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Word I heard was Griers' Father demanded Will be given the starting job back once he came off suspension. Mac said "No". Also rumors of drugs. Just had a baby so hopefully he straightens his life out at WVU.
Blazevich is horrible at blocking. He's been used to help with Catalina at LT last year. Hopefully Winns can improve that side of the OL immediately.
Need a dedicated Special Teams coach before another OL coach.
MCW was Sabans' OC from 2008-2011 I believe. He's got the coaching pedigree. Once Florida can figure out a QB they will be really good. Heck, they've won the East the last 2 years without one. I don't know if that's a knock on the East overall or Florida being that good. SOS is back in the Gator football building. He WILL have an effect on the overall program.
SOS went back to Gainesville in 1990. UGA owned a 15-5 record over UF in the 70/80's. SOS change the mentality in Gainesville. The UF/UGA game IS in Florida after all. I do believe at this point it is a mental block on the part of UGA. UF kids approach the game as their birth right to win in Jax. Certainly when UGA won a couple a few years ago that trend seem to be changing but not long enough. All these kids know is UF has dominated the series the last 25 years. Us "Old Timers" who can remember the HW days and winning in Jax 44-0 aren't the norm any more. As Tenn proved last year, beating Florida doesn't necessarily mean you win the Division. It used to be the UGA/USCe loser was on the outside looking in. That went away as well. Bottom line until UGA wins the games it's supposed to, wins a few they're not supposed too, UGA football will remain where it is. Some years Great, some years good. Kirby needs to make playing UGA something other teams don't want to do.
Stidham is the real deal. A few lucky bounces and Auburn could be very good.
Marshall committed to UGA as a DB. Played some before stealing from his team mates and ending up at Auburn as a Qb.
Playing on Sunday or even Monday Labor Day would have given this game more viewership.
Wasn't Chizik the DC at UNC?
“I don’t know anything about the kid. I don’t know why he left Alabama. I don’t know what his work ethic is or isn’t. All I know is that I watched two tapes and what I saw was a running back with first-round potential,” Mayock told the Knoxville News Sentinel. He was dismissed from Bama for a "lack of effort and attitude". $.05 head in a $1M body...
Last I checked Eason wasn't throwing beer bottles at car windshields or getting his own name tattooed on his back.....the two don't compare.
Losing McKenzie will hurt. Why he jumped now is anybody's guess. Maybe he needs to support the family? The OL will be young but it can't be any worse than having a FCS transfer start at LT. Pyke wasn't much better. If Chaney can play more Big Ten football utilizing Nauta more than last year and with Chubb/Michel returning the Offense should be ok. UGA shouldn't need to score 35 points to win next year with the amount of talent and experience coming back on the Defense. Only lose Mo Smith, everyone else is back. 17 starters in total will return for 2017.
It took Tebow 4 years to surpass Walkers rushing TD total in 3. Tebow was a back up to Chris Leak in 2006. He had some contributions that year but I think but to state "leading them to a NC" might be a reach. He was an awesome College player but I don't know if he's the best ever SEC player.
We chime in because we can. And last year makes Ole Miss 1-10 vs UGA in the 11 meetings. I'll take that record.
UGA needs that size and body type at WR.
A never-was Georgia Tech Qb ripping on a 5* UGA Freshman.....who cares.