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He recently had shoulder surgery. I'm wondering ir he liked the meds a little too much. Hopefully he gets this taken care of.
I don't know if Les would take it. It took cheating for Freeze to make Ole Miss a winner. I doubt he would want to get crushed by LSU yearly either.
The NCAA is going to come down hard. Ole Miss is cowardly heaping all of their cheating on one staffer. He must have been the most powerful staffer in the country to violate NCAA rules without any coach giving him the green light. Freeze is dirty. Plain and simple. That's why Ole Miss just went back in the toilet in recruiting. No more money to give out.
Not an Auburn fan but wish coach Chizek the best. The coaching profession is tough on the family.
Jamyest Williams has the same shot at throwing for 3500 as Bentley.
Not trolling. Just pointing out how messed up Tennessee is. The rape culture and the fans inflated view of their program. There is a reason that Tennessee fans were voted the most annoying in the country. Last year, some of you idiots were telling us how easy it was going to be to win the SEC East. You are right. Tennessee has won back to back miracles against UGA but that doesn't change anything. Tennessee fans are still the most annoying in the country. The recruiting wave is over at Tennessee and you're on your way back to sucking. The 3 stars may have 5 star hearts but their going to be a bottom 3 team this year and for the forseeable future. Enjoy.
We get it. Kiffin is a tool. The problem with Tennessee trolling him is that Kiffin has had more success in the years after he left Tennessee than Tennessee has had in their entire history. At some point, they need to let it go.
So you actually admit that Auburn is a dirty school when it comes to recruiting and that's the only way Auburn can win. Wow.
Actually, the NCAA is about to end this dirty recruiting practice. Maybe you can find someone to read the article to you.
That's one way to buy a kid. It's slimy, underhanded and classless but hey..... it's Auburn.
I'll take how do you embarrass an entire football nation in three words for $200 Alex.
Tennessee fans just went underground. You won't see too many of them right now. They all just crawled under rocky top.
Zamir White was just at UGA on a visit last weekend. UGA was his leader when Richt was still in Athens. The new crew is still gunning hard for him.
Don't worry. You have a ton of 3 stars to back him up.
By the way, here is one analysis. 1/14/17: On the year, Adams had 39 tackles with 8.5 for a loss, 4.5 sacks, one forced fumble, one interception and two passes batted. He turned in some solid play in the season opener against Clemson and continued that throughout the year. At times, Adams looks like a first-round talent with speed and size at the point of attack, but he lacks consistency. His motor and conditioning are questionable as well. Adams would be a beast on some plays and a ghost for other stretches. He could be a good mid-round pick with flexibility to play tackle in a 4-3. In a 3-4, he could play five-technique defensive end or nose tackle as his weight could be much higher than his listed number.
Typo on the tackles. He had 43 tackles. That's not a second rounder.
Second rounders don't have only 5 tackles in their senior year or play in the senior bowl. Try again.
Tell us about Byron Cowart, Montravious Adams and Derek Brown.
Auburn adds another Dlineman to the dumpster fire. Auburn leads the nation in top ranked Dlineman flops. They kill at least one every year.