's got 50+ more carries than 4 guys on this list and 30+ more that two others returning from last year.
"arguably", please make your arguements.
Missouri doesn't care about KS press. Personally I'd like them to gain some traction and confidence; I feel that's the only way the old MU/KS rivalry game reconvenes. Missouri's big recruiting goals for 18' reside in and around St Loius. You will see a lot of butthurt coming out of the Show-Me if we can't win our state next cycle.
Crockett will be fine barring injuries or suspensions. Did i last year with little play in the beginning of the season, a one game suspension, and no bowl game. And what's with the drew lock comment? He threw for more regular season yards than anyone and Crockett still tore it up.
And the sacrificial lamb comment, I can name six other teams that would have loved to had the opportunity.
My comment wasn't gloating about anything, just pointing out the absurdity. More on the subject of gloating... every fan gloats after one win, let alone a division championship. Why shouldn't Florida be proud? I think you Alabama boys are just a little too spoiled. Not every team has the deck stacked in their favor with a top 3 recruiting class year in / year out.
In 5 years of SEC play we've lost two conference championships; both times to the team that would play for and lose the national title. Why exactly should MU fans be ashamed of this?
Shoulda scooped up Mike DeBord when ya had the chance, haha
(sounds like it went over your head, Cat)
You're acting like the writer made this crap up. Coach Jones loves to say stupid $hit worthy of making fun of.