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It seems like he bounced around a lot in the league. I'm sure if Saban made the hire it will be fine.
Why would this kid harm his players possibilities? It makes no sense. Saban puts kids in the NFL. There lives are set forever if they spend properly, even if they don't perform. He gets kids drafted. This guy is selfish and should put his kids future over his pride.
You are as dumb as a rock. Keep your racist stuff off the football board please.
Please keep politics off our football board.
How bad do you want 11 wins? What you give for that?
The jealousy bug has really got you. You can root for Bama you know, then you will not need to hate your existence.
It will be another 5 - 8 years before LSU notches a meaningful win, and your joy at Sark leaving doesn't change that. You will still not beat Bama next year and you know it.
Have fun guys, but you know Bama will still beat the pads off of you next year and nothing you can type will change that.
I'll revise my post, Three way tie for best - DT, BO, HW! Done.
Will, you are stupid. Derrick Thomas is the best player in the history of CFB. Tebow?, Really? I'll shed some tears for that selection. Please stop your biased blogging on this site. Loser.
What are you talking about? I said nothing about UT. Can you read?
How is Lattimore works my out, or should I say Lattihurt? Fournette will be he same. Mean while, Henry, Lacy, and Ingram will continue to run in the NFL.
You guys are not serious are you? Fournette couldn't handle the SEC. Henry could handle 40 carries a game. Did you guys not watch the games? Fiurnette sat on the bench hurt. Henry carried the ball to SEC records and the biggest award available. If your opinion is that Fournette would have been better if he wasn't hurt against the same opposition that couldn't hurt Henry then you are delusional. There is a reason Fouhurt sat the bench and Henry. Arrived the ball into the record books. You are a liar if you say it is the line.
Shula would have been canned in 11 or 12 If he signed Tebow. The rest of the guys mentioned were to scared to go to Bama cause Saban told them they would ride the pine unless they earned it and they had never heard that before. Grow up Will, Saban told them no. How did Fourhurt preform in his last Bowl game?
Sorry to comment on this article but are you bloggers aware that there was just a "Senior Bowl"? Where is your coverage? Wait, never mind, they don't let bloggers into CFB events.