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Funny, Georgia desperately wanted a good chunk of that backfield and Bama won them out, but now Georgia fans are like "Nahhhh, we weren't interested..." *sniffle*
It looks like all they actually did was turn off the stadium lights and put purple on the marquee signs.
I personally have nothing against Spurrier. In fact, he's probably my second favorite coach behind Saban. However, I do find it laughable they put "WINNINGEST COACH" in big bold letters... and then added "in Gamecock history" in fine print.
Brad Smelley might be a running back now, but he was a tight end at Alabama.
Translation: "Wahhhhhhhh, they didn't put Greg Robinson on hereeee, wahhhhh." Maybe Greg Robinson will get a nod over Jones when he wins a title at three different positions, or the other two... well, when he does anything at all noteworthy.
Uh... you DO realize that Alabama fans and alum started a fund to help save the trees pretty much as soon as it happened, correct?
But but but but but... "Saban doesn't play any hard games.", right?
Uh... Colorado doesn't look like a "Crimson" state on the map.
Anybody ever noticed one of those dumb people who don't realize that NO team, not even Alabama, picks their inter-divisional opponents? Oh wait, here's one! Rotating East opponent+permanent East rival+West schedule= Alabama's schedule... same as every other West team.
"With Wallace finally healthy, he should put even bigger number than he did last two seasons." Yea, with his shoulder healed he'll probably throw some really pretty interceptions to improve on the 17 he threw last season...
...but they still sucked on the field, where it actually counts.
OSU fans don't buy merchandise, they trade tattoos for it.
We'll take "Stuff nobody asked about or cares about" for $200, Alex.
You miss the point: even when Florida is absolute shit, there's STILL going to be "competing for the SEC East", same say way that Ole Miss is "competing for the SEC West". Unless they go out and forfeit every game, they're always competing.
"On Florida rebounding from a 4-8 season: Tebow: “They’ll be competing for the SEC East.” Wow, Florida is going to be competing for the SEC East? I'll take "Duh huh" for $1000, Trebek!
"But decidedly it gives the offense an advantage where the normal pocket-passer wouldn’t have one." People seem to have forgotten (or just flatly not known) that when FSU recruited Coker, one of the reasons they liked him was because he IS a mobile quarterback. He's not quite a solid dual-threat, but he does have a pocket passer's arm and is big enough and athletic enough to move the pocket around some.
We get it, Mizzou fans: you're proud of what you did last season... but, to be fair, we all remember the puffing and posturing you did prior to joining the conference prior to going 5-7. Pinkel's a good coach, but he ain't done enough to wow anyone.
"The only stat that really matters when talking about quarterbacks is championships. ‘Nuff said." You mean the kind of championships that Driskel has none of? Open foot: insert mouth.
We'll give them what they're due, but we're not gonna hand them credit just for chewing through an East schedule. They lost to pretty much the only other decent East team last year, and then didn't do much in their bowl game against OSU... the same OSU who lost to that West Virginia team that all you Auburn fans claim is such a weak game simply because it's on Bama's schedule. It's kinda funny how that works, really.